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   EGYPT bayrağı
cairo, egypt
Şu anda burada saat 1:45 ÖS
Ocak 28, 2008 tarihinde katıldı
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   EGYPT bayrağı
cairo, egypt
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Areas Of Expertise: 5/2008 - till now: Employed at(ITWorx ) as Java software engineer. 5/2007 - 5/2008: Remotely Employed at (Itema Inc) as software developer for Blackberry. (home-based) 9/2007 - 3/2008: Employed at(Aria Systems) as .Net software engineer. Achieved Projects: - (Selfcare Portal)for the telecom operator DU is a good example of my work, it intended to easily allow holders of du contracts to manage their different types of contracts with various rate-plans anytime and anywhere. My contributions were illustrated as a back-end software engineer experienced working with array of technologies through it such as: · Java 5- including its powerful features (annotations, generics, for each, variable arguments) · Spring- was the backbone of the system providing flexibility and modularity using inversion of control & dependency injection, aspect oriented programming, it’s full support of JDBC and JPA and managing connections and sessions. · Camel- The communication with different backend systems such as TIBCO was going through Apache Camel the integration framework based on known enterprise integration patterns to implement routing and mediation rules for messages between different end-points with different protocols (HTTP, JMS). · JAX WS- All services provided by Selfcare was exposed on a Service Oriented Architecture as (JAX-WS) web services using apache CXF · Velocity- template engine was used for formatting logging messages sent to Siebel CRM and ActivityLog. I also experienced a very good knowledge of Telecom business through implementing business services communicating with billing system represented in (BSCS, ESERV) and Siebel CRM through TIBCO and payment gateway through JAX-RPC web services. - (Inform055) for telecom operator DU intended to make it easier and painless to change mobile numbers to du mobile numbers. It was mainly divided into two web-based parts one for du mobile users and the other for administrators. I contributed into it as a back-end software engineer, I experienced using Hibernate with its key features in persisting and querying objects against Oracle10g database. - (BEATRICE) A generic navigation system for Android and symbian Mobile phones like Mobile Google Maps that provides services mainly revolving around generation of map blocks and shortest path calculation, so that any client consuming those services allow their users to navigate through them as well as detecting the shortest path between two different spots in the map. A user can track his/her own position when using a handheld device using either GPS or GSM Tower Triangulation. The system is typically provided with two types of clients, a mobile client as well as a web client. using (Android SDK,J2SE6,J2ME,J2EE,JSP,Servlets,AJAX,Javascript,WebServices) -(BlackBerry CRM)A fully functional CRM for blackberry that manages the system data (such as accounts, contacts, leads, oppotunities, notes, tasks, cases) using interoperable friendly screens, it also works online and offline and synchronizes with server side CRM -when connection is available- via SOAP (web services) or pure http (post/get) plus configuration screen to configure CRM settings (url of the server side CRM needs to sync. with, username & password, synchronization mechanism,...etc). using (JDE Blackberry SDK, J2ME, WebServices). -(BlackBerry Ultimate Alarm)A multi-alarm application with easy and friendly UI, designed to work on All the blackberry [login to view URL] enables user to create unlimited custom alarms and recurrent alarms in which user choose specific days of the week for the alarm to be active (work in background), and create a title for each alarm, using (JDE Blackberry SDK, J2ME). -(BlackBerry to Web DataXChange) Enable data synchronization from a Blackberry to the Web, and vice-versa via web services. a simple blackberry form that sends encrypted data over secured webservice using Blackberry device Id to be viewed instantly from similar for in a web page, this web page can update the data to be viewed again from Blackberry and registration form is used to register new device. using (JDE Blackberry SDK, J2ME, JSF, MySQL). -(AriaCRM)Web based CRM Order Entry Module enables the customer to Add,View,Modify orders and have a control of many options in a user friendly design. using(ASP.Net,C#,MS-SQL2005,AJAX,MS AJAX Toolkit,Javascript) -(LMS learning management system) 2 modules in learning management system in which students register for courses and exams which was provided online throw the web and be able track students grade and exams statistics. using ( , [login to view URL], MS-SQL server 2005). -(ATCS) Automated Traffic Control System simulator (J2SE,Swing,RMI,MultiThreading,Synchonization). -(Labs Admin. System) Administrate students accounts in labs inside University (J2SE,Swing,RMI,MultiThreading,Synchonization). -(Tarneeb) Networked Cards Games platform with (public/private) rooms with ranking based on score calculations, competitions notifications and public/private game chat. using (J2SE,Swing,Apache Http package,Sockets,JDBC,MySQL). -(Intelligent criminals profiler) generate face picture based textual natural language decribtion and enable user to print it. using (Java, Prolog). -(FDD Sectors Editor) view sectors of the floppy disk in HEX and ASCII like the debug plus edit/save functionaly for these sectors. using (Assembly ). - (processor jobs scheduling simulator) simulates scheduled processes with round-robin and first-come,first-served (C++). - (Chess) chess game board with chess game engine single/Multi player(s). using(borland c++). - Other many small projects in C++ and Java. Programming Languages •JAVA (J2SE) •C# •ANSI C++ •J2ME •Assembly Intel x86 Web Technologies •J2EE (Java sever pages & Servlets ) •ASP.Net •AJAX •COM+ Using .Net Libraries and APIs •Location API for J2ME (JSR 179) •OSCache -widely used, high performance J2EE caching framework •Microsoft [login to view URL] ToolKit Other Languages and Scripts •SQL •Java Script •Prolog Database Management Systems •Microsoft SQL server 2000 / 2005 Express edition •My SQL 5.0 Integrated Development Environments •[login to view URL] (2005) •Eclipse 3.x •Net beans 5.x •Sun Java Studio Enterprise •Sun Java Studio Creator (JSF projects ) Platforms •Windows ME/ XP •Linux (Ubuntu) CONCEPTUAL KNOWLEGE •Deep understanding of Object Oriented programming concepts •Good understanding of Software Engineering concepts •Good understanding of Database design concepts Resume: Ayman Adel Abdel Ghany •Gender: Male •Age: 23 •Education: Bachelor of Computer Science

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