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Wendelin Neudorf is a free thinker, but organised in her writing. Creating a stand-out logo that not only represents her, but her style was of the utmost importance. In maintaining a monochromatic colour scheme, we eliminated the grey area. There is black and white. There is good and evil. Both are clearly represented in Wendelin's writing style as well as her logo.

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Think like a kid. Grownups take the imagination out of kids. We tell them things don't exist. They aren't real. Design should cross the boundary back into childhood belief--it should suspend disbelief and open up impossible realms of alternate reality. Play like an athlete. When a person stops learning, their usefulness is gone. Art and design are constantly evolving and every good designer works hard and plays harder-- always pushing the limits of imagination and medium. Creativity grows when it is exercised. Work like a farmer. A person who plants should be a person who reaps. Every sprout of an idea should be fed and nurtured and brought to full fruition. Only then is there full satisfaction in the creative process. Some may take more time than others, but with attention and care, every thought, every idea has the potential for infinite growth.

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