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About myself

sal.la scrib-e.com assessoriacontabil.com (accounting partner) comovai.org twitter.com/biblianet (Bible) Christian marketing: twitter.com/songlow twitter.com/megasho twitter.com/shofars twitter.com/multipost educational sites: instituto.genone.info rady.yolasite.com aponto.yolasite.com Design/print/web services: www.docs.google.com/View?id=dfpq6sj2_303hcc9qnf4

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WE HAVE MADE PARTNERS ALL AROUND THE GLOBAL AND VIRTUAL WORLD OF BUSINESS AND EDUCATIONAL MISSIONS. PROGRAMAS DE AFILIADOS - http://www.freelancer.com/affiliates/escoladeescribas About us functions: web writer/tutor, HR/business, language and IT consulting, digital/print marketing skills: JustAnswer English writer/tutor expert level IV Yola site design expert with HP team Vistaprint partner training: ESL IBEU - Br TTC Yazigi and ICBEU - Br University of Michigan Proficiency in English Advanced English and Translation courses - ASU,TX USP, BR Bible original languages interpreter/translator professional experiences: *Languages, educational and IT consultant Library work (Curriculum Lab AV - SWBTS) Capitol - VBGB Chirstian Life liaison/writer/editor UBS-RCA, Miami multiligual interpreter-translator *WEB IT MANAGER AND PUBLISHER - PROJECTS: *SWED, Scrib-e School, Genone institute GENONE INSTITUTE AND GENONE STATION online campuses/ radio and TV Teach Street magna cum laude ([login to view URL]) Edufire tutor [login to view URL] Twitter/email marketing and resources ([login to view URL]) GENNEW BRAZIL ENTREPRENEURS ([login to view URL]) *Virtual business/career counselor: [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to view URL] I prefer to work on social/ministry projects. I also like educational writing and career consulting. My favorite task is editing and style revision. I cannot work without minimum guarantees. Please book in advance of 72h for first consulting at [login to view URL] WE MUST EVALUATE THE WORK MATERIAL WITH ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE WE CAN ACCEPT IT. EMERGENCY WORK IS ACCEPTED BY REGULAR PARTNERS OR UNDER A FEE. THANK YOU FOR UNDERSTANDING! Sampler: [login to view URL] (virtual business) [login to view URL] (communications) [login to view URL] (finances) [login to view URL] (entrepreneurs) [login to view URL] (health research) [login to view URL] (non-profit) [login to view URL] (non-profit) [login to view URL] (import resources) [login to view URL] (eshops) [login to view URL] (scholar finance) [login to view URL] (musical instruments) [login to view URL] (Gospel in audio) [login to view URL] (music) [login to view URL] (publishing) [login to view URL] (news) [login to view URL] (apps) [login to view URL] (voiceover videoclips) [login to view URL] (live broadcasting) [login to view URL] (webradio and tv) [login to view URL] (online educational partnerships) [login to view URL] (career counseling) [login to view URL](translation) [login to view URL](e-book) [login to view URL] (bilingual blogs) [login to view URL] (Brazil, career and enterprise) [login to view URL] (travel and events) [login to view URL] (reservations)

$70 USD/sa

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