Custom Collision Engine Debug Demonstration

yapan frozenbinary
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This video demonstrates a custom collision engine undergoing a stress test. The test monitors the amount of memory required to process the collision, the current frame rate, and how many of each object that exist within the scope of the test. The black square represents a user controlled space, the red rectangle represents the boundaries of this object. Even when arbitrarily rotated the player space cannot move beyond its boundary. Particles are generated with random settings and are confined to the square. Each particle is then tested against every other particle and its parent container. Such a small space was chosen so larger numbers of objects would be unable to be contained within the space. The particles may be told on the fly to respond to changes in the parent container, or position themselves relative to their own space.

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Flash designer with 4+ experience in AS2/3, programmatic design and IDE animation. Currently developing 2D game engine related classes and libraries, animation utilities and user interaction components.

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