Stars Vs Circles [iOS | Android Game]

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Stars Vs Circles [iOS | Android Game]

SvC or TiraTira - based on a pinoy game played by filipino kids at school. A paper shooting game converted for us to play on iOS devices. We used to play this game back in our elementary and high school days. The game is played by 2 players. A player can choose whether he is a Star or Circle. Then players draw separate camps on the diagonal corners of the paper.The players must agree who will start the game and the number of objects(stars or circles) in their respective camps. Then using a pencil or a pen, the player moves his first object(either a star if he is a star player or a circle if he is a circle player) via sliding the pencil or pen's pointer. The movement can also be a shot by the player who has the turn. The sliding movement of the pen or pencil can be a shot to an enemy's object. The player who destroyed all the enemy will be the winner. On this mobile game, we have incorporated the classic paper game but added 3 more game modes - The Tank Battle, Air B

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