Schedule and Alert SMS

yapan Hasaya
Schedule and Alert SMS

Designed and implemented monitoring system in building. System consists of three devices are Sensor node, Control node and Android board. Android board is center of system which collects data such as temperature, light intensity and power line status from Sensor node and sends alert message to mobile device when data from Sensor node is over than configured value. In addition Android board controls electrical device in building by sends command to Control node. Each board communicates with other boards via Zigbee wireless network. I designed two circuit boards, one is Sensor node which consists of temperature sensor, luminance sensor and power line detector circuit. Another one is Control node which consists of TRIAC control circuits. Circuit boards are designed by using Altium PCB Design program. I designed software for MSP430 microcontroller which uses in Sensor node and Control node. And I designed patterns of data which use for communicate between nodes.

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Electrical Engineering

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