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$50 USD / saat
   UNITED STATES bayrağı
$50 USD / saat
Şu anda burada saat 1:22 ÖÖ
Mart 11, 2012 tarihinde katıldı
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Guy M.


5,0 (17 değerlendirme)
$50 USD / saat
   UNITED STATES bayrağı
$50 USD / saat
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Web/Application Developer

I've spent most of my adult life teaching myself computer technologies and programming languages. I learn about new technologies as needed when I'm assigned to new projects. I never went to college, but spent 8 years in the Army. A wise man once told me (Thanks Charlie) that college teaches you how to learn, but so does military service. I've never needed a college professor to show me how to read a book, and the internet is an endless research resource.
Freelancer Perl Developers United States

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Portföy Ögeleri

Web page for sharing paintings and drawings created by America's prisoners.
Convict Canvas
This website was developed from a design the client made in photoshop.
Doula Website
This application was a much needed rework of an MSAccess VBA application.  I developed as an HTA (HTML Application).  The majority of the code is written in Javascript with the main library (JavaScript Ideal Classes) was used for an OOP approach rather that procedural scripting.  With the JSIC library, the JavaScript class names get assigned to the HTML element within the object automatically to create a unilateral coding between JavaScript and CSS.
HTML Application for Student Tracking
This is a site design that I made that takes into consideration the wide-screen format with the narrow screens in mind.  It's what I call a "Home Bound" design, where the user never leaves the home page but all content is delivered through Ajax calls and hidden divs.
New website concept
The original design of this site was set for higher resolutions.  I updated the css to adjust to the user's screen.
Research Connections
Custom design for an undisclosed education entity.  It incorporates the ability for multiple database connections that ties the information into a single application.  Customizeable through javascripting. The frame of the program is a traditional windows form with a browser control to display content.
Student Record Tracker


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Değerlendirmeleri filtreleme kriteri: 5,0
$471,00 USD
If there were an 11 I would grant that as the rating. The project was completed beyond scope. There was never any doubt as to status or progress. All aspects of the scope (as well as some that could have been questioned) were handled professionally. Delivery was on time.
XML Website Design CSS Templates Amazon Web Services
+2 daha
    bayrağı Robert A. @utrackit
11 yıl önce
$100,00 USD
A really good coder! Reccomended!!!
Data Entry Odd Jobs
    bayrağı Andrea I. @Andreay
11 yıl önce
$295,00 USD
Really good coder, knows his stuff, and if he doesn't, he will learn it p.d.q. Also he was pretty forgiving where my objectives weren't as clear as they could have been, and the end product is better than I expected. Check out his work at
PHP Software Architecture Software Testing Website Testing MySQL
+2 daha
    bayrağı Graeme W. @infoburp
11 yıl önce
$50,00 USD
Fast and relatively painless. Recommended.
Script Install Shell Script
    bayrağı Mike K. @MikeKlein
11 yıl önce
$59,00 USD
10+++! Brilliant and fast solution to a seemingly overwhelming problem! Definitely want to do more business with him in future.
    bayrağı Hermann S. @fasttrack88
11 yıl önce

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