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nairobi, kenya
$16 USD / saat
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$16 USD / saat
   KENYA bayrağı
nairobi, kenya
$16 USD / saat
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OUR SOLUTIONS Business Process Reengineering Most companies fail to consider overall process performance as they introduce new technologies, create new policies and procedures designed to meet the shifting needs of the market, industry or strategy. The resulting growth in processes often creates process related problems, which include function duplication, bottlenecks and excessive non-value added time. The effects of these problems manifest themselves in the form of high internal costs and dissatisfied customers. Our BPR methodology is a four-step approach that adopts “Best Practices” and it consists of: - Development of the Business Vision and Process Objectives. - Identification of major business processes and sub-processes. - Designing of the new processes for impacted business areas. - Implementation of the new process. Business Continuity Planning As business complexity grows, many organizations invest in applications and computing technology which advances IT business potential and simultaneously increases the risk that an ICT outage could halt IT related business operations. The first step toward assuring the continued availability of IT related business operations is to develop a comprehensive Business Continuity Plan (BCP) focusing on the time critical processes and addressing all types of risks. Our Continuity Planning is specifically designed to meet this need. It offers advanced tools and techniques to prepare for, minimize the impact of, and rapidly recover from all events that may affect the organization. Our different consulting services in this area include: - Business Impact and Risk Analysis. - Contingency Planning and Development. - BCP Implementation. - BCP Maintenance. Enterprise IT Solutions In this world of rapidly evolving structures in business it is imperative that organizations streamline their businesses to enhance productivity as well as increase maximum utilization of resources. Today’s limitless technology has the resource to custom build specific solutions for any kind of businesses. Enterprise IT Solutions benefit businesses by cutting down costs, increasing revenues and by retaining as well as expanding a valuable customer base. We offer Enterprise solutions within the following IT areas, Application and Web Design, Development and Integration In an endeavor to be successful companies need to retain their competitive edge by using relevant system applications. This competitive edge comes from applications that are designed specifically for the company to meet IT demands. We have extensive experience building systems that seamlessly integrate custom and legacy applications. Our team is proficient in technologies such as Active Server Pages, Delphi, Visual Basic, SQL Server, Informix, DB2, Oracle, Java, C, php, C#, and C++. Network Design and Engineering As organizations requirements to deliver information critical to daily business has continued to grow, corporate data Networks have taken more of a front seat and it has become necessary to improve and expand them. Timely and accurate delivery of this information has hence become increasingly important. We at FIRST SOURCE AFRICA can provide data communication solutions that continuously meet the increasingly diversified needs of organizations, delivered with efficiency, reliability and know-how. With our recommended solutions, the corporate network will support the highest level of mission critical availability with end-to-end policy management to simplify network administration. PROJECT METHODOLOGY Our custom methodology provides best practices for managing the people, process, and technology to ensure that our projects are successful executed. The methodology provides guidance through out the project life cycle. The core models of our methodology are Risk Management, Project Process and Project Team. Risk Management Risk is inherent in every IT project that is undertaken. Therefore, managing risk successfully is crucial to the success of any project. The risks involve not only technology, but also people and processes. Our risk management model sets forth a disciplined environment of proactive decisions and actions to continuously assess what can go wrong, determine which risks must be dealt with, and implement strategies for dealing with them. Our risk management model uses three strategies to manage risk: Risk Reduction, Risk Transfer and Risk Avoidance. Project Process Our Project Process establishes the order for our project activities. The process consists of four distinct phases with each phase culminating in an externally visible milestone. Initialization The purpose of the Initialization phase will is to create a high-level view of the project’s goals and constraints. This addresses, - Business Vision and Process Objectives - Project Vision and Scope - Project Risk Assessment - Project Management - Quality Control - Solutions outline - Detailed Project Plan Analysis and Design The purpose of this phase is to conduct a systematic Needs Analysis of the clients Business Requirements. This is used to develop a detailed understanding of the corresponding Functional Requirements to translate into technically viable IT solutions. Our analysis ensures that the solutions are reliable, effective, and implemented on time and within budget. The end of this phase culminates with the Analysis and Design Document approval. The document addresses the following areas: - Business Process and Systems Analysis - Communication and Infrastructure Analysis - Business Impact and Risk Analysis - Security Analysis - Constraints and Strategy - Development and Implementation Plan Development Once the Analysis and Design is understood and approved by the client, we commence the development phase. During the development phase of the project, the project team focuses on the building and testing of the solutions. The testing process is an integral part of the developing phase. Key activities in this phase will include: - Technology Validation - Business Systems Development/Customization - Communication and Infrastructure Development - Business Contingency Plan Development - Testing and Quality Control - Proof of concept (Pilot) The successful completion of the “End to End Quality Assurance Testing” results in the Development Complete Milestone at which point all features of the solution will be in place and materials to support user performance are at a baseline. An approval to implement the solution will then be expected. Implementation Details of the implementation schedule are agreed upon before the commencement of the implementation phase. The implementation phase is an active phase in which the project team implements the core technology, site components, stabilizes the implementation, and transitions the project to the client. The implementation activities will include, - Verification of Systems and End user documentation - Systems and End User Training - Business Application Installation and Configuration - Communications and Infrastructure Installation and Configuration - Business Continuity Plan implementation - Parallel Run - Commissioning After the implementation the team conducts a project review and survey of customer satisfaction. The implementation phase will culminate in the Implementation Complete milestone. Project Team For each project, we constitute a multidisciplinary team to address the various areas of the solutions requirement for the client. These areas typically include: - Business Process Reengineering - Business Systems and Applications - Business Continuity Planning - Communications and Infrastructure - Systems Security and Policy Each of the areas has team members headed by a Consultant. The team members share a common project vision, share responsibilities, focus on implementing the project and maintain high standards for quality. Although the Team has many roles, one person may play multiple roles.
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