UV Light Cleaner for Elevator - Version 2

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UV Light Cleaner for Elevator - Version 2

This is two examples of an info-graphic I was commissioned to do for a UV Light Product that cleans unoccupied elevators, removing bacteria and viruses. I did this work entirely in Photoshop, using a stock photo for the elevator, and reference photos for the line drawings.

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My name is Laura Shank and I am a Technical Illustrator and CAD Designer, with 15 years experience. I can take your product illustration/design needs from concept to completion, working from photos and sketches (or physical parts) all the way to an owner's manual or a set of assembly instructions, laid out in InDesign and ready to print. I can provide any style of illustration you prefer: from clean black & white line drawings to photo-realistically rendered 3d models, using a multitude of techniques (tracing existing images/drawings, recreating existing drawings, reverse engineering physical parts, working from client sketches and images to create brand new drawings, working from client's written direction only). I have a Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing Technology and a background in Graphic Design. I use Photoshop, Illustrator, Autodesk Inventor, InDesign and Wordpress extensively. I also have experience working with a translator to create materials for distribution outside the USA. You might call me a "ONE STOP SHOP" for all your technical illustration and design needs.

$35 USD/sa