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Lockout / Tagout is a technique used to isolate and prevent the release of hazardous energy. Locks and Tags are used to identify and prevent the operation of devices used to isolate and prevent the release of hazardous energy. Developed Using VB.Net and MS Access

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⭐ Top Rated. ⭐ 14+ years of experience, ⭐ 250+ successfully completed projects ⏳ 4000+ Hours worked on Marketplace. • Experience: Over 14 years of expertise in building robust Desktop and Web applications. My Skills and Expertise: Proficient in a wide range of languages, frameworks, and tools, including: ► C# •.NET Core •.NET Framework •ASP.NET •Azure Functions ► HTML/CSS • JavaScript/jQuery/KnockoutJS • Node.js ► Python • GCP Communication Protocols: Skilled in various communication protocols such as: ► WCF • TCP Sockets • SignalR • Websockets • HTTP Databases: Well-versed in working with diverse database systems, including: ► MS SQL Server • Oracle • MySQL ► NoSQL, • Azure Cosmos DB • Firestore • Dynamo DB A Diverse Portfolio: Throughout my career, I've had the privilege of developing mission-critical applications for a wide range of industries, including but not limited to: Banking and ATMs: Where precision in transaction handling, monitoring, and authentication is paramount. Forex and Binary Options Trading Platforms: Demanding robustness and real-time performance. E-commerce Platforms: Ensuring seamless and secure retail transactions. Audit Managment Solutions: Requiring meticulous data handling and compliance.

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