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Company Profile (Company Established in 1994) 4-1-1052, Modi House, Street No-2, King Koti Road, Boggulakunta, Hyderabad – 500 001 Andhra Pradesh, India Office : +91 (40) 24751389 Residence : +91 (40) 24753164 Mobile : 98490-24522 E-Mail : Web Site : [login to view URL] CONTENTS I. OUR STRUCTURED APPROACH 1. Functional 2. Design 3. Development 4. Quality Control 5. Implementation II. CURRENT BUSINESS MODELS WITH OUR CLIENTS 1. Share the Savings Accrued through Computerization 2. Software Application Rental 3. Existing Product Installation 4. Customized Software Application Development 5. Product Development on Revenue Share Basis III. OPERATIONS 1. Business Areas 2. Experience 3. Technical Skills 4. An Analytical & Statistical Overview of Operations A. Products B. Projects C. Technical Consultancy D. Testing & Performance Enhancement Services Appendix-A: Flow Diagram – Our Approach to Development Appendix-B: Software Testing……with Code and without Code I. OUR STRUCTURED APPROACH • The objectives of our structured approach are as follows. I. Provide the most effective and efficient solution to the Client’s problem II. Incorporate the most advanced technology available on date in the solution with a primary focus on cost reduction in Client’s operations through optimal Business-Process-re-engineering III. Reduce overall time required for computerization IV. Confine the overall costs of computerization to the minimum V. Provide the most user-friendly Graphic User Interface to overcome resistance to computerization VI. Provide software applications of the highest quality that are robust in design as well as algorithm • In order to fulfill all the objectives stated above concurrently, we play the role of a Business Associate with our Clients. • We follow an iterative approach in developing software…please see the flow diagram provided as Appendix-A. • Our current approach includes the following teams comprising well-educated (from REC, etc) and experienced professionals … we take pleasure in informing that we are strong team players and all the following teams work together to fulfill the single objective of delighting our Clients. III.1. Functional Team • This team co-ordinates and facilitates interaction with the Client’s team. • Proposes a non-technical business solution to the Client, based on a thorough study of Client’s operations and their perceived requirement. • On Client’s approval, communicates the requirement to the design team. • Ensures that the specifications stated at this level are adhered to. III.2. Design Team • Taking inputs from both the Client as well as the Functional Team, Produces the design specifications and documents the same. • Decides between fresh development and assembling from the existing components. • Arrives at the shortest approach to developing the prototype. • Conducts periodic review meetings with the development team as well as the Client. • Suggests and incorporates changes in the overall design from prototype to implementation. III.3. Development Team • Suggest alternative algorithms to the Project Leader and implement the selected algorithm. • Carry out unit tests on the code generated by each of them. • Carry out unit tests on the code generated by the others in the team and give their feedback. • Discuss the feedback and implement the changes suggested by the Team Leader. III.4. Quality Control Team • This team comprises experts in using specialized software for testing software performance. • Ensures that design and documentation standards are adhered to. • Tests each of the components separately and improves their individual performance….please look at Appendix-B for the tests conducted by this team. • Tests the entire software iteratively and suggests improvements. III.5. Implementation team • This team comprises individuals from each of the above four teams. • Handles installation, training and taking feedback from the Client. IV. CURRENT BUSINESS MODELS WITH OUR CLIENTS We currently have the following kinds of business arrangements for our Clients. IV.1. Share the Savings Accrued through Computerization • Under this model, we either develop an application or install one of our existing products for the Clients without any payments in advance. • The Clients make payments in proportion to the savings accrued through our computerization, based on a savings calculation model arrived at, in consultation with the Clients, prior to computerization. IV.2. Software Application Rental • Under this model, Clients are provided with a software application on a monthly rental basis. • The Clients may access software application via the Internet. IV.3. Existing Product Installation • If one or more of our products befit the Clients’ requirement, we would be more than happy to install the same for them, at a very nominal cost. IV.4. Customized Software Application Development • Under this model, we undertake to develop applications based on the Clients’ requirements. • The Clients are required to make advance and interim payments as agreed upon, at the time of signing the contract. IV.5. Product Development on Revenue Share Basis • We also undertake to develop, maintain and improvise software products in collaboration with other business organizations, on revenue share basis. V. OPERATIONS • The company was founded in 1994. • Was appointed as ‘Independent Software Vendor’ (ISV) for Microsoft in 1997. • Was appointed as Beta-test site by Microsoft for their products in 1998. V.1. Business Areas • SoftPal has interest and competence in the following areas. o Software Product Development o Customized Software Design, Development and Implementation o Consultancy Services in Software Design, Development o Software Testing & Quality Certification V.2. Experience • Softpal has provided highly appreciated solutions in the following user segments. o Solutions for Vertical Market Segments in Finance, Hire Purchase, Leasing, Manufacturing, Insurance, Banking, Construction, Medical, Educational (Development of CBT products), Trading. o Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solutions o E-Business, E-Commerce Solutions (B2B, B2C) o Internet / Intranet / Extra-net / VPN / Client-Server based Solutions o Enterprise wide Reporting and Job Scheduling System (getting data from heterogeneous databases - SAP, People soft, Mail servers, Web Sites etc) o Data Warehousing, Data Migration Solutions, Data Mining o Process Control Systems, Factory Automation services, Man Machine Interface. (Furnace monitoring and controlling, Building ambience Automation, Access Control Systems, Remote monitoring of Oil Rigs and feedback systems, Cutting and Lathe machines automation, In-House Paging System, Interfacing Medical Equipment, Bar Code Interface, Smart Card and Laser Card interface, etc) o Computer Telephony (Interactive Voice Response System, Fax on Demand, Voice Mail Boxes, Answering Machine, etc) o GPS / GIS based systems (Integrating live data with maps, e.g. Automatic Vehicle Tracking System, Alarms for Trains approaching on same Tracks, etc) o Packaged Software Products (Personal Secretary, SoftDiag, HyPur, PowerLynk, Brands on Shelves - Market Survey and Analysis, etc) V.3. Technical Skills • The technical team is competent in the following development, application and testing platforms. o SMART Devices, PDA Personal Digital Accessory based development with wireless technology, C++, GCC, Code Warrior, Palm OS, Java, Waba, on Conduit, Wireless and Internet, Mobile programming o Microsoft .NET 2 C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET (2005) o Internet/Intranet Technologies ASP, ActiveX, XML, HTML, DHTML, Java o Object Oriented Technologies OOAD – Rational Unified Process (UML) o Testing Tools Rational Test Studio, Numega o Distributed Computing COM, DCOM, COM+ o Graphical User Interface Visual Basic, Visual C++, Crystal Info, Web Forms, Digital- Dashboard, VBA, FrontPage o RDBMS Backends SQL Server, MS Access, Oracle, DB2, Sybase, Informix o GroupWare MS Exchange Server, Lotus Notes o OS & Networking Services Windows 2000, Windows DNA, Windows 3.x/9x, Windows NT, Linux, Unix, Novell NetWare, TCP/IP, Internet protocols o Communications High Speed Satellite Data Communication, Computer Telephony, Interactive Voice Response System V.4. An Analytical & Statistical Overview of Operations V.4.A. Products • Ever since inception, Softpal has been involved in in-house product development, catering to different industry segments as well as the individual users. • Has over 640 products and components. • Some of the products are branded and sold through a selected network of distributors. • All the products are continuously upgraded based on the feedback from the users as well as the inputs provided by the in-house research team. • SoftPal’s products are gaining wide acceptance across the country …… I. SoftDesk, a top of line organizer, has over 4,300 installations. II. CatIt, an off- and on-line catalogue, has more than 480 installations. A few of our Products and Components: 1. SoftDesk……………… Personal and Company Organizer 2. CatIt…………………... CD, Document, Media Cataloguing software 3. Hypur………………… Software for Hire Purchase Business 4. PowerLynk…………… Software for Leasing Business 5. SoftDiag……………… Information system for Diagnostic Center 6. SoftMarket……………. Information system for market survey and analysis 7. SoftDMS………………Document mgmt system with work flow management 8. SoftSchool……………. Information management system for schools 9. SoftHotel……………... Information system for Hotels 10. SoftTravel…………….. Information system for Travel Houses Some Users of our Products and Components: The following list of users may also be used as references. Please get in touch with us for further details. Company………………………CIty 1. TATA Tele services Hyderabad 2. R&D Engineers Pvt. Ltd Hyderabad 3. SIMCO Hyderabad 4. DRDL Hyderabad 5. OCTAL S/W Solutions Ltd. Mumbai 6. MACC Enterprises Ahmedabad 7. Colourpacks, Mumbai 8. Chabria Infotech, Kolkata 9. Irribuild Consulting Engrs. Kolhapur 10. Voltas Limited Secunderabad V.4.B. Projects • In the last Twelve years, SoftPal has designed, developed, tested and successfully implemented software applications for more than 40 Clients. • Applications as time-consuming as 85 man-years have been developed and implemented successfully, by SoftPal. • Client base is spread across industries and countries. A few of our solutions in the industry: The following list of Clients may also be used for references. Please get in touch with us for further details. V.4.B.a. MAJOR CLIENT / SERVER PROJECTS EXECUTED: Application Company Name City 1. ERP Integrating Branch Network Baron International Ltd Mumbai 2. Software for Leasing Business Mercedes-Benz Leasing Mexico Mexico City 3. Nursery Management System Complink Systems Northampton, UK 4. Financing Data Management & Information System Sri Venkat Finance Ltd Hyderabad 5. System for Venture Capital Management APIDC Hyderabad 6. Software for Order & Inventory Management Book Selection Center Hyderabad 7. Thermal Stress Monitoring & Control System BHEL R&D Hyderabad 8. Sales & Distribution System (CRM) National Paints Ltd Hyderabad 9. Purchase Monitoring & Control System (SCM) IVR Constructions Ltd. Hyderabad 10. Device Driver & Communication Protocol Simplex Systems Hyderabad 11. Members Directory Index FAPCCI Hyderabad V.4.B.b. MAJOR WEB BASED PROJECTS EXECUTED: Application Company Name City 1. Scholarship Management System Angiras Temple Fort Wayne, Indiana (USA) 2. i. Fax e-mail (e-fax) System ii. Voice e-mail System iii. Internet based Greetings iv. Phone based talking e-mail Udayam Technosolutions Pvt Ltd. Hyderabad 3. RBI-UBD Automation Fortune Informatics Ltd Secunderabad 4. Defence Equipment Maintenance information system FEME (Defence) Secunderabad 5. Personal Information System Available as ASP model 6. Maintenance management System Available as ASP model 7. Nursery Management System Available as ASP model 8. Payroll System Non-Ferrous Materials Technology Development Centre NFTDC (Government) Hyderabad 9. Call Broadcasting (CBMS) DLRL (Defence) Hyderabad 10. Document Management DRDL (Defence) Hyderabad 11. Time Attendance, Swipe Card Training Management, HR Dr Reddy Lab Hyderabad 12. KOT, Smart Card, TMS EME Centre (Defence) Hyderabad 13. SMS Cell Phone Integration AMS and Parking System Mobecomm Inc Canada 14. OOPs Oils Sales and Marketing System Acalmar Oils and Fats Ltd Hyderabad 15. ERP Modules Jagdamba Pearls Hyderabad 16. Personal Information and Marketing Dhola-ri-Dhani Hyderabad V.4.C. Technical Consultancy • SoftPal team provides consulting services to other software development companies as well as to those organizations with an in-house development team. • In the last seven years, more than 10 consulting assignments in various technical areas were undertaken and successfully carried out by our team. Some of our Clients for Our Consulting Services: The following list of Clients may also be used as references. Please get in touch with us for further details. Company Name City 1. TATA Tele services Ltd. Hyderabad 2. RAS Infotech Ltd Hyderabad 3. Fortune Informatics Ltd Secunderabad 4. UDAYAM TechnoSolution Pvt Ltd Hyderabad 5. Padmaja Infotech Ltd Hyderabad 6. Hyderabad Batteries Ltd Hyderabad 7. Saroh Infotech Ltd Hyderabad 8. IMAP Technologies Ltd Hyderabad 9. Intersoft International Ltd Hyderabad 10. Janica Electronics Pvt Ltd Hyderabad V.4.D. Testing & Performance Enhancement Services • Software Testing is also carried out for other software developers. • Performance enhancement consultancy services are provided by this team. Some Clients using our services in testing: The following list of Clients may also be used as references. Please get in touch with us for further details. Company Name City 1. IMAP Technologies Ltd Hyderabad 2. Saroh Infotech Ltd Hyderabad 3. Fortune Informatics Ltd Secunderabad 4. Intersoft International Ltd Hyderabad 5. Thermopads Ltd Hyderabad Some of the Premium Clients ICONAGE Inc, Missouri, USA VXL Technologies, USA Seatech Inc, Indonesia Technology Development Center, Australia MIC Electronics Ltd India Health Link IT, Belgium Delphi Solutions, Belgium Software Technologies Park India (STPI) Hyderabad Electronics Corporation of India Ltd NALSAR – Law University & NALSAR – Proximate Education EME Depot Battalion (Release and APN) Bharat Electronics Ltd IMPERO Stores Multi-Location FCMG(Repeat orders) CDM (College of Defence Management) NCRI (National Council for Rural Institutes) J and M Technologies Inspira Tech Java Softech Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad Datamatics Infomatics Ltd Jaisara Tooling Systems Pvt Ltd Incois (Dept. for Ocean Development) Aurobindo Pharma APPENDIX–A OUR APPROACH TO DEVELOPMENT Appendix-B Software Testing (without software code) We have exclusive Software Testing department to cater to the needs of Software Development Companies to help them deliver Product of Highest Quality. Our testing lab is equipped with the latest Software Testing Tools for Automated Testing and we also have a team of experienced Software Professionals to carry out Manual Testing. The various tests carried out are as under: 1. Reliability testing Testing for software reliability in terms of its contents, usage and abnormal crash down of the software for any reason. 2. Functional testing The purpose of functional testing is to ensure that the application meets the requirements established for it. For example, testing the functionality of an order entry system would include verifying that the right products were shipped, that the right account was billed, and that the credit limits were checked appropriately. 3. Application Performance testing: • Defects in applications without recording a script. • Thorough and repeatable performance. • Accurately tests the quality, performance and stability of client/server under large user loads. 4. System Performance Testing • Performance bottlenecks 5. System Resource Management Test • Detects run-time errors without source code Appendix-B Software Testing (With software code) 1. Testing • Identifies untested application code. • Helps improve overall application quality by ensuring all code has been executed and therefore tested. • Improves productivity and reduces development time by presenting useful coverage statistics in an easy-to-use and understandable display. • Automatically pinpoints areas of code not exercised in testing. • Presents coverage statistics for each run of the execution and automatically merges multiple runs. 2. Application Performance testing: • Regression testing • Performance bottlenecks • Application analysis including components with or without source code. • Thorough and repeatable performance. • Accurately tests the quality, performance and stability of client/server and Web applications under large user loads. • Generates maximum network and server load. • Accurately reports the response time and stability of specific client configurations. 3. System Performance Testing a. Load Test: • Enable hundreds of virtual users to run the same transaction with each user sending different data to the server. b. System Resource Management Test: • Detects run-time errors with or without source code • Memory checking categories include: • Heap-related errors • Stack-related errors • Static memory errors • Memory leaks • File descriptor leaks • Identifies and reports errors in: • Multi-threaded applications • Memory allocated with custom memory managers
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