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On line electronic store Realswimmers

Marketing research, SEO, planning and implementing advertising campaigns through contextual advertising systems, working with the audience in Russian social networks, implementing of Russian-speaking technical support which includes such communications channels as e-mail, call-center, live-chat.

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RuNet Web Agency founded as The Efficient Marketing Ltd. in 2009. One of the founders of the company was one of the pioneers of SEO in the Russian Internet. Among the most prominent projects we made are: The State Russian Museum: official web-site creating. The Bravo-Premium Brewing Company: creating and promoting of a web-site for its main beer brand - Bochkarev. The year after the advertising campaign was launched the company took the third place in the volumes of sales in Russia. Creating and viral marketing of a web-site and online store for STD Petrovich - a leading company on the DIY market in the North-West Region of Russia. As a result there was a significant increase in online sales and customer requests via the website. Creating a number of very effective web-sites and conducting a large-scale advertising campaign for Ediniy Sklad Group of companies. The result is a 3000% growth in online sales in conditions of a limited budget and in less than one year timeline. Our mission is to allow clients to do what they do best, while we do the most effective online sales and marketing for them.

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