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$2 USD / saat
   UNITED STATES bayrağı
$2 USD / saat
Şu anda burada saat 1:23 ÖS
Ağustos 10, 2023 tarihinde katıldı
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Russell P.


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$2 USD / saat
   UNITED STATES bayrağı
$2 USD / saat
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General Development

I have a diverse range of skills and experiences that make me well-suited for various tech-related tasks. As a Linux SysAdmin, DBA, and PHP Developer, I have a strong command of Linux systems, database management, and web development using PHP. I'm proficient in languages such as C++, Visual Basic, and SQL, and I have experience with network administration, VoIP technologies, and cloud hosting. In terms of strengths, I am highly detail-oriented and possess excellent problem-solving skills. I have a passion for learning and staying up-to-date with the latest technologies and industry trends. I'm also adept at working independently or in a team environment, and I strive to deliver high-quality work that meets or exceeds client expectations. In terms of services, I offer a range of tech-related solutions, including Linux system administration, database management, PHP web development, network troubleshooting, and VoIP implementations. I also have experience in cloud hosting and can assist with server setup, migration, and management. As for my interests, I'm passionate about working on projects that involve cutting-edge technologies, problem-solving, and innovation. I enjoy diving into complex coding challenges and finding elegant and efficient solutions. I also have an interest in AI and machine learning and how they can be leveraged to solve real-world problems. When it comes to what I like to do, I find great joy in collaborating with others, learning new things, and taking on challenges. I enjoy finding creative solutions to problems and pushing the boundaries of what's possible. I also value continuous learning and growth, both professionally and personally. I hope that gives you a better understanding of my skills, strengths, and interests. Please let me know if there's anything specific you'd like to know or if there's a particular project or task you'd like assistance with.

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Freelance Developer

Self Employed
Kas 2021 - Şu anda
I am focusing on my coding projects and exploring new opportunities in the technology and software development space. I'm currently working on the development and refinement of two innovative software projects. I'm constantly learning and staying up-to-date with the latest technologies, and I'm open to collaborating on exciting and cutting-edge projects. I'm also actively seeking new opportunities to apply my skills and expertise in areas such as AI and machine learning.

Founder and Operator

Sonic Digital
Şub 2014 - May 2020 (6 yıl, 3 ay)
As the founder of Sonic Digital, I maintained a 100% uptime for over 60 consecutive months, providing reliable hosting services to clients. I'm proud of the relationships we built and the exceptional hosting services we delivered. Now, I'm excited to explore new projects and opportunities in the world of technology and software development.

System Administrator, Full Stack Developer, and Hosting Provider

Ağu 2015 - Mar 2020 (4 yıl, 7 ay)
I was responsible for managing the virtualization components and storage system, as well as optimizing the infrastructure for efficiency and performance. We offered a specialized service for transferring large video files, particularly raw video content used in editing. It was exciting to work on a platform that catered to the specific needs of professional videographers and studios. I also collaborated with the development team to revise and optimize the code for a seamless user experience.


Certified Associate (SIP)

SIP School
SIP School Certified Associate certification is an industry-recognized credential that validates your knowledge and skills in Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) technology. This certification covers topics such as SIP basics, SIP call flows, SIP troubleshooting, and SIP security. By earning this certification, you demonstrate your proficiency in designing, implementing, and managing SIP-based communication systems.

FCNSP (Network Security Professional)

FCNSP certification is an important credential for cybersecurity professionals. It focuses on network security and covers topics such as firewall technologies, VPNs, intrusion prevention systems, and secure access control. Expertise in designing, implementing, and managing Fortinet network security solutions. With FCNSP certification, you demonstrate your ability to protect networks from cyber threats and ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data.

MILSPEC Soldering and Circuit Boards

U.S. Navy
MIL-STD-2000 is the military standard for soldering and it establishes the requirements for the soldering process in military electronic assemblies. To achieve MIL-SPEC solder certification, individuals must undergo comprehensive training and demonstrate proficiency in soldering techniques, including through practical soldering tests. The certification ensures that the soldering work meets the strict quality and reliability standards required for military applications.

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