Shrimp Carnage

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My final course project for CS50. I was required to deliver my very own piece of software to show off my new-found coding skills, so I decided to challenge myself and develop a game with the Unity game engine since I've always been fascinated with game development. I started coding the game after creating the 3D models I needed for the characters and the game scene. After developing the core game features I was able to add in extra features like leaderboards and achievements by integrating Google Play Services. Finally, I was able to deploy the game to the Google Play store after signing up for a developer account. Technologies used: • Unity • C#

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An electrical engineer turned self-taught, self-driven full stack developer with over a decade of experience in writing computer code. Currently owns 16 certifications in CS and software development obtained from some on the world's most reputable institutions in the space. His knowledge of the stack includes, but is not limited to: ► The Web stack (HTML, SCSS, ReactJS, VueJS, GraphQL, Node.js, etc.) ► Blockchain and smart contracts (Solidity, Truffle) ► Databases (SQL, MongooseJS, etc.) ► The network stack (routing, switching, etc.) ► CLI (shell scripting, Batch scripting, etc.) ► Hardware and embedded systems (Assembly, C, Rust)

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