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I ever developed a small app. when you opened many instances of Notepad, then you click on 'start' button with the app., once you typed some chars in any of instances, then it will auto-synchronize same chars with other instances of Notepad. THe principle is based on the windows hooking tech. SYncApp has intercepted keyboard messages, then auto-sync. those chars you typed into other instances of Notepad.exe.

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I'm a software engineer in China. I have 10 years experience with C++, classic ASP, Javascript, and 10 years experience with Python. Created plenty software based on MFC/ATL/WTL/wxWidgets architecture, Be very good at windows GUI program, Plugin building with IE,Firefox,Chrome,Safari,Opera. I'm currently responsibilities with big data processing and analytic, and know most thing of web scraping technologies. Interesting in a long term job cooperating with honest people who's located at U.S, U.K, A.U.S, Canada.

$30 USD/sa

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