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$30 USD / saat
   UNITED STATES bayrağı
$30 USD / saat
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$30 USD / saat
   UNITED STATES bayrağı
$30 USD / saat
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PROFILE 7 years of diverse hands-on technology expertise in addition to nearly 2 years of application/project management experience with the nations top educational achievement provider, regional IT consulting firms and several “.COM” companies. Northeastern, IL BSCS 2002 with exceptional experience in : Programming ETL (data migration) tools using Perl, web based applications using mod_perl and Apache C module plug-ins. Database expertise using SQL, Open Source databases and Oracle along with underlying language support such as PL/PGSQL and PL/PSQL. Leveraging Open Source technology for rapid development and prototyping. Extreme/Agile development including driving peer review, standards, documentation and automated testing processes. SKILLS OS - Linux, BSDI, Win* Protocols, Apps - Apache, PostgresSQL, MySQL, Oracle, SSL, Radius, SMTP, XML-RPC, FTP, TCP/IP, CVS Programming - Perl (DBI, mod_perl, Mason, TT2, Twig, OpenInteract, SPOPS, SWIG, CDBI), SQL, PL/PGSQL, PL/PSQL, HTML, XML, OOP, Design Patterns, network programming , Javascript, PHP, Java EXPERIENCE Edison Schools – Application Development Manager Sep 2003 - June 2005 Coordinated QA process moving toward more formal architecture including staging and pre-production servers capable of auto-loading application environment by QA staff and allowing for “rolling” QA process. Led introduction of Extreme programming practices by enforcing peer review, coding standard, documentation and automated testing procedures reducing the complexity and need for manual QA. Researched and proposed rollout of improved project management tool to identify full project work flow from business owners to final deployment providing metric analysis of the whole process. Directed three consultants on project development as well as three full-time developers, two of which were working remotely. Edison Schools – Lead Developer/Architect Dec 2001 – Sep 2003 Application Development Enhancement of web based virtual development environment to allow viewing of how individual code changes affected base build through virtual domains. Delivered both largest and international client sales by meeting RFC security and localization requirements. Developed outbound apache filter to encrypt uri strings while remaining backwards compatible with existing code. Refactored session store to better handle application usage by developing Apache::Session::Store::BerkeleyDB interface (newer 3.0+). Designed and coded ‘theming’ engine in C as an apache module plug-in. Numerous subsystem projects and enhancements providing education based functionality. Data Analysis/Migration Designed, tested and converted hundreds of independent data sources into unified data model in less than 3 months contributing to the elimination of $1 million recurring contractual obligations to 3rd party vendor. Created ETL application which provided for source and location independent data sources. Devised XML configuration for ETL tool to allow for flexible configuration of entire ETL process making future maintenance and custom import processes manageable with current technical resources. Provided single ETL report (HTML, PDF in progress) identifying complete details of data processing to the record level as well as aggregated information for quickly identifying potential issues and allowing tier 1 support personnel to better identify and resolve issues. Proposed and supervised caching architecture for rapid deployment of data mart, denormalized schema and reports giving DBA staff more time to properly prepare and design on Oracle9 platform. System architecture Designed and implemented single proxy configuration and build usable with stock Red Hat RPM increasing scalability of product by 300% on current hardware platform reducing capital expenditures by over $250,000 for current clients and an additional $500,000 each year with current sales forecasts. Consult on continuous expansion of distributed computing environment (200+remote servers) and tools for management of applications and systems. Edventions (contract) - Senior Programmer/Architect Dec 2000 – May 2001 Refactored main application framework using mod_perl/Apache API programming. Improvements included Session redesign, persistent DB connection model, MVC design pattern using Mason/Template Toolkit. Test concluded (using Segue Silk Performer) improvement in speed, scalability and ease of maintenance from both an infrastructure and development standpoint. [login to view URL], Inc - Lead Web Developer Nov 1999 – Dec 2000 Began conversion of existing web site services to Java based IBM WebSphere. Re-engineered payment system from the ground up. Designed OO based Perl/mod_perl API. Enhancements to data model, systems and business logic of Mason (mod_perl) web pages. Revision of key revenue service Dun & Bradstreet service resale improving uptime and operation. [login to view URL], Inc – Owner Nov 1996 – Nov 1999 Led team to complete conversion of ASP/Access site on IIs to PHP/MySQL on Apache. Improved scalability, stability over 1000% and decreased maintenance costs. Developed credit card gateway API for e-commerce plug-in increasing c-commerce sales revenue. Contributed proxy radius solution with micro-servers providing ability to allow reselling of services increasing existing revenue by 50%. BSDI and Linux administration/security, Apache configuration/optimization and network security. EDUCATION May 2002 Bachelor of Science – Computer Science Major/Biology Minor, Northeastern Illinois AFFILIATIONS Member of the International Electrical and Electrical Engineering Association (IEEE) Association of Computing Machinery. CPAN registered author and contributor

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