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A press release for Sony when Sony was launched in India for the first time. The Ashoka profile is an essay/profile sample on unique social initiatives undertaken by extraordinary individuals,for Ashoka, a CSO (Citizen sector organisation.The Dengue Debacle was written in the year, at the time when Delhi was dying from it.

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<span>Suchie Dutta Knaapen is a successful freelance writer/ editor/ proofreader/ blogger/ copy writer/ content specialist, based in Bhutan. Currently, she works as a copy editor for a weekly news magazine in Bhutan. Before this, as a freelancing communications specialist, Suchie divided her time between freelance writing for the developmental sector, online publications, print magazines and BTL advertising and teaching English (she is a TEFL certified teacher) to disadvantaged people from low socio-economic sectors. She especially likes to write on issues that are both eclectic and jsocio-culturally interesting with an intrinsic core value. She is the founder director of a below-the-line advertising agency, now one of mainstream entertainment events management outfit." class="profile_ext">... </span>Â <a class="profileToggle" href="javascript:void(0)">Read more</a>