Implementation of Web based ERP

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Implementation of Web based ERP
Implementation of Web based ERP

We have implemented an ERP system to integrate the Head Office its branches as well as for a Stand Alone Manufacturing Plant. The ERP implementation is done in various sectors such as Trading, Manufacturing and Food Processing Industries. The modules implemented are Inventory, Materials Management, Sales

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We are extensively experienced in installation and maintenance of various versions of Oracle Database like Oracle 7.3, Oracle 9i, and Oracle 10i. This job of installation and maintenance of Oracle Database is executed on more than 50 Servers working on SCOUNIX and LINUX platforms. This job included writing and troubleshooting scripts using PL / SQL and data migration and validation. Our other projects include customisation and implementation of ERP and development of custom software packages for various SMEs on various platforms like Java and DOT-NET. Currently, we are partnering Tata Consultancy Services in worlds biggest Data Migration Project of Call Details Record (CDR) based Billing and Convergent Systems in West Zone of BSNL. Our responsibilities in this project include assist in implementation of next generation State of the Art CDR based Customer Care and Convergent Billing System, deployment of Centralized Integrated Billing Systems with supporting technological and communication infrastructures. We have already implemented TRICHUR, DOTSOFT, COMMANDIR, and TBL software implementations across India and till date we have successfully implemented the aforementioned software with 42 SSAs and are working with 50 SSAs for same.