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Magor Projects: * I was requested by EAZY-WEB to built and deploy a system that will hold the data, cloud style, for mlmcompanies. More then ten companies are using this system that I have built. The system had few stages, every stage was an improvement under new conditions that where required by the customers. The system today, can work is various languages, can manage multiple administration permissions, different kinds of MLM trees, special statistic abilities. And the last version can make full accounting abilities, draw and deposit money buy sales mans. *I was required by EMBLAZE company to build a Press Release system. The system was cloud style, had multi administration levels, could send sms,mail or update customer area, for press personal and investors of the company and its sub companies. *I was required by TELECLAT LTD to built a e-commerce site, with multi suppliers abilities, auctions and relate auction game and CRM for follow up marketing.

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