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    ...users pay for the courses they need to receive a confirmation email with their login and password - When users log in their platform they need to have an easy and user friendly access to their course - When users follow the course from the mobile phone they need to have a great user experience - we might need to develop a mobile app. I need a developer

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    Build me a Data Warehouse 6 gün left
    ONAYLI collect data (prices, product availability, product information, digital assets) from our suppliers from various sources (FTP, URL) and combine them in a master table. Access to the data is protected with a user name and password. The mapping is specified by us and does not have to adapt to the source or be editable by the user. Basic function

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    I'm looking for developer have experience to access and communicate over serial port using PHP , JavaScript. I have a device I want to send command by web site . System = Windows

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    i want to make MS access format order acknowledgement form which store data automatically once we fill the data. 1 st i want to make access customer data base & customer id. after that make order acknowledgement. when i can enter the customer id, it will take automatically customer name, address. and there is form which other details i have to fill

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    ...will pay and get a login and password etc. I need a simple web app to achieve the following: - Once payment has been taken and the user has their login and password, they must access the system and enter all their details and their book's details. - They will be shown a PREVIEW page to show them a sample of the emails that are being sent (probably FROM

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    ...Screens and I will show in every screen a other page (link) Please find attached the config file which is prepared and uploaded in var/www/config and the screens have remote access to this file. The Global Config work if I change the homepage link there disable_input_devices=yes homepage= [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] this works But this didn'...

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    I need you to develop a web tool for data entry and validation. Backend uses Google Cloud Firestore. Must have experience with role based access management, Firebase Auth, NoSQL databases and any JavaScript based frameworks.

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    Opencart ecommerce 6 gün left

    ...placing the website in maintenance, allowing exception of IP's with access - Setting emails to receive notifications - Newsletter Subscriber List Management - Keyword Search Engine - Social Sharing Plugin for products - B2C Client Area Customer reserved area with reserved access / login: - Login - Personal data - general data update, password recovery

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    This institution management system should handle all school/University requirement and should also include mobile App for quick access by parents to stay connected to monitor their children performance. Utility management is all about Electricity and water system that calculate readings , due, both system should be able to have API to integrate other

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    ...HTML-PHP, and Custom Web Coding. The website will be called [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] I have also purchased a theme I like I will need it installed onto the website on Wordpress. Web Hosting Access is available as well as cpanel And the Wordpress Admin Logins. The type of work will include Website Editing like, Adding the Logo, Content, And Pages...

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    ...passed away. Either family and friends OR the only the general public can access this based on the password protection c. Members will have the current status Living which can be changed to Deceased when they pass. d. Each member’s pages have general access and some have family access protected by a family password created by the member who issues this

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    ...then submit the form 3. once form is submitted, download the first "x" number of questions sliced from the pdf in the form of images How we work? -We have a git repository, access of which will be provided (staging branches) - where you will need to commit bug-free code. -Collaborate with my team on slack Type "read" before posting a reply so I know

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    website and app 6 gün left

    I need to develop an app, and web, that is a marketplace for natural groceries and greengroceries. It must be easy to access and use, user friendly. With images and shopping cart. It must be an app with two parts, one for the client and the other for the seller, who can manage their sales through it.

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    ...this. - It should work on mobile and web - It will have a form which will have the user input his or her details. These details should be captured and i should be able to access them later in the form of google or excel sheet on my email or gdrive. - It will have interactive surveys (with custom images - which i shall provide) - responses of which

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    2 teklifler So , you can config the Active Directory ( We dont know windows, we are a java developers) TASKS: Task 1 - Create a web service in Windows Active Directory that I can access with my java application. In this case, I don't know how to create the services on Windows. Method1: boolean authenticUser (userId, Userpass); Method2:boolean sendMessageToUser

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    ...referring providers to the system. Attending meetings to stay apprised of current needs and/or concerns regarding the preloading process. Learning new Hub software in an effort to access the information needed for preloading. Assisting with the task of deleting inactive emails. Problem solving with the preloading team as concerns/issues arise. Collaborate with

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    ...referring providers to the system. Attending meetings to stay apprised of current needs and/or concerns regarding the preloading process. Learning new Hub software in an effort to access the information needed for preloading. Assisting with the task of deleting inactive emails. Problem solving with the preloading team as concerns/issues arise. Collaborate with

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    36 teklifler list. This means that each user needs a unique expiration time. Must be achieved with front end code (HTML, Javascript), since that's what the website builder gives us access to. I'm thinking that the way to do it may be a unique URL for each user with date/time parameters appended to it (somehow we could append these automatically with Mailchimp)

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    ...functionalities: A- reports showing users points (with activities breakdown), reported items (with options to delete items and delete users). B- Ability to delete users, and grant admin access to other users. The super admin is the only one who can delete or demote admin accounts and track other admins activities. The above is all what the application should do

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    ...path to put the generated emails. You read this with viper. There will also be AWS credentials in the user's home directory so that you can use the ordinary AWS golang APIs to access files from s3. Developer needs to know something about the SMTP and raw email creation (adding attachments and that sort of thing) programmatically. The program you will

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    ...with MediaWiki and images. Here is an example: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] But it works when I access this way: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] Possibly an htaccess rewrite issue. Background: I have MediaWiki installed

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    ...of files may be varied from 15mins to 1 hour. Transcribers will be remunerated per audio hour transcribed. Requirements: • Complete at least two hours of audio in a week • Access to Microsoft Word and Excel as well as stable high-speed Internet connection • Good typing speed and experience with transcribing preferred • Proficiency in English, as well

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    ...this. - It should work on mobile and web - It will have a form which will have the user input his or her details. These details should be captured and i should be able to access them later in the form of google or excel sheet on my email or gdrive. - It will have interactive surveys (with custom images - which i shall provide) - responses of which

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    i need website to connect and give remote access and view screens of a local network

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    I'm look...past (SARS, GFC etc) How to promote your business at a time like this Case studies of companies marketing well right now This will suit someone with full access of University research database access. All you have to do is providing the content you don't need to write anything. Just extract and give it to us. Small project limited budget.

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    34 teklifler email from the user in order to link it to their application. - the extracted data should be accessible from the new member profile in order for the moderation team to access it. maybe a link on the new member profile that would let the moderation team read all the extracted data. -another feature to implement is to make the new user is invisible

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    ...into one column in the spreadsheet. I need help to separate the data in the one columns into there own columns for import. I do have access to the CRM where the data was exported, it may not help much but I do have access. Those are the major items-- all the rest of the data just needs simple clean up. If you have an understanding of the import process

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    ...file to our server. That loop will be performed every 60 seconds with the same data always Data we have to enter in the application: 1) url where the data is obtained 2) ftp access data where the file is saved 3) time between each dive (in seconds) The visual presentation of the application is not important Confirm reading of this message by indicating

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    ...Please email both janeroeoldham@ [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] and info@ [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] Include also your mobile number to assist with organising a telephone interview. NB: flat, level access and lift should your mobility restricted. $28-30/hr disability industry rate, $30+ for experienced /ou...

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    Hello, We would like to create a custom connector to access the API fortnox and display data. Best regards.

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    Building a personal brand and would like to start recording immediately. Need someone to edit these v...and would like to start recording immediately. Need someone to edit these videos in both horizontal and vertical format for posting across social channels. Freelancer needs access to video editing software and be able to edit youtube style videos.

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    ...the S2 Member plugin to manage the access to certain sites according to the payments. In general, we are offering 2 different "subscription" plans. 1.) Basic Plan: A user pays 5.90€ and receives access to the content on one specific site for one month. 2.) Professional Plan: A user pays 9.90€ and receives access to all content on the available sites

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    I already use Dynamic DNS/No-ip with the B operator, and I have access to the remote server, and I am currently trying to use the A operator, and I don't have access, I need help to adjust this setting. * operator: Brazil telecommunications

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    10 teklifler solutions that focus on individual priorities and quality of life. Especially given the current state of affairs, we want to make sure our products are as easy to access and learn about from our site as possible, which involves getting some of these features up and running asap. Our aim is to have our redesigned site ready to go within the

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    11 teklifler, and even the actual content were I able to find early version materials of the character's costumes and game. I installed the game through a PS2 emulator and was able to access the game's files and through trial and error was I able to find what some of them were, including the character's costumes. While I was able to restore a bit on my own, there

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    ...for a relatively short withdrawal / draw-down notice period (no more than a few weeks) but may consider splitting the lump-sump across two investments (a rainy-day instant-access vehicle and another vehicle with more restrictive draw-down rules but with higher potential for capital gains). In terms of how the advice is administered, I imagine probably

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    ...multiple companies, one company ->many accounts), adding for each entity persons to review/sign - different level for access on a document (review, update, delete etc) - also users for each entity with different levels of access. 6. Backend for management: - user accounts and activity management - setup payments plans based on: number of entities

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    Need a freelancer who has experience setting up a A...setting up a Amazon Workspaces. Requirements: Setup Amazon Workspaces configuration so all workspaces will not have internet access. Freelancer should provide a link to an existing Amazon Workspace that doesn't have internet Access before eventually configuring our Amazon account to do that same.

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    Basic React Native App 6 gün left

    ...6)Support using view ads button will open it will open a new page with video ads(d). we have multiple user types but 2 essential user types so either need Multi-level User Access Control or 2 different apps for 2 users. user views 1st user type will have 4 essential forms/views, 2 of which have similar forms/views/UI with slight differences such

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    ...Privacy Policy • Social media icons (links) f) Chat with a personalized bot (Let me know the costing without this as well) g) After customer logs in, the customer has the access to the following information- i) Profile : Personal info, Multiple Addresses, Change Password ii) Service history iii) Special Offers iv) Logout h) Payment Gateway

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    Instead of using an RFID reader with fobs as access control, we would like to use an iBeacon or a mobile phone via Bluetooth technology. What we need: - software that will be installed on a raspberry pi, banana pi, arduino, odroid... (used as a server for multiple doors or standalone for a single door, this option is required) or similar (Linux, Android

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    ... 1) A plain landing page with my business name and a login portal. a. The login will just be something simple like name: guest pw: guest that I can share for people to get access The following is all behind the login portal and are the various pages I want to navigate to 2) About me page – one simple text area and one image. 3) Quarterly letters – I

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    ...representation from cities like London, NYC and San Francisco, we'd like to find bloggers with families who will share their experiences daily across 6 key themes: 1. Resources (access to supplies such as food, medicine, services...) 2. Working (from home) 3. Parenting (including home schooling) 4. Relationships (at home) 5. Body (how are you feeling

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    ...for travel agency Detailed agent and member entry xml import and xml cekme from 15 rd site (xml snot in the same format 20-30) (tranfer,flight,rentacar,tour) manual hotel, aircraft, tranfer,tour, rentacar, restaurant, shopping, bar etc. to be able to make users list their own xml price for admin Knowledgeable about web and desktop programming (being

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    I have a project to install open vpn in google cloud platform instance And also to install a virtual router for port forwarding My need is forward all tr...instance And also to install a virtual router for port forwarding My need is forward all traffic from google cloud static ip to the current machine /psyical server to access my website

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    Snooker Booking: ================ Technology Stack... Application Admin Login: Admin can login to a portal. Admin can make registration of parlour admin by filling basic info like Name,Email,Phone etc.. Admin can give access to Parlour Admin. Admin can Add,Modify and delete Parlour to application(Note: This list will be display to the users.)

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    Simple website -- 2 6 gün left
    ONAYLI meet immediate demand. As soon as the website is launched, we will begin the next phase with additional features and PHP/java scripting and database. Will provide cPanel access to webserver, database and PHP. The purpose of the site. We have been providing individual doctors, nurses and hospital staff with masks and gowns for 1 week at a time, when

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    ...mainly carried out with the Infolot site (free access), the role of land assessment of the city of Montreal, Google as well as Google Map. For each property, I will need:  The city's assessment role  The Quebec Business Register (If the property is owned by a company only)  The Infolot site (Free access)  The Sale form of the building (Only if the

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    Wordpress plugin developer 6 gün left

    ...the articles in the database in JSON format. Woo-commerce products should be exported as JSON objects. In short, the plugin should provide an API for the external world to access the data in the JSON format. The project is urgent and needs to be finished in 3 days. Mention wordpress plugin at the start of the project. Only freelancers having experience

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    Trophy icon Social media services Instagram 6 gün left

    Please only respond to this listing if you can assist me with getting access to FB Media Partner Support. If you're unsure of what this is, you probably don't qualify. Better not to waste my time please My Instagram account disabled and Instagram support very bad. I want t activate my Instagram as soon as possible . I'm looking for someone who has

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