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    I have one websites and a few days ago, it's not run well. The reason seems in Javascript file. Needs someone to help me asap.

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    20 teklifler of about a minute, spread over several scenes. I have uploaded all the parts of the scene but could send them as a whole. In the background a character is speaking, the man in the base control, and he continues to speak every few seconds. I would like someone to filter out all the other sounds, helicopter, music, fighting etc, enough that I

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    ...thematisiert sondern die alltäglichen Situationen wie Menschen einen Alleinerziehenden Mann begegnen. Das Buch sollte "leicht", motivierten sein. Ich will Menschen zeigen das man alles schaffen kann und mit vielen Vorurteilen die einen alleinerziehenden Mann begegnen aufräumen. ...

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    I need man who can create for me avatar

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    JP Facilities Management Services We are providing a man power service and labour management.

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    Hi, I need a 15-30s long video of women in lingerie and a man that sniffs on panties at the end + logo fading in. I can‘t provide my own material, so I need it cut together out of copyright-free videos on the internet. Max budget is 70€. The project will be assigned to a freelancer who provides the best storyboard for the best price. Thanks in advance

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    Trophy icon Logo Design/Tattoo Copy 5 gün left

    We ...We are open to some variation, but this should match the tattoo closely enough to be recognisably the same. Note that this designer is for a fundraiser for the family of the man in the picture who sadly passed away, so please keep designs appropriate. Source files will be required from the collected entry Looking forward to seeing your entry!

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    Trophy icon Cartoons of people 8 gün left

    I would like to have three cartoons all with similar characters...dialogue bubbles in one frame and in the next frame they are jumping up and popping the bubbles with a pin. 2. a person with about 6 small children crawling/hanging onto them. 3. Man standing in front of a mirror and there are a set of masks hanging beside the mirror he can chose from.

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    We're looking for a very unique man or woman who's a first rate group participant. Someone who craves remarks (all kinds) to assist them grow. A person who is willing to invite for assist when they need it and offer it while others need it (even when they don’t ask and even whilst it’s out of doors of the scope of your work). A person who wants to be

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    ...the desired skin tone for the graphic. So that you can understand the overall concept from beginning to end, I have included two samples.. one being a cartoon graphic of a man (sketch on the left, vector on the right) as well as a vector of Kobe Bryant. That's similar (concept-wise) to what I would like created from the original sketch aforementioned

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    Wir suchen einen Technischen Redakteur zur Überarbeitung der Bedienungsanleitung zu unserer Software 270 S, A5 (Word Doc) im einzelnen muss man: - Screenshots sichten, mit der Software vergleichen (Win) und ggf. durch Screenshots der neuen Version ersetzen - Formatierung der Abbildungen im Word-Dokument prüfen und ggf. korrigieren - Beschreibung

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    ...Business plan and benefits thoroughly 2. Develop a presentation plan in simple, clear and fully understandable about our Business to Public 3. Our viewers include average man to a Techie of Indian Market 4. Develop Script for Presentation (Hindi) 5. Develop full presentation and deliver (Hindi) 6. Do adequate corrections according to our requirements

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    14 teklifler ls | wc The parser already recognizes | and the function pipecmd has been created for you. The only code you must write is for the '|' case in runcmd. You might find the man pages for pipe, fork, close, and dup useful. Test that you can run the above pipeline. The wc program may be in the directory /usr/bin/ and in that case you can type the absolute

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    Sales man 4 gün left

    WE ARE HIRING! We17.Pte. Ltd. Our website Our company’s main business is mobile phone testing. Long-term strategic cooperation with industry leaders such as Huawei, Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi, Vivo, Lenovo, 8848, Swiss Bank, etc. We are recruiting overseas TEST ENGINEERS. Recruiting countries in South America: Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Peru Recruiting countries in Middle East: Turkey, Ba...

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    ...skeletons - 2oz, 5oz & 10oz 5. Skeleton with flag on it (have image files) 2oz, 5oz & 10oz 6. Bullets - 223, 308, (actual dimensions) 7. Nude trucker girl (have images) 2d 8. 3d Bald eagle - 5oz & 10oz sizes 9 . Totem pole 5oz, 10oz, 15oz, 20 oz size (we can work off different images) 10 Arrowheads 2 designs 1oz, 2oz, 11, Arrowhead spears 2oz, 4oz 5oz

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    Man required for adult industry content . For more detail place bid .

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    ...metaphysical human nature is subject of much historical debate, continuing into modern times. Against Aristotle's notion of a fixed human nature, the relative malleability of man has been argued especially strongly in recent centuries—firstly by early modernists such as Thomas Hobbes, John Locke and Jean-Jacques Rousseau. In his Emile, or On Education

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    6 teklifler Folgende Fragen sollen in dem Text beantwortet werden. • Was ist bei der Anschaffung eines e-scooter-mit-sitz wichtig? • Worauf sollte man beim Kauf achten? • Welche Arten von e-scooter-mit-sitz gibt es? • Für wen ist der e-scooter-mit-sitz geeignet? • Wie pflege ich den e-scooter-mit-sitz r...

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    3 teklifler Rückenlehne. • Wo sind die Unterschiede zwischen E-Scooter, E-Scooter mit Sitz, E-Scooter mit Rückenlehne • Was kann man mit E-Scooter, E-Scooter mit Sitz, E-Scooter mit Rückenlehne machen? • Worauf muss man bei E-Scooter, E-Scooter mit Sitz, E-Scooter mit Rückenlehne achten im Umgang • Welche Vor- und Nachteile E-Scoot...

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    God by His wisdom(with human nature in mind) inspired the ...materialism, the selfie message, and the impersonal way we gather is in opposition with God's prescription in building His church. The good enough church we experience is the best man can do not an all-wise God. I would definitely like biblical references along with the scientific research

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    Sales man 3 gün left

    Disposable gowns 3 ply face masks

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    €8427 - €16853
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    We are...our back end. As we grow we need to have these integrations and actions increasingly touchless and to create a better automatic inventory management process. We need max 2 man days of assistance including some training in person (not remote) over two weeks and then to maintain a long term relationship as we grow to help with Ad hoc matters.

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    Trophy icon New Types 2 gün left should look like later. The second picture shows how it should look. The new picture is supposed to present a shunter. Please refer to picture 2 for the details. I need a man and a woman each. In picture three you have the woman. 25$ for a men and woman. Info: Without the frontbag in Pictures 2. Just the orange uniform. The black face has to stay

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    I need some help with finding some leads.

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    We are looking for a highly skilled professional with skills in the following areas to design our new custom Man Kup Exodus Sneaker line. The person we award this project to must be skilled in the following areas: Design, Photoshop, Zbrush, Maya, STEP, IGES. The freelancer must have a history of creating designs from concept drawings and bring their

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    i have 10 j2a040 java jcop card and I want to change atr but I'm not able to do that , i need script or software to change atr and connect to me via any desk to learn me how

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    Man power 17 saat left

    I need free person from philippine to help me for searching about housemaid

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    I'm a divorced man living in UAE and planning to marry a single woman from another country. We are both not UAE nationals. I want to know the process and documents needed to legally marry in UAE

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    The Fine Men is about the Essence of the Urban Man who wants to and can change the world with their attitude, manliness, chivalry and everything in the personal, Professional & Social life. We want you to pitch us articles and write them in 750-1000 words and send it to us.

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    I need so...always dies some form of death towards the end of the song 'Harpua', an ever-changing narration sometimes taking place in Gamehendge) Harpua (A mean bulldog owned by an old man who was banished from Jimmy's village; invariably ends up in a terrible fight with Poster Nutbag, usually resulting in Poster's death, sometimes set in Gamehendge.)

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    ...screen with no browser borders. HOW IT WORKS User signs up with a unique username. They choose a games room name. They then add the games they would like to track (such as pac man, tetris, donkey kong etc). They then post their high scores for each game. Once a user has signed up they can add up to 5 additional users to their games room and each user

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    Hi, I need a sales man or woman to call business such as shopping centers, play centres, call centers and high populated offices. My business is to place coin operated massarge chair at locations in witch the location owners receive 30 -40% of the income generated from the chairs. Thank you

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    Trophy icon Need Characters Bitiyor left

    ...1850's, silly yet not overly so. One, an average man, in every way, shaggy black hair and a scruffy black beard, brown eyes, wire rimmed glasses and a nose slightly too large for his face. he wears a black short brimmed hat with a large turkey feather in the band, and a gray wool jacket. The other man, tall, gangly tall, skinny, goofy mannerisms, he

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    ... [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] 3. @ 0:09sec - Add dialogue box: "Quest added A man from town seem unsettled I should investigate" 4. @ 0:19 - Add dialogue box: "Quest updated The man has informed me that my mom is actually my dad I should investigate further." 5. @ 0:22 - In Top left corner add writing

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    *****Add 20...v=jNcEnpYvoag&ab_channel=ITCHYxTR1GGA69 (0:15) [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] (0:27) 6. @ 0:30- Add dialogue box: "Quest updated A man from town has decided to join the fight He claims he has a special weapon." 7. Upload as .mp4 *****Add 20 seconds of black frame at the end of the video

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    I’m looking for a “logo” “Website” and “Ebook” cover for my business “Empire Financial Strategies”. We...blend in together beautifully!!! “Winner receives 1000$, a copy of the Ebook, and 3 free months of my credit repair services. I look forward to seeing greatness, may the best man or woman win‼️ Any questions I can be reached at...

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    Trophy icon PICTURE ART 2 gün left

    ...*WATER BUFFALO (CARABAO)- one in the water *WATER BUFFALO (CARABAO)- one walking behind the island man. *MUSCULER ISLAND MAN PULLING THE BUFFALO WITH A ROPE Walking by island women *ISLAND WOMEN WITH BEAUTIFUL LONG Black HAIR TO hips , WALKING with MAN. Holding a wooden basket of BOUGAINVILLEA FLOWERS Inside basket. *A FIELD OF BOUGAINVILLEA FLOWERS

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    Trophy icon T shirt art creation! 15 gün left

    ...demonstrating the idea of the art I am looking for. I am not asking to copy this exactly, feel free to use your own creativity. Only thing I do not like about this picture is the man. I do not want a person in the art you make. It should look like it was drawn from a first person point of view, a beginning of a forked road with a big sign in the middle. I

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    Trophy icon create video for youtube 1min+ 19 gün left these examples: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] 4. @ 4:02 Add dialogue box: "A man in town has asked for a number, I should use dark magic to help him find his way" 5. @ 4:22 - Cast a spell at the man as he rides away 6. @ 4:27 - Create writing in the top le...

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    ...need some illustration of a delivery bike (being ride by a delivery person = courier). The bike should look as in the attached pictures (but your drawing) The delivery person (man or woman) should be wearing a backpack, like in the attachment. There is no specific format for now. You can make anything you think of. The selected creatives will be later

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    Trophy icon MIDEAST Logo Upgrade 5 gün left

    ...the Comments section and I will reply there ASAP. 2- Never ask me to check out your entry in in the Comments section, otherwise I will not consider you. 3- Since I am a busy man, I will not be able to reply to all freelancers. I will try as much as I can. 4- You need to provide me with details and sketches on how you came up with the concept. 5- You

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