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    ...UV radiation, water loss, mechanical damage when they fall or inadvertent crushing by animals seeking food. The shells of Macadamia nuts exhibit particularly high strength values. To break Macadamia seed coats, forces in the range of 1800 to 4000 N are needed, when normalized to the shell thickness, are up to about five times higher than for other “nut”

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    ...13) Symbolic Identification; 14) events that make them enjoy the community; 15) Instant Gratification; 16) Emotion - Happiness; 17) Emotion - Fear; 18) Emotion - Trust and Values; 19) Emotion - Sadness; 20) Emotion - Anger; 21) Emotion - Belonging; 22) Emotion - Guilt; 23) Emotion - Leadership; 24) Emotion - Pride Each content also need a Headline

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    USE LOGISIM Design a controller to manually turn on there values 1,2 and 3 Details of the task are in the attached image

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    ...the above data and generate statistical figures to determine the efficacy or lack of efficacy of MEDICATIONX in preventing a pathogen infection i need all those statistical values generated and also an explanation for ordinary person as to what that means. the objective of the exercise is to find if out if being on medicationx at the time of pathogen

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    2 teklifler audience and integrate with Kujabi Platform, social media and our website. A highly efficient professional who is committed to building a working relationship that values the passion that entrepreneurs have for their individual niche. We are looking for someone with a ‘CAN DO’ attitude that can deliver high-quality work whilst meeting deadlines

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    The first part of the project is to set up and solve the system of nine ODEs comprising th...single-particle model for HDPE polymerization. In the second part of the project, you will use nonlinear regression to improvethe kinetic parameterske. This consists of using the values from Table 2 as an initialguesske0with the Matlab routinelsqcurvefit.

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    Analyse Consumer Behaviour 6 gün left

    ...of culture that may affect the international marketing of “Beats by Dre” products within the target market identified in Question 1 above, e.g. usual purchasers in families, values and beliefs etc. 4. Identify at least two (2) consumer attributes targeted by “Beats by Dre” products in the USA as per the market segment outlined above in Question 1 and

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    ...the above data and generate statistical figures to determine the efficacy or lack of efficacy of MEDICATIONX in preventing a pathogen infection i need all those statistical values generated and also an explanation for ordinary person as to what that means. the objective of the exercise is to find if out if being on medicationx at the time of pathogen

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    Energy Model for House 6 gün left

    I am an architect designing an energy ... I would like it to be super insulated but I do not know how much insulation I should design for . I need an energy model to help determine the cost / benefit of design R values. The house will be located in eastern Ohio. It is 3 stories, total 3,600 GSF. Autocad drawings and a SketchUp model are available.

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    Trophy icon Design a logo for PROTARO 2 gün left

    ...tarot cards to gain insight into the past, present or future by formulating a question, then drawing and interpreting cards. Reading tarot cards is a type of cartomancy. Brand values: mature, serious, sophisticated What the logo should contain: 3 Colors maximum: preferably Magenta as the main color, but Fuchsia and Yellow can also be another option. Modern

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    1. Four A-bit values are stored in register A. In the assembly language, write the program that you four values are met and the result is recorded in register B. In doing so, register A should maintain its own the original value. The sum can be greater than four bits. 2. Some 8-bit value is stored in the AL register. In the assembly language, write

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    ...Thermoplastic Road Marking Paints as well as Supply and Erection of Metal Beam Crash Barriers. ART believes in staying alert to future opportunities while never letting go of its core values. Enriched with a robust infrastructural set up, strengthened by the expertise of a dexterous workforce, ART (Formerly known as ART Infra Solutions Private Limited) is a renowned

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    I've created a formula to create a list, every person can input their own weight per each variable, so each QB list is different per person. I need someone who can code this formula where people can input their values per variable to create a list. It takes about an hour to do on my graphic calculator where a computer could do it in 5-10 seconds

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    I have a spreadsheet with some data in it and I need someone to build a scraper tool to scrape data from a certain we...input it into the spreadsheet to complete the spreadsheet. Each data value taken from the website will need correspond with a certain row in my spreadsheet, because I need the values that pertain to that particular spreadsheet entry.

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    Need to embed targets and values and make relevant analysis in the existing template of sales sheet.

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    ...development considering its your own baby. So, app's basic functionalities have been developed well. You need to work on advanced options like: Interaction with DB Fetching values from DB & showing in the app Adding advanced features into the app Fixing existing issues for non-stack Android devices (Red-mi, Mi, Vivo, Techno etc). Details of the app

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    Excel Dashboard 4 gün left

    I have a dashboard on excel contains pivot charts (Pie, co...background, clours and so on if required 3) 3D map can't work where I dedicated a box in the dashboard for it 4) In the pivot table, I need to know how to get the highest values per each group and then get a pivot chart for it The idea of this dashboard is to be shared higher management

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    ...or better platform (open for suggestions) for our business. 2. Implement some dynamic sections where certain values should be fetched through APIs. Like the product codes will be filtered and shown to one specific pages using certain values. Your Skills: 1. Good experience with designing websites, lighting websites, program/module develop are plus

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    23 teklifler block excessive traffic from individual IP's and prevent your entire proxy being blacklisted apt-get install libapache2-mod-evasive These are appropriate configuration values to enter in [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] DOSHashTableSize 3097 DOSPageCount 2 DOSSiteCount 10 DOSPageInterval 1 DOSSiteInterval 1 DOSBlockingPeriod 10 If you are not ...

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    Major objectives. 1. Set run as dummy for all existing jobs, z/OS (MVS) jobs require special handling, Must detect original values for Job type and Use embedded JCL, Distributed systems is Only add flag with true value. Reflected in example XML file and reviewed in training. 2. In MVS jobs find variable PAUSEFORSUBMIT=nn 'nn' is minutes capture and

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    I need a platform with the products, without values ​​or quantity, where the customer will only select the products that interest him, at the end of the selection, there should be a button “End with WhatsApp”, where all this order is transcribed in a message to the Store's WhatsApp, then proceed with the negotiation. Example Message: "Hello, I would

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    ...of the game show "Wheel of Fortune" playable by two or three contestants over three rounds. It is sufficient to implement the 24 spaces of the wheel containing different $ values, two Bankrupt, one Extra Turn, and one Lose a Turn space. Additional special spaces, such as described in the Wikipedia article, do not need to be implemented! It is also sufficient

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    The game is aimed at informing users about the different nutritional values of various foods. it is a card-based game that shows cards with a picture of some food and has some nutritional information. The game should have: Human against one, two or three computer opponents (an option for human against human is a nice to have, but not a must-have) The

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    who has experience with ag-Grid in in ag-grid with two CUSTOM text filter 2- First custom text filter should allow user to enter multiple values with comma separated and ag-grid should filter data based on comma separated entered values. 3- Other filter should take values as space separated and search matching text and filter the result

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    ...from the idea to the cable. We’re different, cheeky, creative and bold. Professional but not restrictive. We’re genuine and passionate about what we do. If you share our values and have that "certain something", apply now at *um! Your Future You will take over the management and further development of the team "Public Cloud Services" with technical

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    ...have to fulfill the following objectives: 1. PRODUCT: Adapted and functional to F&B products. It will have to be original but practical to put on product labels to convey the values of the company and the unique aspects of the products; 2. TECHNOLOGY: Be congruent to the image of a technology brand not just a retail brand. Our vision is to produce truly

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    Voice over required 3 gün left

    ...Burton Demolition with one focus: to build a large company that can operate with the flexibility and customer-focus of a small, family-run business. We call it small business values with a big business approach. Today, 75 percent of our business comes from return business: a testament to the Burton Commitment to building strong, long-term working relationships

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    Arduino coding for : ACCESS CONTROL DEVICE WITH VALUES IN EPROM HARDWARE TO BE USED ATMEGA16A 4x4 matrix key pad, RF ID Module, 4 ch relay, 2 Line or 4 Line lcd disolay and Additional EPROM to store n number of values. Req. Admin password by default Change admin password by entring old password and a master RF id card Add new card Delete existing

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    ...performance and profitability. MISSION: To deliver optimal construction and management solutions to our partners and customers, and to enhance shareholder value. CORE VALUES: Aims to forge long-term partnerships with our clients by serving with sincerity and providing them with quality solutions at competitive prices. We believe in integrity

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    Website contents 3 gün left

    - Description about company - Product Descriptions - About company: Who we are, what we do, where we operate, Our Values

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    ...possible interaction graphically for one dichotomous and one continuous variable - interpret interaction terms in a linear regression equation and know how to compute predicted values for y with them - report interaction results in APA style - identify a possible interaction graphically for two categorical variables - create a graph for an interaction effect

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    it consist to add a column in application and add a column of values (in webservices too) i will send you source of apps in PM

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    Hi , I am Sumeet Narale, uploading a sample file for your concern,and i need complete extractions of the sample file which Sumeet Narale, uploading a sample file for your concern,and i need complete extractions of the sample file which include all the codes,in this sample i am not getting the values of level indicators (Removed by Freelancer)

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    Project manager 3 gün left

    ...with guidance from the Department Director. Maintain an environment that is in sanitary, attractive and orderly condition. Demonstrate and promote the company’s culture, values, and management philosophy. Demonstrate quality leadership in meeting performance plans. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS FOR CONSIDERATION: High School diploma required. College

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    Coronal Virus (Covid19) 3 gün left

    ...poster that shows different statistics of Coronal Virus (Covid19) in Middle East. Although your instructors have tried their best to find the reliable data, how there are few values that are not 100% correct. You can add information by correcting given information, adding more attributes and more records in shape file. You should be using good symbology/color

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    ...Partnerships - B2B alliance - Consultancy - thought leaders / experts - Testimonials / Feedback from Trade and consumers - Media Secondary About us - Vision / Mission / Values / Careers FAQ Privacy Policy Chatbot etc CMS Members login and password - can add, subtract members and edit their profile. Back end CMS to upload itinerary and blogs.

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    Magento 2 Saleable Qty Bug 2 gün left

    We are an online Toy Retailer with a website built on Magento 2.3.1. We use Linnworks as an order management system and we input our stock values here which then get upload into Magento. Our saleable qty is different than the quantity available on around 25% of our stock and we want this investigating and fixing. The numbers do not match up. We think

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    We have a landing page. Our product displays values of cryptocurrencies for the user. We need real-user downloads for our products. The freelancer is absolutely free in choosing the methods of gaining these downloads, however, there's one requirement: the traffic should be from USA, Canada, Western Europe.

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    We need a 1-page site for our product. Out product monitors the values of crypto-currencies and displays them for the user. Our site should be simple, without any payment things. There should be a button to download the program.

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    ...commercially viable for us. We need: 1. Decision pages with 3-5 tabs for decision options 2. Feedback pages that give text feedback based on the decisions made as well as numeric values and graphs 3. Dashboard that shows the current state of all KPIs to the user 4. A designer interface that allows the designer to easily enter, view, and edit text, variables

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    ...Download the program file shuttle.m. Examine the structure of the program. Add code in the appropriate place to implement the forward differencing method. Run it using suitable values. For example: [x, t, u] = shuttle(4000, 501, 0.05, 21, 'forward', true); Type 'help shuttle' for instructions on how to run it, or look at the comments at the start of the

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    ...the map on the right hand side.) THE COMMON FIELD TO JOIN THE TWO FILES IS "GISLINK". In order to finalize the job, I need a working Shape file that has all data fields and values from both files as performed in ArcGIS Pro 2.5.0. It's possible for the GISLINK value to be associated with more than one "HOUSESTREET" value. Thank you and I looking forward

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    ...another value. When the user types 0, that means that the last value has been typed and the program must write the average of the positive integers. If the number of typed values is zero the program writes 'NO AVERAGE'. Write an interactive quiz. It should ask the user three multiple-choice or true/false questions about something. It must keep track

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    We need a small PHP script written that opens xslx sheet, removes a few columns, changes some values, removes apostrophes and saves as CSV UTF8, then push to a MySQL google cloud database that needs to be made to match the columns

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    I would like to take a table that I have at [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] and create an admin page where I could change the values in each of the cells. The 'Company Name' and 'Ticker' will be editable text fields. The 'Action' cell would have a drop down with 3 colored lights... green, yellow, red. The 'Notes...

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    ...and menus, menu items , icons need to be in json and jsonschema including section id section name , sub-sections also . and forms will have axios based submission and chart values in json . no databse ************* with all due respect ********************************* *************** time waster stay away ***************** **************** not for

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    An audio Test system built with Juce (can use other framworks as well) We have source code for a single channel which works well, it needs to be expanded so that sever...shows an Osciloscope on screen (working) and an FFT on screen (Working) We need it to be multiplied by 8, ability added to choose audio interface, ability to track and compare values.

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    - We are looking for blog writer who can present organization values through effective writing. -Help us create blog content and internal documents of the organization.

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    I need a script to read a parameter file consisting of column names, with delimiter specified option, and insert or update the table (also a parameter) with values from a csv file. Runs on Solaris against Oracle.

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    ...Everything Millenti does needs to reflect our values and goals: to always add value, never cut corners. We strive to design and manufacture well-thought-through products that add value for relentless go-getters looking to improve their health, fitness and sports skills. Our logo must define our core values and create that quintessential visual language

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