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    Splice an IVF seminar 6 gün left

    ...EmPwa?dl=0 There are two folders, laurent and steve. You are required to merge steve into a single, contiguous video, with the screen taking up most of the space, and Steve's talking head taking up a corner of the space. You must merge the audio. You are required to merge laurent into a single, contiguous video, with the screen taking up most of

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    With starting hardware measurements, design the parts to create a 3D printable model of an omnidirectional robot. You will be given exact measurements and the task is to create all the parts that will be joined to form the robot. [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] This link if for inspiration reference, but the exact details and morphology of the robot will be com...

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    In this project, you will write a MIPS code to simulate well-known Linux command such as echo, grep, wc, and pipes.

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    animated gif resizer 6 gün left

    ...imageFill($newImg, 0, 0, $transparent_new_index); /*<– don't forget*/ } imageCopyResized($newImg, $main, 0, 0, 0, 0, $width, $height, $originalWidth, $originalHeight); /*<– if you merge images with function imageCopyResampled(), It will not work*/ } if($imgInfo[2] != 1) imagecopyresampled($newImg, $main, 0, 0, 0, 0, $width, $height, $originalWidth, $originalHeigh...

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    ...I have some issues with that This is the error message what I have received [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]: 'Could not load type ' [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]' from assembly ' [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın], Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b...

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    ...downloadable set. - THIS IS PROBABLY NOT AVAILABLE IN THE OLYMPUS TEMPLATE. THIS REQUIRES SOME CUSTOMISATION. 4. The entire blog+download pages + forums+buddypress+Shop must merge beautifully with a wordpress theme design. You can suggest any paid template or theme for this as well, instead of designing from scratch. I will purchase the same if I like

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    Training will be in virtual. Number of days - 6 days Topics : DevO...DevOps Topics IaaC - Ansible/Terraform Kubernetes Architecture/Implementation Cloud Native Solution Docker Swarm/Compose Monitoring & Performance Chaos Management DevOps Assembly Lines Pipeline Optimization DevOps Best Practices Git CI/ Jenkins (Pipeline as Code) What's New ChatOps

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    need some help in my task , i need a programmer who is expert in two lang from these c++, Java,Matlab, Assembly ( We Prefer Coders From PAK & African Region Only)

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    Android/IOS App 6 gün left

    We have 4 simple gaming apps that need to merge all 4 apps into a single app and deploy the same into the play store(Google store) and APP store (IOS). Below are the technologies used to develop the apps. 1. Java 2. Android studio 3. Cordova

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    I need board and parts and assembly and testing machine then send to me I would like 2 pcs above board with mounting and assembly If for you it might cost 2 pcs with chuck and assembly and testing and parts how much you can afford And if we get a positive test, we will order a lot of them .... Do you do now? If you do, what is the price of 2?

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    Photoshop an Image and merge it with an existing one

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    ...requirements for each are the following, more requirements might be added along the way: Accounting jobs: - Cost centers per branch + administration + warehouse - Products list: o Assembly/disassembly of products (we sell items packs of 10,15,20,25,50 by piece; so, whenever a full pack is sold, the system automatically to disassemble a pack, to its pieces) o

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    1- exporting an already existing Solid-Works Assembly to Mat-lab sim-scape /sim-mechanics 2- control the model from sim-mechanics interface. 3- DH parameters and robotic tool box simulation and inverse kinematics of a 3DOF existing assembly design. 4- Inverse kinematics and simulating them on Mat-lab 5- Ruling equations of different gaits of a quadruped

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    Need a help from a programmer who is expert in any two lang from these c++, Java, Matlab , Assembly. We Prefer Coder From PAK & African Region Only

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    We need a full freelancing system, We want a merge of freelancing (Like freelancer & UpWork idea) and Gigs (Like fiverr idea)

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    Motion Graphic 4 gün left

    I have a very short motion graphic need. I have a short video + images that needs to merge. I have the art direction, images and video ready.

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    Freelancer needed ONLY from Sri Lanka. Description...source so that the beams intersect at the location of the sound. Deliverables: Completed functional project. Including self-purchased hardware. Fully commented coding in Assembly using Atmel. Completed project should be delivered to provided address in Sri Lanka. Timeline: 3 weeks for completion.

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    we have some testimonial videos with us which we want to merge in beautiful manner

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    Need a video editor for my motivational video. He or she need to add music and merge video. Raw video will provided by me.

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    I have a very very simple x86 Assembly language program I need someone to do it ASAP

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    ...Approval rating, and probably a few more.. Need: .Automated emails based on date of birth of the client and also policy date these would use templates already made and mail merge the needed information (like Names in the email) and sent out in the background without any input from me Need: automatically generated tasks that are based on policy date

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    Hi there everyone, I have a simple project that requires s...completed. Please READ the task and then bid on the project. 1. Copy projects that have good UI kit 2. 1 page scrolling landing page 3. Edit existing UI animation (crop or merge) 4. Create user registration and login interface 4. User dashboard after login Give me a timeline and budget

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    Hello Have you done programming in C and Machine Learning (esp assembly) Please let me know.

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    arm assembly help on raspberry pi need done asap pls msg me need to start immediately emulator

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    ...outer component separated from the inner component by thin insulation material. The components are designed to then have tooling produced to manufacture each shell, and final assembly is done with high frequency resistance welding where the parts are welded together. Then, mechanical fasteners may be used to hold onto an exhaust component. Other designs

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    I want you to write an application to view files & based on explorer like view, I should be able to merge the Elements into another file. Finally able to save my merged file. If there is possibility to check for syntax of the Final XML File for error & highlight the lines where there is error, it would be nice to have.

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    Fix and reconfigure pivx based coin with with 2 multi-tier masternode architecture a...masternode architecture at existing blockheight. Compile all three wallets for same : Window qt wallet, Linux (Ubuntu 16.04 & 18.04 ) and Mac QT wallets. Pull request and merge updated source code and compiled wallets to coin github repository. Timeline is 3-days.

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    We have large project and need 2 freelancers. firmware and assembly code expert -> Awesome! Respondents must undergo certain [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] we are satisfied , we will join him in building our large project.

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    Source code is assembly , PPC architecture. Requirements is a shared in a text file . Need to develop test source code .

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    I have two CAD files of Offshore oil and gas platform, need to merge multiple files into one and convert .dwg to .stp and .iges format. The files are heavy and require strong computer hardware requirements. Details about the project should be kept extremely discrete, no escape of details shall be entertained.

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    Hello, I want to make a simple CPU simulator that takes assembly language machine code and executes it. straightforward for details contact me. only if you are familiar with Python and assembly language such as RISC-V, ARM.

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    Virtual machine in python. 2 gün left

    I'd like to build a simple virtual machine/CPU simulator in python. with specific instructions. If you worked on similar projects before and used to python and assembly languages contact me for more detail basically creating python app that will have the following 4 files: 1. A CPU which includes all the 32-bit registers and the Program Counter PC

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    need a help of some good programmer, they have to be expert in any two lang from these c++/java/matlab/assembly

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    need a help of some good programmer, they have to be expert in any two lang from these c++/java/matlab/assembly

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    Economic tutor 1 gün left

    I'm interested in some help with some ...1) Calculate the Nash equilibrium prices and profits. Illustrate graphically the firms’ best response functions and the Nash equilibrium. 2) Assume that the two firms would merge and form a monopoly. Calculate the profit-maximizing prices for the monopoly. Calculate the Nash equilibrium prices and profits.

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    ...on same projects --> Project is setup using DOCKER. So you must have knowledge of how to setup the existing project using docker -> work on local -> push changes to git (and merge the changes) --> You should be able to start immediately We are willing to offer 7 to 10 USD/Hour to deserving candidate. type drupalexpert on the top of your bid . ** It

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    need a help of some good programmer, they have to be expert in any two lang from these c++/java/matlab/assembly

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    Merge Unity Proyects 18 saat left

    Hello, I have a Unity mobile game that is basically finished, but is separated into 2 projects. 1 has the game with recent fixes and another the older game, but with the server, google play and other functionalities. What I need is to combine both projects so it's updated. While, making sure all the features are working correctly, in addition to publishing APK. The project must be completed ...

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    i need a help of some programer, they have to be expert in any two lang from these c++/java/matlab/assembly

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    7 teklifler completely different and more modern than the old logo (attached). The submission should include the logo file for web and for mobile app icon and the designer either to merge the writing with logo or create version with name of company and some without (creativity is open). Also the submission should be accompanied with a high definition animation

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    I need some new graphic designs for Water tap economizer assembly (similar to the attached pictures). on Solidworks with relevant choice of material. no electric/infrared components. can hold water supply pressure of 2-3 bars. [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]

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    Trophy icon Logo For Bartender Company 4 gün left

    ...(#a86cc1) I want it to include the name of the company along with an image. (Recap) Incorporate a bartender's arms/hands in the act of garnishing or making a cocktail. If you can merge the image into the letter(s) that would be great. There's a pic attached of a guy pouring a cocktail in a glass and the cocktail is splashing out of the glass (1st picture)

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