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    3d modelling rendering 6 gün left

    ...882 Working method suggestion: For each room we will provide a list and scetch/idea how the room could look. Or choose for example from a existing room and maybe add the objects we print. For example, we print on curtains, pillows, wall art, carpet, towels, tablecloths etc.. Any other working method suggestion is welcome of course. We need Photographs

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    Artist for hire 6 gün left

    ...would not be based on an actual photo, but a collection of a few objects that I used when proposing to my wife. This would be an anniversary gift. In particular, the picture would be of a cantaloupe melon sliced in half, a kitchen knife, and a black ring box with a ring inside. The objects could be laid out on a table, the detail of the drawing is not

    €25 - €207
    €25 - €207
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    True shape nesting is a feature that uses a more detailed nesting algorithm to fit even more objects into a specified area. I need code written in java. See attachments.

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    ...Operations • Functions, Tuples, Dictionaries, and Data Processing • Modules, Packages, String and List Methods, and Exceptions •The Object-Oriented Approach: Classes, Methods, Objects, and the Standard Objective Features; • Exception Handling, and Working with Files 4. Detailed React Native fundamentals/Course (MUST) with a mini Project: Time 1 Month

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    ...growth of real time new applications results a huge amount of data that has been modeled into [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] graph database has been represented as an interconnections between objects and the study of these interconnections left with recent research gaps that are given as follows: -Overhead reduction of cypher queries. -Manual attribu...

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    I need a 3D room to be created with legit furnitures along with custom objects on the desk, shelves and/or in the whole room.

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    Hi I would like you to make a 3D model of the building in the attached pictures. It dose not need to be too detailed. Mainly the building. The surrounding objects shouldn't get focus . MUST be in perfect scale. Thanx Lior

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    DESCRIPTION: I am looking for a Python developer ...Python 3 VERIFICATION: - Work will be considered complete once the system can authenticate given credentials in the database, post, and sucessfully updates the defined data objects Further explanation will be elaborated once an NDA is signed. Please message me if you would like to receive an NDA.

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    8 teklifler

    ...later). Assume there could be multiple recognized objects on the screen. Assume that the camera will always be from the side. The entire recognition and measurement needs to be client-side (no server). There's no calibration - the dataset to be trained on should probably include not only the objects to be recognized in real-time, but also the points

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    14 teklifler

    ...for a short EP I would like to make. I recorded using a relatively okay quality microphone but the room in which the piano was located was not ideal for recording (lots of objects, low ceiling, poor insulation, big window). The input had to be turned up rather high to get a decent recording, but consequently there is a lot of room noise in the recordings

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    ...Uni Swap. These price requests should be asynchronous and should be requested at a custom timing since the last received price. The latest live prices should be stored in objects so that logic can be run on them and a smart contract issued when logic is met. Prices for the following pairs should be found on both exchanges (where they exist): - ETH/WETH

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    I need a unity 3d game developer to make complete game out of a 2d game which is partially made. The game needs 75 characters, 50-100 obstacles, objects, 10 diffirent backgrounds, some of the backgrounds with animation. The game is an endless runner game.

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    ... transportation, and community, etc. For example, you can create a system that can measure and monitor humidity & temperature of home, measuring distance between the two objects, creating a Burglar alarm or any other security system. Just think about it. For this development, you need to develop a system using at least 1 esp32/ Arduino/ raspberry pi

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    ...platformer, its touch based. Gameplay: To play game user presses down on object and pulls on it (like angry birds). Issue: If user touches a part of screen that is not within the objects touch zone and then additionally tries to touch object then game does not recognize object is being touched. Solution: I need to allow the game to allow ignore touches not

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    Small banking system and Cash Shop operation. Majority of the objects will just be done using the free included items in Roblox studios. We will handle modeling of the objects later. This project is to code the banking system, Cash shop and a small neighborhood weapons dealer ( Just 1 NPC we will handle the modeling around the NPC). Concept is

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    AutoCad Classes 4 gün left

    ...therefore, learning AutoCAD drafting an important skill. The first release of the software had only primitive objects such as polygons, circles, lines, arcs, and text to construct complicated objects. Later, it came to support custom objects through an application programming interface. The latest version of the software has a full set of commands for

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    We are looking for someone who is willing to perform preferably all of these following tasks: - Create and add two specific column shafts to an already existing GDL col...exisiting GDL rosette object We will provide you with all of the necessary files and pictures, according to which we would like you to extend the functionalities of our GDL objects.

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    Web Page Counter 4 gün left

    Using Cisco Maraki IP Camera that can count objects(people or cars) and can report lumens. They supply a very well written API which we were able to initiate. We were able to get the data into NODE RED, just not sure how to publish results to web page.

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    HI there, We are looking for a Python expert to expand the current script . at present the script is using Python ...the current script needs some additional functionality , so if you have a good experience in the following skills please apply this job. [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] [URL'...

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    I have some projects that I will need someone very good at c...who does this project must sign a NDA(non-disclosure agreement) and must reside in U.S. Someone that is very good at cad and sell sheets this shouldn't take an hour as the objects are simple in design. If you have examples of projects you have done I would like to see them before I choose.

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    ...for easy integration and will return a list of live prices for various locations worldwide. Access will be via a standard GET request and the response is an array of JSON objects with documentation of sample responses. We already have a unique API key assiged to us. These prices are refreshed continuously throughout the day and we can call the API

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    ALGERIA I am looking for a freelancer who can help with collecting data about cinemas in Alger. Needs to be efficient, resourceful, can take pictures, and help with identifying cinema theaters and operators.

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    ... "Cine" relates to cinema and "-baz" is a suffix that is used for someone doing something particular, for someone who is an expert at that particular thing. The meaning comes down to people who love to binge-watch movies/cinema. The originating country of Cinebaz is Bangladesh. Users can subscribe to a particular movie or cinema (like tickets) for

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    ...if a different one is made. I want the character made so it can work inside of Character Animator with replays and triggers for arm movements such as reaching for objects, pointing at objects, sitting down to standing up, walking forwards,walking backwards, toward and away from the camera. I would also like his facial expressions to be used with triggers

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    a community of independent filmmakers and artists. Cinema for the people, of the people and by the people.

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    IPTV App Development 3 gün left

    Greetings, What I'm looking for is an app similar to cinema blue I need to create an iptv app for my basically android tvbox clients, in which I can charge my clients monthly, quarterly or annually. it can be through code or creating customer records

    €570 (Avg Bid)
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    I would like to add the theater/cinema mode in a native way on shaka player.

    €18 (Avg Bid)
    €18 Ortalama Teklif
    1 teklifler

    ...Character in ( FBX ) . _ Surgery tools Set ( FBX ) _ Surgery specific Instruments ( STL ) all the 3D objects needs to be optimised and textured , shaded correctly . Asset in 2D: _ Story board detailed . _ Inspiration images with Feel and Look for the objects . _ Precise idea of the finished project . We are looking for the most passionated modeller

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    three.js developer 2 gün left

    Hi! I need a [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] developer to do a animation. Objects: Object 1: Spoon Object 2: creamy liquid Object 3: Jar Action: the liquid cream falls from the spoon into the jar. END. Please let me know your time and cost. In your bid at the beging put Choco so I know you have readed all this despcription. Please send Examples of [UR...

    €12 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    11 teklifler

    ...packages. Take [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] this view 1. Create "Credit Application" package 2. Include single page 3. Code controller to create express objects 4. complete JS needed to process form steps to thank you including validation. In the end this package will install the credit_app single page and process a 2 step form.

    €865 (Avg Bid)
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    ...experience with reporting including handling complex scenarios using joins ABAP and SQL experience with SAP HANA Data Administration including managing schemas data model objects import export content. -Implementation experience and knowledge of SAP reporting for different functional areas such as Finance Supply Chain Sales and experience handling

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    3d rendering 2 gün left

    Hi! Nice to meet you! I am chris and I live in Berlin, Germany. Your renders look really nice! I would need to remake this space as a 3d video rendering with all these objects inside. I use myself blender and I would need help with this project. Would you be interested in helping me out with 3D modeling all this space (in cycles maybe) and render

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    Kalman Filter in Go 2 gün left

    We need a Kalman filter developing in Go for a series of coordinates and times for some moving objects, these are aircraft usually in flight. This data is added to over time and so it should not be assumed that all data in the samples will be there straight away. This needs to be dynamic. There are no speed or velocity values so these will need to

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    Game developer 2 gün left

    ...Tracker, you will start by seeing a few target objects—bubbles, puffer fish, or jellyfish—appear on the screen. Then, many more “distracters” are added to the screen (more bubbles, puffer fish, or jellyfish). Your job: to keep track of the targets as all the objects move around the screen. When the objects stop moving, you tap on each of the targets ...

    €16 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €16 / hr Ortalama Teklif
    13 teklifler

    Hi, I'm looking for a designer who can create a crypto kitty with Cinema 4D and then film it 360 ° around the cat so that you can see it from every side. The export should be done as a video file with a white background. [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] Many greetings Sasha

    €10 (Avg Bid)
    2 girdi

    ...should work simultaneously, in real-time and response with web sockets Future features as a second milestone 3: - Service should return a list of persons as a JSON list&objects with their below details: -Average age -Gender - Service should make some specific analyses with inputs above: - For instance, the average age of people Notes:

    €1232 (Avg Bid)
    Gizlilik Anlaşması
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    you will need to create 5 different scenes with multiple saparated objects like the screent shots here: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] the result need to be in photoshop layered psd.

    €384 (Avg Bid)
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    23 teklifler

    ...Operations • Functions, Tuples, Dictionaries, and Data Processing • Modules, Packages, String and List Methods, and Exceptions •The Object-Oriented Approach: Classes, Methods, Objects, and the Standard Objective Features; • Exception Handling, and Working with Files 5. Detailed React Native fundamentals/Course (MUST) with a mini Project: Time 1 Month

    €5 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Bonjour, Je ch...aurait 10 modèles à prévoir et pour chaque modèle différents calques. Le projet est à construire ensemble. Cordialement Hi, I need a freelancer to build a 3d model objects. The objects are sports tshirt. At the moment, the are 10 models to predict with for each models differents layers. The project is to build together. Rega...

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    AR Developer 1 gün left

    ...multiple Placeholders ( Game Objects ) at mouse clicks (X, Y) location. This placeholder should stick to the actual Wall, whose 3D map is being created in real-time. The mesh of the actual 3D world is being generated by a script already, you have to make sure, this placement anchor is generated as multiple game objects and scripts can be added to them

    €74 (Avg Bid)
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    Book cover page 1 gün left

    ...the attached file: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] - Remove the Current Photo of male - Insert the photo of me (center male in [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]) into Crypto - Remove any hand or any other objects around neck area - Improve the Font of Crypto to be the same as Secret - Improve the .Com font to be the same...

    €45 (Avg Bid)
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    ...experience in designing clothes that sell well online, on a print-on-demand basis (Printful). * Let me empahasize that it is just for the "drawing" that will be stamped on the objects, not the clothe perse, which will be the ones supplied by Printful. We need a designer only for the graphics that will be printed on the shirt/hat/mug. We need 1 design for

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    I have a WordPress website and i wish integrate with gravity forms or in a custom page a volumetric calculator. I have a liste of objects with the volume associated. Contact me i will share with you an example.

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    The central aim of this project is to design a system to identify objects on a conveyor belt using machine vision. Many different methods are available for object detection. But we will design such a system that not only detects the object but also separates and counting them. Due to the advantage of MATLAB software for effectively controlling the

    €152 (Avg Bid)
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    11 teklifler covering information on every character, object, weapon, storyline & even in the LOTR universe. About The Job 1) We will be allocating topics on various characters, objects, weapons, etc, in the LOTR universe, such as 'Legolas' or 'The Black Arrow', with instructions and resources, along with the word requirements. 2) You don't have to know anything

    €243 (Avg Bid)
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    Hi, Looking for an AI expert to create two AI models, for Road condition and ve...classification. Please bid only real experts with past experience in ML and DL object detection and classification. The model need to detect and classify all vehicle classes and the objects on the road like elec poles,signs etc. For more information, lets chat. Thanks.

    €78 (Avg Bid)
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    ...For the import data I use osm2psql command. At the end of the proces I have standard tables: plant_osm_line, planet_osm_point and planet_osm_polygon, but I see some missing objects - like Sahara desert. In source tables contain such data - I can find it in planet_osm_rels. I have to have load missing data (even with some errors) to mentioned 3 tables

    €100 (Avg Bid)
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