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    Research paper 12 pages excluding reference and title page. Follow APA style.

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    ...a conversational style. Or are you a great essay writer? We pay $8 for 800 words. Please define the significance of an 'inverted pyramid' structure of writing in your bid. Otherwise your bid will be ignored. Please also list your writing specialties in your bid. Please also confirm you have a writing sample of newspaper-style articles that you

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    I want to add an login page and registration page for my website, the login page style should be like this: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]

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    Trophy icon I need someone to remake my logo 6 gün left

    I'm opening a supplement store. I have a logo made but i'm not really happy with it. I need some one to redo my logo. The name of the store is "Araxia One" I'm...One" I'm open to any type of changes. Maybe follow this color scheme or have the logo match with this site. [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] . But I'm open to di...

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    Want to create a cool avatar that will be a cartoon strip. He is a bio hacker and pretty out there! He wi...thinking about neuro health and stand up desk. He is a cat, similar to the HEPCAT from back in the days. Wears human clothes but has a cat style head. Should be edgy and cool, and not too much real life. The style should be cool and tech edgy.

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    Article rewiter 6 gün left

    ...paid based on the words. (the money will calculated instantly during you typing the words) Rewrite requirement: 1. No gramma erro, Human friendly , easy to read in USA style. 2. Each article have 20-100 pages, each page have a image and text, you can use the same image for all the pages except the first one, for the first page , you need to choose

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    Edit my vlog 6 gün left

    Hi! Recently I traveled to California for a Conference. I'm not an expert video editor so I'd like if someone could edit my videos and compile a vlog-style video using my given clips. I'd like interested editors to send me samples of their work so I can ultimately pick who I'd like to edit my videos. Once an editor has been picked I will then send

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    Im looking for a logo for a new business I’m opening called shop around the corner boutique. I have some ideas of a store from NY style pinks & greens. With some florals and maybe a dog.

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    Hey Guys, We just launch a new style product, the silicone universal fit license plate frame. and we need to find some work with us, build a 60 seconds product video demo. Here is the our products link: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] And the requested are: 1. In fact, we need two video, one only

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    Critical reflection -- 2 6 gün left

    ...why you agree/do not agree with the article with references. DO NOT tell us you agree/do not agree with the article and then repeat the article back to us Use APA6 formatting style. word count 800...

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    Trophy icon Brand Logo and Brand Guidelines 13 gün left

    ...use with the brand. Fonts, Styles etc to use in: Titles, paragraphs, explanations, etc. Give examples and detailed explanations 4. Graphics and Pictures. What is the general Style to use in graphics and pictures. Give examples .a definition and guidelines to use and select pictures with their filters. 5. Icons. We need at least these Icons depicting

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    I need a graphic artist to assist with creating two images of a silhouetted mask with skyline on the bridge of the mask. I am looking for this to be one in the style of the images below. black/white with dead spacing. realistic cartoonism. I want to develop a iconic image that is simple and fashionable that encompasses the struggle of healthcare workers

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    Find websites that let you enter your eyeglasses “prescription” and choose the style etc. and payment, and they ship you the eyeglasses for about $10 or more plus shipping cost. You have to produce a complete description of the process for each site. A text, WORD or PDF document would be ok. Include TOTAL details - screen shot of each step etc.

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    I'm loo...specialised in linguistics, to write a literary analysis of Ben Marcus' short story "watching misteries with my mother" in essay form (around 10 pages), with major focus on style (lexis, syntax, pragmatics -speech act theory, conversational implicatures, etc.). Only 100% original content. English language Short story will be provided in PDF.

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    ...looking for someone two make two banners for me, header being 1500x900, facebook cover being 828 x 315 px Color scheme: orange and white, with a LITTLE black mixed in. Art style is something that fits in with the image attached. Anything really, you guys are the ones with the artistic talent. Something that fits in with the digital marketing aspect

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    I have Wordpress on my server but I don't have time to complete my project. The site should have 3 pages. 1st Page: "landing page" style, where user can write his address, pick 3 categories out from category list (drop down checkbox) and search button. There should also be login or registration links. There should be two different registration forms

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    I Need a Caricature Artist 6 gün left

    I own a t-shirt company and am looking for a caricature drawing of Joe Biden. All the ones I have seen thus far of h...far of him are not very good. I need a simple headshot line drawing in black. I will provide a photo of Joe to work from (attached). I have also attached some examples of the style I am looking for by artist Joseph Ciardiello. Thanks!

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    ...the standards mentioned below. Multiple choice questions regarding vascular surgery topics a FULL answer with a description as to why and how - please try to prepare NBME style questions and not ones available online for a simple copy and paste, don't want to have anyone blamed for plagiarism. Refer to "uptodate" for current guidelines/information

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    We are looking for a highly skilled illustrator who will be able to take our drawings and text to create an easy-to-follow infographic. This will be multi-paneled and the style should be cartoonish similar in nature to Kurzgesagt. All information is available here: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]

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    Infographics (Ongoing gig) 6 gün left

    ...and I have a list of topics ready to go and can also provide the basic bullet points and or text as required for the infographics. I am looking for a simple, rugged but clean style but happy to be guided also. They will be used on our website but also on our social media channels. First topic will be the different type of leather tanning: vegetable

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    Trophy icon Fiction book illustrations 14 gün left

    It will be a romantic fiction book. At least 20 illustrations will be needed. I attached sort of a moodboard so you all can see the style we're looking for. To participate on the contest we ask you to draw a scene of the main character: -A white girl 15-17 years old -Very dark hair, a little wavy -The rest is up to the illustrator You can draw any

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    Trophy icon Incentives Brochure 2 gün left

    We need a one page brochure - that details a bonus structure for sales staff. It needs to be fun, but still use our style guides / colours where possible ( [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]). I would like to include in the page a picture of Chuck Norris (

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    I am looking for someone to improve the interior design for my house. The blueprints are well developed. The project style is modern. Shop drawing should be provided for the work. More details and blueprints will be provided after the agreement. Ashraf

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    Hello, 1. I am looking for someone to develop landing page - to our design/brand/style specs per our primary website (HTML/CSS/Bootstrap) - for one our areas of practice along with fixing some of the issues on our primary website (not a lot - just to make it look more professional for cross-platform - site is already done and functional, i.e. just

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    It needs to be in Adobe XD Only Home UI ( I have Wireframe for it) Minimalism (black and white style)

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    Summary Export relevant R...items are selected an output file is to be create which can then go in to a basic email (Copy / Paste would be OK) – final email should like similar to this – but with more style if possible….. The buyer can then customise the email and make it more personal to each supplier. Then send the email. End of project.

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    ** This job is for Native English speaking applicants. I am preparing to take TOFEL exam. My paragraphs need to be in a more formal style, especially according to the quality of standardized exams such as TOEFL. Please edit directly on my document which I attach. It would be grateful if you could explain some important mistakes for my further understanding

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    ...window, wall with door (FYI, Novopan be used for the (wooden) walls, which it be anchored by concrete screws so the layout be able to be changed in future). 2 small bay-watch style towers for referees (at the two opposite corners or one in the middle). Reception A small area for Office A changing room Space for chemical toilets A small cafeteria/waiting

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    Hello Artist! I am looking for an imaginative artist to create a childish animal watercolor illustration. I'll need 2 artwork for 5 USD ea...concept of the artwork it'll be a ballerina bear(a grizzly baby bear). Please provide the artwork in high resolution. Thanks! Please see attachment below to know what kind of style I'm looking for. ?

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    I want to add an login page and registration page for my website, the login page style should be like this: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]

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    We need a unity developer & 3D artist to create our avatar system . The whole overall look and feel should look cartoony style We believe it will be better to work with UMA system for android but we will be happy to hear if you have other ideas Requirements We need a unity developer to design and build our avatar system. The developer need to have

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    We are looking for a highly capable animator who can work on a flat design animated video for testprep services. Similar to the style you find on this youtube channel [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]

    €73 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I want to add an login page and registration page for my website, the login page style should be like this: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]

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    I believe my website template has several color options and want to change it. I think this is very easy task and new freelancers are welcome.

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    I believe my website template has several color options and want to change it. I think this is very easy task and new freelancers are welcome.

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    Update : I do not need a corporate style video nor a "real estate always the same looking" video. I need an expression of an artist. Please watch the link before posting. Thanks. Stuck at home, I need to have a music video for the release of one of my songs. As nobody can go outside, it can't be made with cameras so I need someone who could make animations

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    Trophy icon cartoon drawing 4 gün left

    Please make a character similar to the attached image. Please keep the style of mustache and beard with the hair being white. His coat and hat should be light brown. Please make 4 images. He should be standing in a different position in each image and holding something that an explorer or detective would hold (example: magnifying glass, compass, treasure

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    ...order process, this image is then used in the book. This plugin is needed for Woocomerce and need to be enabled during the order process, it will build things like body Hair style, face shape colour of face etc ...

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    ...cannot find a theme or plugin that does something similar to this so I hope you can recommend something. Otherwise we could use something like this prestashop theme with product style 6: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] 3. Along with the update to 1.7 and new theme we also require a new payment module as we are moving to a

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    ...the images we currently don't have, or you can, just let me know in your bid. * One other requirement. A simple list of the colors (or codes) and where they were changed (style sheet, html, image file, etc) so that if we need to change the color scheme later on it can be easily done. I'm open to other ideas, this is the basic need however. lf you

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    Trophy icon Remake old MMO in Unity 2 gün left

    ...Server using MSSQL Database and the Client should be able to be used on both Windows and Mac which the Unity engine should be able to take care of on it's own. The graphics style should remain fairly similar, just better quality textures. As for the Sound effects they can largely remain the same too. The game Should be coded in a way that expansions

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    Trophy icon Image/Brochure 2 gün left

    Please adapt to my company and use my logo / colour scheme. I like the layout of of [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın], but please don't make it identical. Please feel free to deviate from this style if you think you can do it better. I think it is nice and readable being a portrait layout, but the dimensions can be changed if needed. It will be used o...

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    I currently have a fully designed my website for my luxury handbags using a NARRATIVE theme which is not a full e-commerce website, but has a shop section wit...reference to staying minimal & functional. With this in mind, I will be happy to have you send be links to websites you have fully completed in order to get a feel of your style. thank you

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    ...We would provide you the results and you need to draft the document based on the results that would be provided to you. We need clean and professional piece of work with APA style of writing format. You should have access to good databases in order to deliver quality. Work should be plagiarism free. If you agree to the terms then only accept the project

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    ...that person. I saw the attached design of a family tree that looks interesting but would like to see a variety of totally different designs. Also, attached is an old world style map. This is the color scheme and overall design i would like. It’s vintage and old looking. Overall size should be 24”tall x 36”wide or larger up to 30” tall x 72” wide.

    €179 (Avg Bid)
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    Hi there, we'er lookin...will be provided by us. This is a very long term job, since we plan to work with you for years. Therefore please apply by providing an example video / audio, fitting the style of the video linked earlier and let us know how much you would like to get paid per video. We're looking forward to your application! Best, Manuel

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