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    Trophy icon Business Comic Strip 6 gün left

    ...Setting: Frame 1: Zoom out from an office building. As if the voice is heard from outside the building. CEO can be seen from the window... looks angry. CEO is a 45-50 yr old man, sleek hair, slightly overweight , dressed in blazer/suit (without a tie). Frame 2 & 3 : Zoom in - Inside the CEO's office. CEO has a desktop name-card or title with his name

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    ...following features. - can selling on all VR platform - Need the game in HD luxury house and stunning view - Multiplayer + can chat or talk together + can - We need like a Rich man shopping in vr which have money come in every day ,,for buy cloth or some luxuary super car like rich person (And this game support to add more function like new product new

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    ...interesting at all and does not makes sense to the ordinary reader. Have another stab at it." "Take chapter 1 for example: Understanding the challenges of Ministry. The lame man is mostly looking for us to Identify and discuss realistic challenges. "The topic seems nice but when they get in to the discussions they don’t align and it does not meet their

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    ...immagini o gif. L’idea iniziale sarebbe quella di mettere il gioco su Patreon mentre è in fase di sviluppo per iniziare subito a ricavare un guadagno e rilasciare le varie versioni man mano così da avere anche dei beta tester che trovino eventuali bug o altri problemi. Una volta concluso il gioco in base al successo ricevuto si potrà valutare di metterlo in

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    Trophy icon I need a book cover for my novel 9 gün left

    The novel is called THE WALNUT THREE. I want front cover to show a walnut tree under which a man is sitting. It should be in color.

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    Hey! My name is Simon. I'm a one man Marketing agency who is looking to grow his team. I'm looking for someone who can run FB/IG ad campaigns for local businesses, but we'll focus on Dental practices. Timing: - As soon as local businesses are allowed to reopen from the covid-19 situation Duration = Ongoing For next steps: - Reply to this post - Include

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    Trophy icon Swarm Of Ladybugs 5 gün left

    What I would like is a swarm of Ladybugs chasing or attacking a black man with a beard. The man should appear to be afraid of the ladybugs or annoyed by them. This is not a sports thing. It's more comedic because a ladybug never hurt anybody

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    G502 painting 5 gün left

    I need a paint job on a mouse into the iron man gold and red colours

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    My project is about selling out Gold and diamonds to any company out there...and individuals who are interested to trade minerals from my firm...and also if business man or individuals out there from the u.s and the Europeans want to go into this trade business with us then i believe its best to take a step with me out here in my country....

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    Trophy icon Stick Man Animation - 2 1 gün left

    ...advertising projects for our clients. Our website is [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] you will find many of the services we provide for our clients. We have a desire to create a visual stick man animation to illustrate a quick 20-30 second project from beginning to end. Our service is like so with that in mind it should help you to create ...

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    Looking for taking photos to the next level, looking for a man who will give us that extra attention to detail and utilize eye for shape, color, and overall aesthetics. I'm looking forward to meeting you! Feel free to contact me with any questions!

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    Replace Man with another in 35 pictures. I have 35 client photos that need's to go in to specific backgrounds. (Budget is 20$ all photos) I need someone who can do this fast and do very realistically visually appealing photos. Every picture need to replace one man instead another man with same posture. Need to have realistic = exact same color balance

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    this is the project of network marketting who want a agent for us team.....the agent needs to find a interested network marketting user and they marketting......for that invested money u will get products such as soap,shampoo,hair repairng oil(the sooper working hair oils).....and sales man 40 percent of company pair gives to the sales man

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    ...through all txt files on his hard drive, in a recursive manner and prints out the file names which contain your name." Here's another example. "You've taken possession of a man staying in a haunted house. You need to print a particular sentence on his screen 10k times. Well, since you're no real spirit, just write a python program that prints 'All work

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    Lady Hawk Consulting Logo 4 gün left

    ...which I was born, raised and live. I am a woman owned enterprise. I loved the movie "Lady Hawk", and the mystery of a lady changing from woman to hawk and her love changing from man to wolf every day at dawn, when they could only see each for a short glimpse. I would like something reflecting a woman, perhaps with a partial cloak, and maybe phased in with

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    Trophy icon Covid-19 Infographics 1 gün left

    ...mask correctly 4. Nurse wearing a face mask, protective eyewear, gloves and protective gown 5. Social Distancing - 2 people walking 1.5m apart 6. Young adult looking after old man with walking stick 7. Person with a fever 8. Person with a runny nose using a tissue 9. Hand Pulling a tissue out of a box 10. Hand being sprayed with hand sanitiser 10 examples

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    ...needed 200 episodes. By episode I mean on white board appears objects (lets say room with sofa, tv table, carpet, window and doors) and a man. All objects stay and don't move only one that animates and moves is man. The man let's say goes. The movement of going is lopped and it stays for needed time. Objects are simple, might change pencil color. The drawing

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    ...freeze. That's why Basil is not allowed to have contact with children and is only allowed out at night. That's why he feels lonely. One night he flies over Basel and talks to the man in the moon. He shines at a glasses shop. Basil breaks in and puts on sunglasses. No sooner has he put them on than the children from the glasses shop come down the stairs and

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    This is a vocablary leanring app aiming for Chinese language. It has two main functions: l...developers preferred. Experienced ones preferred. More information: App UI,logo, 单词记忆算法, 功能列表和流程图已完成。 本人为自由职业中文教师,是一人公司。Diagram and function list are complete. This is a one-man company.

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    MXGA PROJECT 4 gün left

    I was a young man who was in the business of drinks, I also worked in a building contractor, I graduated from the state building major. I can make home designs, I can also make several logo designs

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    ???1 of many??? 3 gün left

    ...a recession or depression that we are heading into at these times it has made more billionaires than any other period of mankind. Now tell me do you want to the manager of a man that's on a move and refusing to stand still but using this time to get on top of that hill. I promise you being my manager will be the best life decision you have ever made

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    ...of Shri Ajay Goel, a social worker, businessman, family man. Has balanced all walks of life very well and a made a huge empire from nothing. Grew by starting a business in Kolkata, move to Andaman Nicobar Island, stayed away from family and had a huge empire in Andaman, one of the top business man and having over 25 staff members who are over 10 years

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    I need to advertise new style man shoes. I want freelancers from United States. No India. No Pakistan. New freelancers will be more welcome. Thanks.

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    Hi i am looking to get a custom John Travolta Movies monopoly board made with a template which i will purchase and supply to you. It is in eps files and will be supplied via gmail. All graphics have been collected and just needs to be put together. [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]

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    ...Application for tracking contact with customers. Should have a main table for customer (BMW, address, zip code, city, coutry, etc), a depending table for people employees of customer (John Wayne, role(director, buyer, etc), tel, mob, other detail), a depending table for sequence of contacts (date, hour, person, type of (by phone, by email, de visu), description

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    ...will be a table and a computer with a man sitting at the table in a suit, he should be tan but not too dark, also wearing a SF giants hat. The black and orange one. The room should -Have stacks of money around and a wall with car keys on it. The soldiers then begin firing through the wall trying to hit the man but he escapes through a hatch and is last

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    ...its a win win. We want to order more than 400k units of the same product frequently. The company must be in business for a very long time over 3 years, Should NOT be a middle man or trader. SHould be direct to the warehouse/factory. We pay directly to the factory. - Estabilsiehd. - Legit and authentic (not scammers) - Has the exact product or products

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    ...its a win win. We want to order more than 400k units of the same product frequently. The company must be in business for a very long time over 3 years, Should NOT be a middle man or trader. SHould be direct to the warehouse/factory. We pay directly to the factory. - Estabilsiehd. - Legit and authentic (not scammers) - Has the exact product or products

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    ...wieder? In alten Versionen wurden Kunden automatisch angelegt beim Bestellen. Security: Momentan werden wir geflutet von Spamanmeldungen. Am Besten nur anmelden lassen, wenn man konkret bestellt, ansonsten nur login. Konkret zu lösen wäre also: - checkout vereinfachen und besser gestalten - das design für Smartphone optimieren - silent user registration:

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    Trophy icon Future Einsteins - Logo Contest 3 gün left

    ...logo name written clearly and easy to read font (No cursive). What I would like to see is a logo made to replicate the Einstein photo I have attached, but instead of the old man Einstein, I want this to be a 5-year-old Einstein since this is for kids. I want to have his tongue sticking out like the well-known photo I have attached. I would like this

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    We are company and want to develop iOS app. Currently web is developing now, so we are finding swift 5 expert. If you are expert, please bid. we will check your previous develop iOS app. Currently web is developing now, so we are finding swift 5 expert. If you are expert, please bid. we will check your previous code and will choose right man.

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    We are company and want to develop iOS app. Currently web is developing now, so we are finding swift 5 expert. If you are expert, please bid. we will check your previous develop iOS app. Currently web is developing now, so we are finding swift 5 expert. If you are expert, please bid. we will check your previous code and will choose right man.

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    The sand warrior 3 gün left

    A short film about a kidnapped man that need to find a way to get in the city and escape back to greece .

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    We have a photo with a man who has a beard. I need the beard removed and have smooth shiny clean shaven face. We have a large photo which will be on the welcoming page of our website and so photo will be very large and visitors will notice details. If you can do this job please let me know ! :)

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    Looking for Django Expert 3 gün left

    We are looking for an experienced Django expert who can work on our project for several tasks. Now our app is based ...AppOrchard Oauth2 for our app. I will provide the details to right candidate. If this work is done successfully, we will assign more tasks for you. Don't apply if you are a middle man. Only need honest and talented Django developer.

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    the app should read data from modbus over ethernet and process them with set of criteria. and store all violations. in graphical format. the data is analog signals trends as well as digital i/o. the app should also have displays/reports and graphs and use sql or other RDBMS as back end to store data.

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    The Battle of Haldighati was a battle fought on 18 June 1576 between cavalry an...Battle of Haldighati was a battle fought on 18 June 1576 between cavalry and archers supporting the Rana of Mewar, Maharana Pratap, and the Mughal emperor Akbar's forces, led by Man Singh I of Amber Date: 21 June 1576 Result: Mughal victory Combatants: Mughal Empire

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    i would like a couple of images of iron man captain america thor black panther ant men the marvel heroes but with my boyfriend face .. thanks

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    Hello. I am John. I am the owner of a new Wordpress blog. We need someone who had knowledge and write about affiliate marketing, SEO, Hosting providers comparison, WordPress blog themes, and plugins We will need: 3 blog post a well writter post with SEO a week for 1 month (paid trial) then we could start quarterly. Original Writing 1000 to 1800 WORDS

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    Digital Portrait 2 gün left

    I need a man to create digital portraits for my company. If you do this send me some portraits to give me an idea of ​​your style.

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    ...erstellen) Hier noch einpaar Punkte welche in der Arbeit drin sein muss, da ich diese mit dem Lehrer besprochen habe : -Weshalb nehmen Leute Drogen -Altersklassen -Wie kommt man an den Drogen - wie werden Drogen finanziert - Beschaffungskriminalität Diese Punkte müssen in der Arbeit enthalten ansonsten bin ich bis jetzt frei für die Gliederung und

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    Hi, everyone. Hopefully better today. I am a startup business man. I have an idea to bring my life to applications. It will be a long time job. But I think I cannot provide you enough budget for now. If you can work with super low budget, we can discuss. Thanks

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    Hello! My name is Chelsea and my fiance and I are planning on getting elo...some fun with it! I'm in the very beginning stages of planning so I haven't figured it all out yet but let's chat! Who knows, maybe you'll end up being the maid of honor/best man ? NOT LOOKING FOR A FREE PHOTOGRAPHER, just a joke. So! Do you want to a part of our special day?

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    ...solved. See [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] This should be an easy project for an experienced dev. Thanks John Goodstadt...

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    Gizlilik Anlaşması
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    I want a blogger or a technical man that make a landing page for my blog. Just visit and understand the blog and analyze it for make effective landing page. Some of the problem i give link in attached file.

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    I have a project where we will build a 16 man mining camp, I need to create a 3d model of the camp and update the drawings. The plot of land is 100m x 100m which will have fencing and a gate. Attached is the drawings of the buildings, I may be able to get in another format. I will need to add a few other items like generator location, Water treatment

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    I need someone to do a Voiceover in English for a short film that I did. I will give you the text ( only a paragraph ) and I need you to record an audio. I need a man, whose voice is deep.

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    I'll send some data for you then you can store it in ms excel. The data is about some food products. Including name , price, man. date , exp. Date, address, t.p... I'll send all the data after selecting you. You have to create a tables and you have to store it in a proper way.

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    Research paper 1 gün left

    ...accidents and maintenance errors related to human factors. • Human factors in maintenance model • The benefits of human factors training • Error management (types, causes, violations) • Error management strategies • Human performance limitations • Decision making process • Fatigue, Stress and pressure, Teamwork, leadership, professionalism, AOD, Communi...

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    Hi I am trying to use this time in lockdown to start up my freelance hairdressing work. I am looking for a brand logo. my moodboards are attached. this is a one man band Company called Wandering Hairdresser LTD. It should be a small job. I am not looking for a brand consultant etc. let me know if your interested in this small project and a quote.

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