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    ...available in Tablet at top of unit. The farmer will come to unit>Scan the RFID> Pour the Milk in to weighing tank> Analyser will take sample from tank automatically> All data like weight/Milk Quality and other paramenter will feeded automatically> If parameter ok then it will pour to main tank automatically otherwise reject back> Close with a receipt & msg

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    I need list for forum sites, blog commenting sites with PD/DA >40. minimum 200 for both. Only list. I will verify the list once you deliver and will pay you. Budget fixed $8

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    BMI calculator 6 gün left

    Write an iso app to calculate the B...The app should allow the users two sliders to enter their height an weight. The app should have a button. Once the user taps the button, the BMI should displayed in a box. The message box should contain the user’s name and their BMI. The equation to compute BMI is : BMI = ( Weight in kg) / ( height in meters)^2

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    c# problem fix 6 gün left

    To prevent possible data loss before loading the designer, the following errors must be resolved: C# This error appears without a cause when opening most of the forms in design mode need someone to connect remotely to solve this error

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    This project ...quality assessment (IQA) measures to detect photo attacks on different biometric traits such as face, fingerprint, iris, palmprint, handwriting, signature and hand vein biometrics. We are dealing with signature in this project. Two IQA methods will be assigned to be implemented in MATLAB using 5 real and 5 fake (photo attack) images.

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    hello we just finished ...instead of choosing one course a user can access 300 courses ! so i want soeone to help getting the word out and get us new paid members .. I am more interested in leads , forum posting , social media , rather then long term SEO for now , but i know so many will copy paste their SEO service anyway without reading :)

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    This project ...quality assessment (IQA) measures to detect photo attacks on different biometric traits such as face, fingerprint, iris, palmprint, handwriting, signature and hand vein biometrics. We are dealing with signature in this project. Two IQA methods will be assigned to be implemented in MATLAB using 5 real and 5 fake (photo attack) images.

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    We want a design of tactical boots. With the following requirements; 1. Light Weight 2. Height " 8 inch - from midsole up.3. Masculine look - like suit for an alpha male. 4. There will be 2 logo - its up to you on you will incorporate it to your design. 5. Fitting - slim fit from the midsole up. 6. Regular lace . The design must be detailed. Because

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    Hi, - Im looking some who can develope an option chain table using API (live data fee...(live data feed) - scan the price and open intrest to generat buy or sell signals using the same option chain table. - triger order as per the signal received. - Trailling stop loss shoudl be automatic with PNL. Any one intrested please ping me. Thanks, sarathi

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    A social media website that has features like forum, media share, conversation, blogs etc the design is ready and front end part is coded

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    I have a need to do automate API requests made a certain website to its backend servers. These API calls require an SHA 256 signature using the request data and certain API key's. The goal of the project is to show me how to make these requests for my application.

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    Crypto Trading Bot 6 gün left

    ...LUX algo indications. The bot features in v.10 - - Open Trades based of Signals (strong buy/sell signal) - Close trades based on Trend Catcher changes AND signals - Set Stop Loss on Trend Catcher Line when trade opened. - Take Profit only if Trend Catcher colour changes and returns to same open trade colour (Red/Green) - Must be able to control trade

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    ...successfully analyzed, and the simulation will be performed using ETAP. The result test bus system distribution network of the number iteration, execution time, total P loss and also total Q loss will be obtained. Furthermore, voltage magnitude of each bus and voltage phase angle also will be recorded. Beside the graph of per unit bus voltage magnitude with

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    It worked fully fine, but this has to some issue with, 1. Profit and Loss calculations. - It's calculated now base on [Item price - Sales price, which on mentioned add item details] We need, profit loss calculation on, [Invoice Seling Price & Product Purchased Price] 2. Create Email & What's app sending option, for Invoice/Quotation/ and

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    Create account reports 6 gün left

    I need to create reports of my various ...year, and create a monthly, quarterly and yearly report for it - Check various company bank accounts and create a monthly, quarterly and yearly report of it, to see the profit/loss - Create a simple dashboard of all of this It is preferred if all of this can be done in notion The budget is maximum INR 500

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    Email signature design 6 gün left

    Need Proffesional email signature design

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    ...vegetables. I would like the colors to reflect health and wellness my audience is women 25-55 who need a quick reset. Primary benefits of the cleanse are -boosted energy levels -weight loss -mental clarity and focus -decrease in bloating -stabilize blood sugar -reset hormones -high quality sleep These are just some of the benefits. I am looking to hire someone

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    ...where we have multiple constraints (for example we may have a volume limit and weight limit, where the volume and the weight of each item is not related). If there are m constraints, we may consider that there are m knapsacks, each with capacity of Wj. There are n items and weight of item i in knapsack j is defined as ??,? When we select an item, we may

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    ...and reliability. Example questions we want answers to: How do we bond multiple channels with uncorrelated failure modes? How do we correctly measure latency, bandwidth, and loss of coverage? How do we tell whether we’re getting 3G/4G/5G? What happens during tower and tracking-area handoffs? What obstructions cause fluctuations or drops in bandwidth

    min €41 / hr
    min €41 / hr
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    We are a group of graduates from different universities in Netherlands and established an association. We would like to create a website that includes hos...Netherlands and established an association. We would like to create a website that includes hosting and logins for members where we can upload our information, thesis and a forum for discussion.

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    We are group of graduates and established an association. We would like to create a platform where we can have our login IDs and can upload info...graduates and established an association. We would like to create a platform where we can have our login IDs and can upload information, news, updates, reports, thesis and a forum to discuss our plans etc.

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    Thinkorswim Backtest MACD 5 gün left

    Thinkorswim platform a...dates, the number of trades and the number of win and losses. I also need to see them and I need you to tell me how to export them into excel. Calculation for profit or loss: use the close when the signal occurred and the close when the exit occurred. I need to see the arrows on the stock chart when the signals occurred.

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    Online document signature 5 gün left

    I'm looking for someone who has or can prepare an online document signature like draw or type. I shuld be able to upload a pdf document and send a link to sign. At the end the pdf will have the generated document with signature. Let's discuss by chat.

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    Community Raffle 5 gün left

    ...they send your crypto into yield mining and then randomly selecting one person to receive the rewards and then returning the token to the original owner therefore it's a no-loss game, im looking at creating a crypto raffle where people can deposit stable coins and during each draw 1% is deducted and allocated to one/a-group of random wallet. Because

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    ...flexible with content creation, trustworthy, a good communicator and reliable. that can - 1. write articles of 600 to 700 words. 2. search or create lists of questions for forum topics and sub topics. 3. research and summarize content to create online courses that will be added to presentation slides to create videos. seo experience an advantage. categories

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    Certificate -- 3 5 gün left

    ...seven common wording sections: Title (Certificate of Achievement) Presentation line (This is awarded to…) Recipient (Name) From whom Description (Reason for award) Date Signature There are no hard and fast rules for how to word or format an award certificate, but these components are a basic outline. How to create awards certificates step by step

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    ...journal. Following the steps below I'm able to export csv file, but all Chinese characters become '???' : [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] Exported csv file as attached. The original characters in the first filed shoule be "中華電信台南營業處" in Chinese

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    ...Added function to save/download the log - Added option to reload TradingView tabs after time of inactivity - Added option to open/reload TradingView tabs in case of connection loss - Added option to disable reloading of TradingView tabs on update/restart Added automatic suppression of unsaved changes and quick reconnect on max devices in TradingView Added

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    Email signature 5 gün left

    Looking for a creative graphic designer that can create an email signature to our business email (web mail) incorporating our pictures and all SM and contact details. D. A.

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    Complying my tax and have excel data of all my option trades, (buy and sells). Need someone to go through each financial year and work out the profit or loss, (I have 8 years)

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    These are two separate jobs; 1. Modernize McNedra Logo to a ...Both Jobs: Logo should be super-simple. One or two letters (enclosed) with business name written outside the enclosure v. For Nedra Homes: logo should look more like a signature either for just the Logo's-first letter or the entire letters of the logo. Should have a touch of gold colour

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    I am a day trader and i need a bot that can help me buy and sell crypto tokens :- Function required:- - Custom buy price - Custom sell price - Custom stop loss - Custom slippage - Custom Gas - Buy token as soon as liquidity is provided.. I need to buy the token within 15seconds of it being launched in any DEX - Multithreaded to run multiple trades

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    I am an independant Christian music artist and I recorded a single entitled The Weight/Wait Room. I would like a front cover designed of the single.

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    ...problem.I want to say optimizing 0-1 loss is better than optimizing any surrogate loss functions such as hinge loss, log loss. 0-1 loss is the loss that usually used in evaluation of unseen samples, minimizing 0-1 loss in training process is equivalent to minimizing 0-1 loss in testing process. However, due to 0-1 loss is non-convex...

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    Forum and Comment posters 4 gün left

    Looking for posters who can post on news sites and communities on certain topics to promote a brand/company. These posts should be comments. Must have valid and established Disqus, discord, reddit, etc profiles. Please DM for previous similar projects you have done.

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    Dahsboard web 4 gün left

    ... [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] los datos jspn que recibe son: {"success":true,"client_id":"0xc86c8bd613c18b127be33322c0052fef745c748a","item_id":1,"total":2093,"blockchain_related":{"signature":{"signature":"","amount":0,"timestamp":1622...

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    ...Telegram e identifique algumas informações, e as separe em variáveis específicas. Serão dois modelos de mensagens. Modelo 1: EUR GBP PUT(ABAIXO) ENTRAR AS 08:15 EM CASO DE LOSS 1 GALE AS 08:20 As informações a serem separadas em variáveis são: par (EURGBP) tipo (PUT) hora (08:15) Modelo 2: EURJPY CALL 11:05 As informa&cc...

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    ...weights are hazardous weights and not gross weights of the packages. You will also need to return the Gross weight. The user will then need to enter the number of cartons for each hazard and also be given the option to override the hazard weight returned from the API call. From the carton numbers entered the software will generate a total number of cartons

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    Don't include jars, use the API Use the signature AWS require

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    Potrzebuję kogoś, kto poleci dobry, responsywny szablon pod phpBB 3.3 zbliżony wyglądem do projektu, a następnie dokona w nim zmian, aby dopasować go do projektu graficznego. Forum nie zostało jeszcze postawione i minie jeszcze trochę czasu zanim z nim ruszymy. Projekt graficzny jest gotowy (zapewne do pocięcia) - do wglądu dla zainteresowanych osób w

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    Crypto Currency Exchange 4 gün left

    Important feature is Exchange/ProChart/Wallet. We need most safety Wallet & Exchange Feature. (Above site is using multi signature for wallet security with SMS certification.) We need most fast & convenient Chart with Candle Chart. Please suggest possible development features and period as well as method for Wallet security. If possible. cf) The

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    I was Trading on [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] and i lost some money over there I need Someone who can make a Good Strategy BOT for [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] and de...Trading on [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] and i lost some money over there I need Someone who can make a Good Strat...

    €19 - €156
    €19 - €156
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    Cartoon illustration 4 gün left

    Cartoon characters for weight loss and exercise, with cartoon images of our products,total about 120 similar products.

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    I have a credit restoration company called Signature Wealth Consulting. I want the logo to portray continuous wealth/ rising capital. I am open to different colors, and different ideas. A sleek and modern look is what I am going for but still CREATIVE. I'd prefer a light colored background. If the background is black, I'd prefer gold letters. I'd prefer

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    I need someone to write 500 words blog for my new website. Topics include beauty, travel, lifestyle, plants, weight loss, sustainable lifestyle. Since we are upcoming we can only pay 100 ₹ per article. Ideally i would want only person writing all 10 articles. You will also find high quality relevant pictures.

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    Email signature 4 gün left

    We need a email with address photo name and With electronic signature

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    looking someone from INDIA only to integrate biometric device such as fingerprint scanner, signature pad and rfid card reader device. need just to capture and save the image in folder.

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    ...pares de moedas quando o Payout estiver abaixo do valor definido. Além disso, o robô deve ter a possibilidade de configurar diferentes estratégias de recuperação em caso de loss na operação, Ciclos, Soros. Ao iniciar o robô, você deve solicitar informações para ativação e, após a ativaç...

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    Trophy icon Cinge Cigar Lounge Logo 4 saat left

    We are a new up and coming Upscale Cigar Lounge. In need of assistance with designing our logo for the lounge. Please cre...wall. (photo below) Please note: Looking for a design for the storefront and accent wall. Also, want to use the logo for cups, t-shirts, and matchbooks. This will be the signature logo for everything. We want it to stand out.

    €83 (Avg Bid)
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