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Freelancer Community is an online platform where one can find and share comprehensive articles revolving around a wide variety of topics. From helpful tutorials to personal experiences, Freelancer Community is your one-click-source of informative and compelling content!

In order to maintain a common look and style, we have written this article to serve as your guide when writing your content.

Writing Style

Articles need to be written as clear as possible. If you are writing a technical article, please ensure that they are comprehensive and detailed.


- Articles are submitted using our online rich text editor. This supports text, code snippets and images.

- Please use headers throughout your article.

- Articles should be no shorter than 500 words.

- Please ensure that you have a high quality photo of yourself as your profile picture on Freelancer as this will be shown on your articles. Moreover, make sure to complete your profile description (to let readers know about the awesome things you’re doing in your life!).


- Omit needless words. Prior to submission, review your article and redact anything that might be deemed unnecessary.

- Articles should have an introduction, several well-defined sections (including section headers), and a conclusion.

- Community’s tone is conversational and friendly. Don’t be overly formal or too casual.

- When referring to a person of undetermined gender, use the third-person plural ‘they’ instead of him, her, or him or her.

- Ensure that there are no spelling or grammatical errors.


- When composing a tutorial article, you should include all the necessary information and procedures within it. If some tutorials require additional foundation, be sure to link to an onsite background article, or provide further reputable sources.


- As long as it will benefit the reader's freelancing career without causing an unfriendly debate in the comment section then it's good to go!


Images are very useful in providing additional clarification about a point.

sample image (Freelancer logo)

- If you decide to use third-party images within your article, ensure that they are probably sourced (and hyperlinked).

- Any inclusion of obscene images that are deemed inappropriate, will result in the deletion of your account.

Code Snippets

Code snippets are intended to provide useful code examples where necessary. Please be sure to include them wherever needed, as they will help in the understanding of your article.


- Once you have finished writing your article and everything is formatted correctly, you can submit your article. As a final step, make sure to include a simple and engaging description of your article - readers will decide whether to read your article based on this text.

- We have many predefined tags which match to skills on Freelancer, you can also choose to add your own which will be created when your article is approved. Tags should only be added if they relate to the article.

Some DOs and DON’Ts


- Ensure articles are accurate, well-written, and relevant.

- Test all tutorials before submitting them, especially tech related articles.

- Proofread your work.

- Follow all our guidelines stated here.


- Plagiarize content. Articles must be unique and original.

- Submit racist, discriminatory, or offensive content; such actions will be penalised.

- Republish the articles on another site or blog.

- Add contact details, as this is against our terms and conditions

Please note that Freelancer reserves the right to edit the works before they are published.

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