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We need a portrait A5 sheet (210 x 148 mm) of stickers designs for our business. We sell unique board games, card games and more. See our website here for style and content:

The design should appeal to all board gamers of all varieties. With this in mind, the images shouldn't just relate to a single game or brand, but a mixed selection. Please note, we cannot use any specific game brands as we do not own these, but can have a tribute to them (e.g. we can't use the word monopoly, but we can use an image of some made up fake money so people know what it's a reference to.)

We would like to make use of a mix of our logo and our mascot (Zed - attached) in these images, as well as some quirky slogans; some ideas are listed below.

On the sheet, we would like between 8-12 images of varying shapes and sizes. We have attached an example sheet from a different company for an idea of what we are looking for.

IDEAS (feel free to come up with your own):
- Mascot by himself
- Mascot (Zed) playing a board game (could be pondering over his next move, flipping the board etc.)
- A Zatu-branded DnD dice on '1' with the word 'OOPS' in a banner underneath it
- The slogan 'Board games and chill' in a love heart or something similar
- Mascot wearing a crown and cape
- Mascot with a tiny sword and shield, next to a bigger monster, with 'ROLL FOR PERSUASION' beneath it
- Mascot dressed as a D+D dungeon master (wearing a cape, holding a book etc.)
- The slogan 'WINNER' in retro-style font
- A circular sticker with mascot, the Zatu logo and various board game accessories surrounding him
- A queen chess piece with 'YAS QUEEN' slogan beneath it
- The slogan 'VERIFIED BOARD GAMER' with an orange tick (Like the Twitter tick, but Zatu colours)
- The slogan: Everyday I'm shufflin' - with a deck of cards
- The slogan: That's the way I roll - with some dice around it
- Mascot revealing a superhero emblem (with a Z on it)

These are just examples of the ideas we've come up with - you can pick and choose from here or feel free to come up with your own - essentially they can be anything as long as it's on-brand, relevant to the company, and fits on an A5 sheet. We'd like these designs to be colloquial and fun, but not rude. Just to confirm, we do not need these printed - we will sort the printing out ourselves.

Our colours are #ed7004 and #1d1d1b - we will need the raw files of these to be provided upon agreement.

- Competitor company stickers for an example of what we are looking for (Big potato sticker sheet)
- Various versions of our mascot Zed, we would like him in different positions and doing different things where possible
- Zatu logo

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