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Small house

Hello! I bring to your attention references for your house, this house is very cute and I presented it that way. Thanks!

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  • yasminevw2016
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    • 7 ay önce

    Hi Svetlana, thank you so much for these propositions. You clearly respected the tiny space and realised a new layout but the problem is that we still did not find a solution to create 3 rooms for the 3 men who are going to live in this little house. The 3 men are colleagues working in the area and the house must be redesigned to offer them the privacy each man needs. And also we need to keep a space where they will eat together and watch tv.
    I think you were very close to find the best plan but somehow you sticked into one thing and did not try something new like changing maybe the shape of the stairs or create something from outside
    Unfortunately, I did not get any entry answering to the need I have but I will keep some of you in mind for a future plan for a new little house.
    Thank you again.
    Best regards

    • 7 ay önce