Detailed Cutaway Drawing of a Desk Top Cleaning Machine

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I'm looking for a highly detailed cutaway drawing of a table top vacuum-power LP cleaning machine for marketing purposes. This is a mechanical with an internal vacuum motor, storage tank, and turntable motor. device, and I'd like it to be depicted with all its components and textures visible in the drawing.

Key points to consider:

- **Level of Detail**: The drawing should be highly detailed, including all components and textures.

- **Experience**: Ideally, you’ve worked on similar cutaway drawings before and can provide a portfolio demonstrating your technical drawing skills.

- **Tools**: Proficiency in relevant software for creating such detailed technical drawings is essential.

- **Understanding of Marketing**: A good understanding of what makes a drawing visually appealing and suitable for marketing would be an advantage.

Please provide an estimate of how long you think this project will take and any relevant experience you have in your bid.

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