Beta Reading is a process that involves reading and evaluating a piece of writing. Think of a Beta Reader as an objective editor who goes through the text -– usually unchecked by any other proofreader –- and gives accurate, comprehensive insight on the content. This typically involves not only catching grammar, spelling, or typographical errors, but also provides critical comments on sentence structure and logic, emotional connections, factual accuracy, flow and narrative, consistency and overall impact.

The intention of Beta Reading is to gain an outside opinion before submission or publication. Typically, authors turn to Beta Readers because they would like to know how their material will be perceived by readers before it’s released in the public domain. For non-fiction writers, a Beta Reader can offer expert feedback on accuracy and balance of your work.

Here's some projects that our expert Beta Reading Professional made real:

  • Project that involved a 10K word manuscript for an upcoming young adult fiction series
  • Offering advice to aspiring authors on their work-in-progress
  • Provided comprehensive feedback on a full length book's plot and balance of dialogue
  • Helping an author to better craft characters and narration

Beta Reading is an invaluable tool for authors who are looking for help with their manuscripts without sacrificing quality or integrity. With the help of Freelancer's expert Beta Reading Professionals, you can receive unbiased comments about certain plot points or characterizations as well as collect feedback about language accuracy and sentence structure. They also can provide higher-level perspective such as conceptual advice and plot suggestions. Hiring a knowledgeable Freelancer with experience in professional Beta Reading can help ensure your material is well written before submission or publishing.

So why not take advantage of our team of Beta Reading Professionals today? Post your project in Freelancer and hire one to start receiving meaningful insight on your writing today!

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