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Computational Fluid Dynamics, or CFD, is a powerful engineering tool used to accurately simulate fluid motion and heat transfer. CFD is widely applied to many engineering problems spanning fields such as aerospace, automotive and electronics cooling, medical devices and biocompatible materials. A Computational Fluid Dynamics Expert can help client to solve a wide range of fluid-flow related problems, such as optimizing air flow in ducts, cooling fins of the electronics devices. CFD experts also guide clients on how to best use CFD software to effectively solve the engineering problems they are encountering.

Here are some projects that our Computational Fluid Dynamics Experts have made real:

  • Creation of complex 3D simulations in order to solve problems related to air-flow velocity, turbulence or pressure distribution
  • Design and optimization of multiple mechanical or biological components utilising high resolution simulation tools
  • Modeling and simulation of turbulent flows for applications such as motor vehicle fuel systems
  • Visualizing combustions processes like ignition and flame spread for internal combustion engines
  • Analysis and prediction of the impact that temperature differentials can have on materials

At, the projects mentioned above demonstrate some of the engineering problems that can be solved through the use of advanced CFD software. Our experts are able to develop accurate models and simulations so they can gain an in-depth understanding of the behavior of flowing fluids characterised by velocity and density differentials. This allows them to predict these behaviors and make positive changes accordingly in design or provide valuable insights that may be reflected in decisions and actions taken by clients.

Are you faced with a project that requires the help of a Computational Fluid Dynamics expert? We encourage you to post your project on today and hire one of our experienced experts who can help you make your project a success!

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    I am in need of an expert in pressure vessel calculations to assist with a storage application. Here's a high-level overview of what I need: - The purpose of the pressure vessel will be liquid storage. - The vessel is expected to operate at a medium pressure range (101 to 1000 PSI). I am looking for an expert with a strong background in mechanical engineering, extensive knowledge of pressure vessel design and calculation principles, and preferably previous experience in calculating for medium-pressure liquid storage vessels. Your expertise will guide the design process and ensure vessel safety and functionality, meeting standards and regulations.

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    I am looking to hire an experienced contractor with proficiency in computational fluid dynamics (CFD), specifically with expertise in conducting analyses of fluid flow. The project's focus revolves around the detailed examination of fire dynamics encompassing multiphase fluids. There are three main components that we want to examine in this project: 1. Combustion behavior: Understanding how the flames interact with the environment. 2. Heat transfer: Analyzing how heat disseminates from the fire. 3. Smoke propagation: Studying the pattern and spread of smoke from the combustion. I am particularly looking for a professional who has previous demonstrated experience in fluid flow analysis, heat transfer analysis, and aerodynamic analysis. Knowledge of fire dynamics is especially crucial...

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    I want to simulate liquid spray simulation for small land, the sprayed carrying by a drone. The drone not need to be simulated, and the sprayer should be placed above the ground level of about 5 meters. I want to simulate the liquid fertilizer drift pattern and coverage pattern with changing wind direction and speed. The simulation area should be for small land around 100 meters in length and 50 meters wide. The crops can be represented by small primitive geometric shapes such as cones, and pyramids.

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    Participants need to fill out the Challenge Registration form before submitting the solution. Please refer to the Guidelines tab for more information. Overview As space travel extends to greater duration and distance, missions may require a propellant refill in space. To achieve this, spacecraft may require larger tanks and efficient refueling along with tanks that have the capability of isolating propellant from ullage fluid (a gas and vapor mixture) during a vent. The goal of this Challenge is to develop a novel solution for the venting of ullage contents from a partially full propellant tank, in microgravity, with minimal loss of propellant. This ullage venting solution would help allow the adjustment of pressure in the receiving tank prior to, during, and/or after the liquid propella...

    €27788 (Avg Bid)
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