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Interior design is a field which fulfills the need for creating interior spaces in a fashionable manner. It is a systematic and coordinated field concerned with designing interior spaces to suit tastes and fashions. If you are dealing with interior design projects, you could use some help from talented interior design freelancers. You can contact them on this site. Simply post your interior design project details today and start receiving bids!
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Design updated apartment building facade I am the owner of an apartment building that was built in the early 1950's. It's design is overly simple and very "motel-like". Seeking someone to present a couple of new facade designs based on certain parameters. The building itself is a single-plane building face with a length of 250ft, and 6 entrances with canopies, and a very low pitch roof line. My goal is to give the b... 1 3D Modelleme, 3D Rendering, İnşaat Mimarisi, Ev Tasarımı, İç Tasarım Jun 20, 2018 Bugün6g 16s €225
beauty salon I need a floor plan in my basement for a beauty salon 26 İç Tasarım Jun 20, 2018 Bugün6g 14s €140
Floor plan consultation, plans for addition to home, interior design and renderings of key interior spaces Hi there. I am first in Freelancer, but i wanna choose my correct candidate. This will be long-term relationship project. I am planning a major home renovation including an addition of 100-150 sq feet of space to the back of the house. I see this project having 3 phases: 1) Floor plan/layout design--this should be relatively quick 2) Actual drafting of the plans and renderings--this is where ... 58 CAD/CAM, İnşaat Mimarisi, Ev Tasarımı, AutoCAD, İç Tasarım Jun 20, 2018 Bugün6g 5s €336
Give me a professional attire and background Looking for designer/design-centered salesperson must have excellent credentials. Purpose to this is to have you help with every visual element in our video meetings (attire both male & female and background) 8 İllüstratör, Moda Tasarım, İç Tasarım Jun 20, 2018 Bugün6g 5s €46
Pelhamdale Need a designer to help with floorplan design for a kitchen/living/dining room floor plan, which is currently awkwardly divided. Also looking for suggestions for second level of same unit, for Washer/Dryer placement and some reconfiguration of some space there as well. Have original plans for Unit. 42 İç Tasarım Jun 19, 2018 Jun 19, 20185g 3s €344
Building Elevation design The attached floor plans (3 floors in total) have been designed by my local architect and we liked it and its as per our requirement, I'm exploring best exterior design/look (elevation) should be much "modern" and should be suitable/fit as per the plans attached. For your information since it is being constructed in India, it should be as per the regulation and off corse as you kno... 93 İnşaat Mimarisi, 3D Rendering, Ev Tasarımı, İç Tasarım, 3D Modelleme Jun 18, 2018 Jun 18, 20184g 16s €160
Interior design for bathroom Hello, all this is a contest for the interior design of a bathroom. It has to be definitely masculine, elegant, refine (not rustic or industrial look) I am posting the basic layout of this bathroom where you cannot change location of washbasin, tub, WC and shower. However you can work on the architecture (creating a niche for the washbasin for instance, creating volume with the false ceiling desi... 5 3B Tasarım, 3D Modelleme, İnşaat Mimarisi, Ev Tasarımı, İç Tasarım Jun 18, 2018 Jun 18, 20183g 23s €16
Creating models in 3d - interior design (sketchup) I'm an interior designer and I'm looking for some of the frequent collaboration in creating models or interiors in 3D (sketchup), sometimes rendering interiors. Thank you for the offers Kamila 65 3D Rendering, İç Tasarım, 3ds Max, 3D Modelleme, 3D Animasyon Jun 18, 2018 Jun 18, 20183g 22s €6
Architectural draftsperson - contract position Architectural draftsperson, proficient in Archicad, is required to prepare town planning and working drawings for bespoke new residential and renovation projects. Sound knowledge of construction and building regulations, and a willingness to adopt the company protocols regarding drawing layout/presentation is essential. You need to be self-motivated, have srtong time management skills and be able ... 29 CAD/CAM, İnşaat Mimarisi, AutoCAD, İç Tasarım, Çizim Jun 17, 2018 Jun 17, 20183g 11s €2287
Need a interior designer Need a interior designer for hotel 72 İnşaat Mimarisi, 3D Rendering, Ev Tasarımı, İç Tasarım, 3D Modelleme Jun 17, 2018 Jun 17, 20183g 2s €155
Architectural plan for tiny country house I would like a detail architectural plan including but not limited to: Title and Legend Sheets Elevations Foundation Plan Floor Framing Plans Floor Plans Ceiling Framing Plans Roof Framing Plans Window and Door Schedules Details and Section Views Interior Elevations Trade Plans (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) I have pictures and floor mappings that will make this very straight forward. 52 CAD/CAM, İnşaat Mimarisi, Ev Tasarımı, AutoCAD, İç Tasarım Jun 17, 2018 Jun 17, 20183g €116
Architectural drawings apartments Looking for a architect who has experience in drawing multi level apartments and who is familiar with the Australian residential res codes, a small project to design 3 level , we have existing drawings which can be worked off or a total new design. 72 CAD/CAM, İnşaat Mimarisi, 3D Rendering, AutoCAD, İç Tasarım Jun 17, 2018 Jun 17, 20182g 19s €125
3d View Required for Office Space.. Hi I need a Single 3d view for a office reception. If I Like your work I will tell you to do 7 more views for the same office. Right now I require a single view for Reception Area. I need this by today night. I have attached all the details and content. 56 3D Rendering, İç Tasarım, 3ds Max, 3D Modelleme, 3D Animasyon Jun 17, 2018 Jun 17, 20182g 18s €82
Make a 10 marla house plan you need to make house plan for 3 story 10 marla house. First send me an elevation plan. If your elevation plan is interesting. I'll award the project and we can talk about making detailed space design. 51 İnşaat Mimarisi, 3D Rendering, Ev Tasarımı, AutoCAD, İç Tasarım Jun 16, 2018 Jun 16, 20182g 6s €140
I would like to hire an Interior Designer Complete interior work with Designing and drawings for my 4Bhk flat with Prices 33 İç Tasarım Jun 16, 2018 Jun 16, 20181g 21s €74
carpentry work in residential house i need to build a wardrobe and some other structures in my house so i need someone with good knowledge about carpentry and its functioning to the work with me. 5 Ev Tasarımı, İç Tasarım, Mobilya Tasarımı, Marangozluk Jun 16, 2018 Jun 16, 20181g 19s €98
interiour design I build designer apartments. I provide 3d-scans/sketches/views of real apartments and apartments, corridors or building fronts. I need design sketches for ready furnished, painted, illuminated and decorated apartments. My favorite tool is Blender. 51 3D Rendering, İç Tasarım, 3D Modelleme, Tasarım Jun 15, 2018 Jun 15, 20181g 2s €17
Need interior designer to design my Apartment Interior Designer for my apartment. Please see attached the Floor plans with dimensions. Two rooms and a lounge area. I already have a King size bed (Grey color) , 55 inch Tv and a Red car racing bed. I am more after the arrangement of stuff, color of the Couch, pillows, mirrored dresser, Photo Frames and shoes racks etc and where to fit the furniture so it looks spacious. 1. One bedside... 16 3D Rendering, AutoCAD, İnşaat Mimarisi, Ev Tasarımı, İç Tasarım Jun 13, 2018 Jun 13, 201821g 21s €63
Project Eva Attached. Provide 3D model and interior design for the layout attached. Best interior design with creativity wins. #increaseprize - doubled and increased timeline. Appreciate your comments. Hoping to see good results. Thanks 3 3D Modelleme, AutoCAD, İnşaat Mimarisi, Ev Tasarımı, İç Tasarım Jun 11, 2018 Jun 11, 20182g 14s €173
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