Detailed Signet Ring Engraving

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I'm seeking an experienced artist to create a detailed and intricate design for a signet ring. The existing "Wildman" looks like a monk. Must have "woodbyne" around his head.

- I want the design to be a "Wildman", which is a mythical creature often depicted as a figure with long hair and beard, often accompanied by animals.

- This must be executed in a detailed and intricate style, to make the signet ring stand out.

- The design should be unique and suitable for a signet ring, which typically has a flat surface for the engraving.

Ideal skills and experience for this job include:

- Proficiency in detailed and intricate design work

- Experience in creating art for jewelry or small items

- Ability to bring a mythical figure to life in a visually appealing manner

Please include examples of your previous detailed and intricate work, especially in the realm of jewelry design, in your proposal.

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