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$5 USD / saat
   INDIA bayrağı
kolkata, india
$5 USD / saat
Şu anda burada saat 5:45 ÖÖ
Mayıs 31, 2006 tarihinde katıldı
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$5 USD / saat
   INDIA bayrağı
kolkata, india
$5 USD / saat
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Swarup Mukherjee Email : Phone No : 03326691137 Mobile No : 9883180282 A total of 11 Months of work experience in the software development and design area. Currently working with ARYANS ADVERTISING, Kolkata (Reg. No. K415/03) as Web Developer with .Net Domain. A total of 11 months experience in both on Client-Server Desktop application and Web Application (ASP.Net) using Microsoft Technologies. Proficient in programming with VB.Net,C#, ASP.Net,.Net Framework, [login to view URL],SQL Server and Crystal Reports. Ability to work in-group as well as independently with minimal supervision. Ability to learn new languages and tools quickly. Degree/ Std Institute/University Year of Passing Marks Discipline B. Tech. NIT (W.B.U.T) 2005 75.75% IT Languages C, C++. .NET Technology VB.Net,ASP.NET,C# Database SQL Server 2000 Area of Interest R.D.B.M.S, Data Structure Others Crystal Reports , XML Aryans Advertising Project Name Pharmaceutical Store Management Technical Details VB.Net, SQL Server2000 and Crystal Report Details This project is basically for managing and selling of pharmaceutical products. Its main feature is that it can automatically recognize an old customer and it will trigger that customer for some products which he is used to buy. This is done by maintaining the information of all related products and then noting the buying pattern of that particular customer. Another feature is that it gives the facility to produce report of users choice and has a front end for directly executing SQL statements for admin people. Modules Login Module: This module manages the login and password for Normal User and Administrator. Customer Module: It is responsible for handling Customer Record Doctor & Prescription Module: A customer is automatically triggered for purchasing items based on his prescription. This module handles the prescription information for all customers. Product Module: Product module handles the different product category, sub categories, its manufacturer details, the mapping of all related products (mapping of related products helps in triggering customer for purchasing items). Sales Module: This module handles the transaction of product selling. t keeps track of all transaction happening per day and per customer basis. Reporting Module: It generates the report for customer, product, customers prescription, transaction details, It also provides an interface for generating customized report where user can choose any fields he wants. SQL Interface Module: This module is only for Admin which helps him in running SQL scripts directly. Responsibility - Involved in designing and developing the solutions (including Code). Aryans Advertising Project Name Restaurant Automation System (Dash Serve) Technical Details VB.NET, SQL Server2000, Crystal Reports. Detail This is a restaurant automation system project which is intended to be run in a touch screen based environment. So the front end has been designed accordingly. The only user input type will be Button clicking. This software has two parts, one is Administrative part and another is User Part. The administrative part is for managing all the restaurant objects like food items and their cost, employees and tables. In user part, the user will be allowed to login in system using their password or PIN. He will be presented a user friendly restaurant layout and he can take the orders of customer and reserve the table according to its availability. The user can void an order (with managers permission), modify the order or close it. User can print the list of all items ordered by customer and record the payment amount and its mode. For any kind of operation the user has to only click or touch button. Modules Administrative Side: Employee Management: It keeps track of all employees details and maintains their PIN or Password. Table Management: Handles naming of different kind of tables (Patio Table, Large Table, Small Table etc.) and its total number of seats. Item Management: Items basically refers to all restaurant food items and drinks and beverages. An item may have its modifiers (like with drinks pea nuts and chips may be modifiers). So it tracks the item and modifiers and their prices. Table Mapping: This is actually for mapping the logical table name stored in database with actual table name shown in restaurant layout. This is way if one table is physically moved from one place to another; still we can identify the table with the same name. User Side: Login Module: Login module leads user to enter in the system with their PIN or password. Admin also uses the same module for logging into the system. Order Management (Splash): This module helps the Server (or Waiter) to manage the order starting from order creation, modifying the same and closing it. Restaurant Layout and Table Seats: This module represents the user with actual restaurant layout in a pictorial format i.e. all the tables with their position in restaurant. Order details Module: Here user enters the details of order i.e. he can select different food items and drinks items from food and drink category. He can also add the modifiers associated with a particular food or drink item. Promo Order Module: Promo order is for allowing food and drink item to customer for free with respective managers permission. Void Order Module: This module voids or cancels a particular order item or the entire order as a whole. Round-up Module: Round Up table automates the serving of same drinks items already served to a particular seat or table. Print and Payment Module: This is for printing the order details as a bill to customer. This captures the payment mode as well (cash, debit card, credit card). After payment is made the server closes the order. Responsibility - Involved in designing and developing the solutions (including Code). Aryans Advertising Project Name Online Media Network(Currently Working) Technical Details ASP.NET(C#), SQL Server2000. Detail We are developing a website which will allow users to view media campaigns set up by various different companies, and make comments on each campaign prior to its launch in the market place. There is a need for a forum type facility where users can log their comments and where they can be viewed by other users, and facilities to view the various campaign images. An administration facility is also required for the various levels of users of the site in order to maintain all campaigns as well the user base. User Interface Home Page Short introduction to what the website entails. Options for the user to either login to an existing account or create a new one. Create a New Account Anyone can create a new account. They will need to enter their email address which will serve as their login name. Enter a password. Forgotten password facility. Enter personal details  Name, Surname, Address, Company Name, Telephone Numbers (work and mobile), and Account Name. Once these are captured and submitted, the user ID should be created, along with the account using the selected account name, and the user ID linked to the specified account. Message confirmation that user account has been created  user ID, password and account name will be emailed to the user. Administrative functions Whoever creates the account becomes the account administrator. Must be able to assign this function to multiple people if necessary. Login Page User login is their email address. For each account the user is re-created, meaning that they may use the same email and password for each account that they are linked to. Once this is typed in, a list of the accounts linked to the user must be displayed. Once they select the account they wish to view, they will be prompted for their password. Once the password is entered they will be given access to the account they would like to view. Company Divisions Page Once the user has selected the account they wish to view, it will navigate to the Company Divisions page. On this page, the various divisions of the company will be listed as hyperlinks, underneath the company banner, which must be displayed on every page from here. Company logos and banners to be displayed under the Medianet website banner, within the page, not to replace the Medianet banner. Once the particular media campaign hyperlink is selected on the company page, a new page will be opened with a grid of thumbnail images of each campaign that particular company has listed on the site. Administrative functions: Divisional administrator and Account administrator must be able to: § Add divisions § Delete divisions § Make divisions inactive/active Campaigns Page A short description of the particular campaign should be listed under each thumbnail, as well as a few comments from the last comment posted by a user. The thumbnail images must be hyperlinks to the specific campaign page, as well as the test underneath the thumbnail. When the user selects either the image or the hyperlink text, they will navigate to the Campaign page. Administrative functions: Campaign, Divisional and Account administrator must be able to: § Add campaigns § Delete campaigns § Make campaigns inactive/active § Maintain campaign thumbnails. § Enter new captions for campaigns. Campaign Page Page has the company logo or banner at the top, just underneath the Medianet banner. The full image displayed in the thumbnail must be displayed as a full page image or as per the actual size of the image uploaded, so that users can view the content of the campaign media. Underneath the image, the comments block should be inserted, into which the user enters their comments about the campaign. This block should contain 2 columns: § Date comment was posted. § User Name of person who posted the comment. Must have an option to insert a new comment. Must have an option to save or edit the comment. Only the comment which the user enters must be editable, not all the comments. Administrative functions All levels of users must have access to this page to insert, view, save and edit comments. Responsibility - Involved in designing and developing the solutions (including Code). Final Year Project Project Name Online Mail, Chat System Technical Details ASP.NET(C#),SQL Server2000 Details This site serves 3 different type of electronics communication. Mail system, which can register a user in a secure way. Check a user authentication in a very secure way. A register user can only check mailbox and customize the mailbox option and send mail to other user. This system supports every aspect of email with very user-friendly interface but with very high security. Chat system, which can register a user in a secure way. Check a user authentication in a very secure way. A register user can only chat with the other register members who are currently logged in and customize the chat option. This system supports every aspect of CHAT with very user-friendly interface but with very high security. The website uses the latest technologies e.g. ASP.NET(C#) as front end and SQL Server2000 as backend. Responsibility - Involved in designing and developing the solutions (including Code). Fathers Name : Mr. Shyamal kr. Mukherjee Date of birth : 1st June, 1982 Nationality : Indian Sex : Male Languages Known : English, Hindi, and Bengali Hobbies : Playing computer games, Making Friends. Strength : Quick Learner, Enthusiastic, Honest, Flexible and willing to learn. Participated in organizing the college fest.
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