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5 Reasons Every Student Should Freelance

Freelancing while studying: make extra money & build your experience flexibly.
12 Ara 2022 • 3 dakikalık okuma
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Freelancing while studying: Make extra money & build your experience flexibly

It can be difficult to balance life as a student. There’s study sessions, social events, and the pressure of building your resume (sometimes with no pay). Freelancing can help you build that resume while making you money as well. And you get to define your projects and schedule along the way. As long as you’re honest about how much work you can take on - and you’ve got a killer time management system - freelancing can help bulk up not only your bank account but your portfolio too. Still not convinced? Here’s 5 more reasons why as a student, you should get freelancing: 

Practice makes perfect

You might be thinking - do I have the time? Well, why not look at it this way? If you pair your freelancing work with what you’re studying - freelancing will ensure that your studies are put into practice. And you get paid for it. A marketing student, for example, could do freelance social media management. A language student could be a freelance translator. A communications student could build their portfolio as a freelance blog writer. You’ll learn a whole host of new skills and tricks that weren’t accessible in the classroom. Freelancing is also likely to boost your grades as you spend more time practising what you’re studying. Who doesn’t want better grades?

Balance out ‘student life’ with some powerful testimonials

Student life can be great. Though, unfortunately, rewatching your favourite show 5 times on Netflix, impressive beer pong skills & an affinity for clubbing isn’t exactly something to showcase on your resume.But, freelancing means you can start building an excellent reputation in your field. It’s a testament to your initiative, professionalism and skills. And as long as you focus on delivering quality work, you will create a trail of satisfied clients who can attest to that experience down the track. And even if you haven’t finished your degree, employers will still hire you. Starting out with introductory rates, which you can slowly increase as you gain experience, goes a long way.Once you’ve got your first client - things will naturally pick up from there as new clients get more confident in your abilities. An ‘extra mile’ attitude will produce an array of testimonials that might be the difference between you landing that dream job a few years down the track and it being passed onto someone else! 

Feedback is golden

Now, if you’re feeling anxious about committing yourself to a project - why not try a Freelancer contest first? Contests don’t have extended time commitments but they do provide an opportunity for feedback. The last thing you want to do is commit to a project that requires skills you don’t yet have. Contests can provide you with feedback that you can use to eventually complete those bigger projects. Contests are also a fun way to get creative and win money on top of your current income. Whether you’re into website design, graphic design, or even poetry - there’s definitely a contest on for you.

Flexibility is a given

This isn’t some hectic retail job that clashes with your timetable. As a freelancer, you are your own boss. You get complete control over when and where you work. So if you’re going to Europe next month? No worries. Just avoid taking on any projects till you get back. Moving house? Your clients just go with you. Exams coming up? Dial back the projects. Basically, freelancing adjusts with you and your schedule. With no conflicts whatsoever - this means more productive days for you.

Money makes the world go round

When you're a student, it can be difficult to make ends meet. While more drastic approaches such as selling a kidney are probably a quicker way to make instant money, taking the time to establish your reputation as a freelancer is well worth it in the long run. And though it can be daunting at first, there’s nothing quite as rewarding as making money from something you’re passionate about. When you want to land that well-paying job, potential employers will be looking for someone qualified & ready upon their demand. Your freelance experience provides that. Or you can always grow a career as a freelancer too. 
So, whether you're looking for a flexible way to fund your student life or you dream of becoming a full-time freelancer - find the unique talent that you can share with the world. Then start sharing it.
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