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    online messaging system. Postgress sql should be used as database. Backhand should be written with .net core 5. front end must be at least angular 10. singular should be used. For messages sent to the ofline user, it should be kept on the rappit mq and the relevant person should be able to see the messages when online A simple messaging system. one-to-one messages should be sent, and pictures and audio files should not be sent. message can be shared. it should be like whatsapp web app as full example. All conversations sent documents should be recorded in the database.

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    €28 - €233
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    Game Content: An mobile game with 79 dots and 38 pawns, candycrush-like, checkers-like, unique, single player and 3 difficulty levels against the computer, with a 2D interface. Project content: UI and Assets are ready. Everything about the mechanics of the game is clear. Apart from this, animation, sound, coding, publishing, en-tr language option, testing if necessary, adding advertisements, monitoring and finalizing the process belong to the seller. Wishes: - Special skills should come with the accumulated combo points and can be used during the game. - At the end of the game, the total score should be calculated from data such as time, number of combos, abilities used, number of moves, etc. - Leveling up, reward system, etc. with the total score calculated. it woul...

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    Zomato gibi projemiz vardır. Türkiyedeki restorant , cafe bilgilerine ihtiyacımız bulunuyor. Dosyalar .xlsx ve .cvs formatında teslim alınacaktır.

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    Sanat ve Sanatkarlar için bir e-ticaret site kurulumu aşamasında sosyal medya tanıtım metni.

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    Tuğba İpar Amasya Üniversitesi Tasarım Meslek Yğksekokulu Grafik Tasarım mezunu. Lisa hayatını Grafik Tasarımla tamamladı. Adobe İndesing , photoshop , illüstrator bilgi sahibi.

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    Evrensel ve Karmaşık

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    kumaş,kumaş alanlar,parti kumaş alan,parça kumaş alan,spot kumaş alan,stok kumaş alan keyword seo work site:

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    MAkale yazdırılacaktır.

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    "Hasta yatakları" anahtar kelimesinde web sitesini Google da ilk 3 e sokmak istiyorum.

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    ben bir photoshop işleriyle yani logo tasarımıyla uğraşıyorum işimi kendimce iyi yaptımdan eminim.

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    kumaş,kumaş alanlar,parti kumaş alan,parça kumaş alan,spot kumaş alan,stok kumaş alan keyword seo work site:

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    We are developing a social media monitoring app like hooutsite. When firms which are customers of us login to our site they can regulate their social media accounts (facebook, twitter and instagram). They can collect direct messages, likes, comments, mentions etc and olsu they must tweet, post direct message etc. The important point is that like hootsuite every customer can give permissions only one time. They must not be login social media accouts every time. When a customer login to our site he must be regulate his firms social media accouts over our product. We only need to regulate social media app settings and access token functions. Other codes are ready. It is not hard for experienced users. Please do not bid if you have not experiecnce. Thanks. ...

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    bunun geliştirme

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    ile aynı mantıkta çalışan bir web sitesi yaptırmak istiyorum. I want to create a website like

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    I need to urgently get done a website like website would be a kind of video sharing website. Features: Looks and functionality should be same a Facebook like,comment and shares. An admin panel where i can embed videos from youtube, display ads(Two slots for ad code) and select the categories. I need it to be done at a minimum price Selam bu projenin aynısından yaptırmak istiyorum daha önce siz 88 USD önermissiniz. Şu an bu projeyi baskasına sunmadım. Bu projenin HTML kısımını size vermek sureti ile kaç günde teslim edersiniz. Proje ile ilgili domain ve hosting kısmı da tamam. Sadece kodlanması ve admin kısmının yapılması gerekecek. Kodlamanın php olmasını istilorum MYadmin Mysql gereken tüm bilgile...

    €82 - €82
    €82 - €82
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    I am looking for a freelancer to create a job portal similar to HIRECT. The portal will include basic features such as job listings, resume posting, and employer profiles. I am also interested in adding custom features which will be specified in the project description. The design of the portal should be minimalist, with a focus on simplicity and ease of use. The project timeline is more than 4 weeks, so I am looking for a freelancer with experience in creating job portals who can work efficiently and effectively to ensure timely completion of the project.

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    I am looking for a developer to create a food delivery application like Zomato. The application should allow for ordering from multiple restaurants and include customizable menus. Ideal skills for this job would include experience in mobile app development and knowledge of database management. Additionally, experience with loyalty program implementation and order tracking features would be beneficial. I need customer module on application; the restaurant and admin module can be used on web. If you already have an application ready, that would be an advantage, as I need the app early as possible. Need some extra other food delivery customization.

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    I am looking for a website that functions as a directory of Real Estate Brokers. The website will require user registration and login functionality. I am open to suggestions for the platform or technology used to build the website. Ideal skills and experience for this project include: - Experience building directory websites - Proficiency in web development languages such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript - Experience with user registration and login functionality - Knowledge of SEO best practices for website optimization - Ability to create a user-friendly and visually appealing website design.

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    Hi there, I want to hire a freelancer who can make me a website just like onlyfans and fansly . The website interface should be neat and clean and easy to use.

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    I am seeking a web developer to create a poll survey like site for me. The purpose of the site is info gathering, so it must have customizable survey templates. I would also like for each survey to include less than 10 questions. - Front web site - Admin panel This project must be completed as soon as possible. In addition, I need an experienced freelancer who has a proven track record of delivering results on time, within budget, and to specification. If you believe that you have the necessary skills for this project, please apply and let me know how you can help me launch this survey site quickly and successfully.

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    I am looking for a freelancer to develop an ERC-20 copy trading program that will run on the Ethereum platform. The program's interface should be highly customizable and advanced. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in developing ERC-20 copy trading programs - Strong understanding of the Ethereum platform - Experience in developing advanced and customizable interfaces - Knowledge of trading strategies and market analysis - Ability to work collaboratively with the client to ensure project success I input the address to monitor, program refreshes target address every 2-3 seconds or so. If that address makes a trade on uniswap / sushiswap or some other decentralised exchange I want the program to do the same exact trade as the address it's been monitoring. P...

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    I need to create a BOT that interacts with my leads as if it were a human. I need to train him to answer questions, ask the customer intelligently, and interact in the way he is trained by me, as if he were an agent at my company. In parallel, he must qualify the lead, add tags according to the individual information of each lead, send automatic remarketing messages according to the tags of each lead. We thought about the possibility of integrating ManyChat with ChatGPT and maybe some CRM. Everything should be automatic, with as little interaction as possible from our human attendants. If you have this solution without menus, without lists with numbers for the customer to enter the option, in a totally humanized way, please contact us.

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me generate tables on images using Google sheet or a similar datasource. The project requirements are as follows: Skills and experience: The ideal freelancer for this project should have experience with Google sheet or similar datasource and be proficient in generating tables on images. They should also have strong attention to detail and be able to complete the project in a timely manner. Good communication skills required Project Details (read carefully): ======================== I would like to create new image for every row in a spreadsheet. My data is currenly in Google sheets. Each image needs to have just one row. Background and other image swill be static (10 different templates, which are all very si...

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    I am looking for a talented designer to create a new screen design for a financial institution offering loans. The design should have a modern and sleek feel, with a focus on the web platform. The key features that need to be highlighted on the screen design are the different loan types available and their corresponding rates. The ideal candidate should have experience in designing for financial institutions and be able to create an elegant and sophisticated design that is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Customer testimonials should also be incorporated into the design to build trust and credibility with potential clients. this is one design, We will be looking for a nice design for calculating home affordability.

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    I am seeking a developer who can modify my existing blockchain project on Ethereum. The modifications will involve both front-end and back-end changes to enable sending submitted and task completed messages to registered mobile numbers. The purpose of these messages is to confirm the completion of tasks. The ideal candidate should have experience working with Ethereum and be proficient in both front-end and back-end development.

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    I am looking for a web developer to create a website for personal use. I have some basic ideas, but I am open to suggestions for the design. The website I want to create is similar to and I want it to be of good quality. My budget is friendly, and I need the project completed as soon as possible. Ideal skills and experience for the job include: - Proficiency in web development languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript - Experience in creating responsive and user-friendly websites - Knowledge of web design principles and trends - Ability to integrate third-party tools and plugins to enhance website functionality - Strong communication skills to ensure project requirements are met and deadlines are achieved.

    €90 (Avg Bid)
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    Hi Folks. Looking full stack experts to develop announcing portal with functionality like autoscout24, .net core and angular, Material Design and azure publishing ready is a must. Send your estimate please. Happy to discuss.

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    I am looking for a skilled developer to create a project for me. It needs to be an app and website, similar to Testbook, for exam preparation and learning. Specifically, the app and website must include interactive quizzes and tests, video lectures and tutorials, and notes and study materials. The primary target audience for this project is working professionals, and I prefer an Android platform. If you are knowledgeable and experienced in this type of development, please apply!

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    I am looking for a Flutter developer to Customize & add some features [( for feature example or list see the attached file- I need exact features- so need to add the missing features but for Design we can use this flutter UI Kits- - as the said site used the same one- which reduce lot work load)] for this telemedicine system for my healthcare business ( I already installed the web version & the Live website is- ). The Nictus Script need to bug free - In addition, I require integration of a free EMR system. The Developer needs

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    I am looking for someone to help me with the registration page on my old Joomla website, specifically with the Paypal integration. I would like to eliminate all links that lead to the cart page, leaving only the "Register" button. In terms of additional requirements, I am open to suggestions from the freelancer. This project is solely focused on the registration page and no other aspects of my website. Ideal skills for the job include: - Proficiency in Joomla and Paypal integration - Ability to work with an old website - Creative problem-solving skills for finding solutions to eliminate specific links - Strong communication skills for suggesting additional features to enhance the registration page.

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    I need a landing page designed for my website, with a slider login feature. The primary goal of the landing page is to increase sign-ups. I prefer a colorful and vibrant design style. The landing page should also be mobile-responsive. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Experience designing landing pages that successfully increase sign-ups - Knowledge of responsive design principles - Expertise in web design and development - Ability to work efficiently and complete the project within 2 hours.

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    I am looking for a developer to create an app for finding homes for dogs and shelters, using a Tinder-like model. The app should be developed for both iOS and Android platforms. I have a detailed list of features and functionalities that I would like to include in the app. However, I do not require integration with any third-party services or APIs. Ideal skills for this job include mobile app development experience, familiarity with both iOS and Android platforms, and knowledge of user interface design. Communication skills are also important as we will need to collaborate on the development process.

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    I am looking for a website developer to create a vacation rental platform similar to Airbnb. The website will feature a variety of rental properties, including homes, apartments, and villas. Guests will have the option to either book instantly or request a booking. Ideal skills and experience for this project include: - Experience in website development and design - Knowledge of payment gateway integration with PayPal - Understanding of vacation rental platforms and user experience - Strong project management skills to ensure timely delivery and effective communication throughout the project. want the exact same UI and functionalities as Airbnb and want it within 2 weeks, If you are thinking of WordPress, please do not bid...

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    Hello there! I'm looking to hire a freelancer to develop a social media app similar to Instagram. The primary feature I'm interested in is photo and video sharing. The target audience for this app should be all ages, and it should be available as an iOS app as well as an Android app. If selected, the freelancer should have a proven track record of creating similar projects. The app should be connected to other social media channels, and be competitive with the latest features and design. I'm looking forward to seeing your bids, and am excited to get this project underway. Thank you!

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    min €28249
    13 teklifler looking for a male voice actor to help with the Cheshire Cat's voice for animated video endings. It's for our music Youtube channel Enjoyer Me: The project requires the voice actor to say the phrase "Like and Subscribe, Human!" in a natural and Purrrr engaging and relatable manner of Cheshire Cat. The Cheshire Cats voice reference that MUST-HAVE to watch: The ending screen sample: Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in voice acting for promotional videos - Ability to convey a friendly and relatable Cheshire Cat's tone - We prefer native US/UK English voices Maybe we'll ask about more voice works if your voice is good enough in samples. Kindly, attach your "Like and Subscribe, Human

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    ...designer to create a great design for my betting website. The website should be of top-quality, similar to Betfury or Stake. I am open to suggestions regarding color schemes and branding guidelines. However, I require that you communicate fast and update me with your work every 8 hours at least. If you cannot do that fast response or update please do not come anywhere near my projects. The primary functionality of the website should prioritize visual appeal. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in designing high-quality betting websites - Strong communication skills and ability to update the client regularly - Creative and innovative skills in designing visually appealing websites - Understanding of user experience and site performance - Abilit...

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    I am looking for a talented app developer to create a ride-hailing app that functions similar to Ola. The app needs to be able to provide basic ride booking services, with the option for advanced ride booking with multiple stops. Additionally, I want the app to offer ride sharing options. The scope of this application should be limited to a specific region, although I am open to exploring global markets in the future. This app should be developed for both iOS and Android devices.

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    I am looking for a freelancer to create an HTML theme page for my informational website. The specific color scheme I have in mind is important to me, i need exactly same theme ( clonne or very similaire ) to this page : I need same page, only the main home page. That mean, same header, body and footer of the home page. Ideal Skills and Experience: - HTML/CSS proficiency - Experience creating single-page website designs - Strong design skills to ensure the color scheme is executed effectively - Understanding of user experience best practices for informational websites I ready to hire you right now, i need this page done today

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    App like Uber Eats 3 gün left

    Briefly, I am looking for a developer to create an app similar to Uber Eats for both iOS and Android platforms. The app must include in-app payment functionality using Stripe as the preferred payment gateway. Specific features required include: - In-app payment - Reviews - location locator - 6 app with 1 admin panel - Delivery tracking Ideal candidate should possess experience in developing similar apps, knowledge of Stripe payment gateway and expertise in both iOS and Android app development.

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    For a modest budget feature film, we need two comic book covers designed that resemble (but aren't) the Little Archie comic books. We will use them to cover actual comic books so that these can be shown on camera. The size of each cover is 6.02 x 8.99 inches. Sample is here, although ours will have a different name and can be a little simpler: or

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    I want to build a superfone like service that allows users to get virtual numbers .i only want to build backend api's . the service should allow users to get phone numbers get call recording call stats other phone number management services

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    We want Excercise flutter app for android and ios reference requirements given in below app link Splash Screen Sliding Images Sign Up Page - Name, Mobile Number, Email Id (Optional), Password - OTP verification -Login Page Bottom Navigation Tabs - Excercise , Gift Shop, My Success Story, Setting Navigatin Menus My Profile My Subscriptions Change Password - About App - Share App - Rate Us Note : Excercise section will be same as given in refernce app link.

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    I need an Elementor template kit set up on Wordpress to look like the Demo. Quick job!

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    I am looking for a freelancer to design a PPT for my company name Alt Dash that will serve as a SEO Proposal. The ideal candidate should have skills in Content Creation, Design, Editing, Copywriting, Visuals, and ppt templates. Color Scheme: Alt Dash PPT is attached. Visuals: The most important visuals for this presentation are Charts/Graphs/Images/Video/Animation/Text. The freelancer should create a presentation that is visually appealing with suitable graphics and images. The content should be engaging and informative, highlighting the key points of the company. The presentation should be editable, allowing me to make changes in the future.

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