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    Figma dosyasıyla tasarım tasarımı Tailwind veya Bootstrap'te duyarlı olarak oluşturulabilir. * kodlanması gerekmektedir. Dinamik tasarım özellikleri işlevseldir (Örneğin ileri geri butonları ve elemanların kayması vb.) beklenir.

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    ...React JS A++) konularında yeterli tecrübeye sahip, girişken, sadece verilen görevi yerine getirecek değil projenin gidişatına etki edecek ve projeye yorum katabilecek tecrübeli yazılımcılar mesaj aracılığıyla iletişime geçebilirler. GENEL NİTELİKLER • Arayüz kodlamada en az 2+ yıl deneyimli, • Cross-Browser ve Responsive kodlama konusunda deneyimli, • CSS framework ( Bootstrap, Foundation, Flex, Tailwind vb. ) yapılarına hakim, • HTML5, CSS3 (Less, Sass vb.), Javascript konusunda deneyim sahibi, • Modern Javascript Frameworkleri hakkında bilgi sahibi ve en az birinde uygulama geliştirmiş (ReactJS, Angular2+, VueJS, Typescript vb.), • Cross Platform Mobile Frameworkleri hakkında bilgi sahibi (React Native, Flutter), •...

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    Gonderilen tasarimin Tailwind css ve html ile kodlanmasi.

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    Merhaba Mehmet. Tailwind css ile yapilacak yorum modulu ile ilgilenir misin?

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    Merhaba Fethi. Tailwind css ile yazilcak bir yorum modulu var ilgilenir misin?

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    Merhaba Sefa Tailwind css ile yapilacak bir yorum modulu yapilacak ilgilenir misin?

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    ..., TypeScript, and Tailwind. The primary aim of the website is to be responsive across various browsers. Key aspects of the project include: - Development of a responsive website: The website should look and function well on a variety of devices. - Cross-browser compatibility: It's essential that the website works on all major browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge, Opera, Brave, and Vivaldi. - Design aesthetics: I have a flexible outlook on design - I appreciate minimalistic, bold and vibrant, and elegant and modern design styles. These elements should be incorporated into the website design. The ideal freelancer for this job should have experience in: - Building responsive websites using React.js, , TypeScript, and Tailwind. - Ensurin...

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    ...not being generated at all during content sharing. • The solution desired is a mechanism that generates thumbnails in both JPEG and PNG formats when content is shared out of our system. • The thumbnails generated should be visible on all social media platforms where the shared content appears. This project requires a technically proficient individual who is adept at PHP Laravel, Vue.js, and tailwind CSS. Experience in graphic generation and understanding how content sharing operates across various media platforms is crucial. By resolving this issue, you will significantly improve the user experience of our web app, making it more accessible and desirable for sharing across social media platforms....

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    ...Experience with the SaaS Pegasus boilerplate is highly preferred, as the project will be based on this framework. Stripe Integration Experience: Must have experience in integrating Stripe for handling subscriptions and billing processes. API Integration Skills: Ability to integrate third-party APIs is crucial, particularly for managing mobile proxies. Frontend Proficiency: Comfortable working with Tailwind CSS and JavaScript, React experience is a plus as the frontend may require custom development. Project Goals: To create a reliable and user-friendly platform where users can easily manage their mobile proxy subscriptions. Implement secure, scalable solutions that handle user data and proxy configurations effectively. Provide seamless Stripe integration for subscription managem...

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    I'm searching for an experienced Laravel developer to construct a site in two stages. This stands as a Software as a Service (SaaS) project designed to aid with product uploads onto e-commerce and marketplace platforms. Site will need to be built in Laravel using the blade framework and tailwind. It will include integrations with and I have provided a fill project outline so please ensure that it is read before bidding as i need the costing in 2 parts. The cost for stage 1 and cost for stage 2 as we would like an MVP of the product first. Please ensure that your bid has the cost of both parts but in the description include the split between both parts and the hourly rate.

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    ...issues/responsiveness issues and work well and look good on mobile/laptop/desktop for my website using the MERN Stack. The key features of the front end design include a responsive design, user-friendly navigation, and custom animations. I prefer to use Tailwind CSS for this project. I need the project completed within 1-2 weeks, so the ideal candidate will have experience working with tight deadlines and be able to deliver quality work within a short timeframe. Tech: Front-end Framework: React.js/Angular with + Typescript Styling: Tailwind CSS Requirements: - Must be ready to be able to be integrated with a backend and have all components and APIs required - Must be responsive (work across mobile/desktop/laptop/tablet screens) - Must not have any spacing/alignment/...

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    I'm working on a small React and MongoDB app and need someone to help me complete it. Key Features: - User Authentication - CRUD Operations (Create, Read, Update, Delete) - Data Filtering and Searching. Design: You'll need to use basic Tailwind components to create the UI as I haven't designed it yet. External APIs: I'm not sure if the app will require any external APIs or integrations, so guidance on this would be appreciated. Your role will primarily be to help me finish this project and ensure it functions smoothly. Prior experience with similar projects will be a plus. project details- The database that needs to be used is mongo db and react will be used All users should arrive at the login page User1 – admin user - Once login cred...

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    I need you to redesign my webpage using Tailwind CSS Requirements: - use only Tailwind CSS - the deliverable should be only the different html files of the different pages in my website (no additional css files) - clean code where each section of the page is separate from the others

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    31 teklifler my graduation, I am seeking a frontend developer who is expert in using the react.js, and CSS Tailwind frameworks. The project is hosted on GitHub which you can find more details on the link provided. The frontend should have the following key features: - User Authentication - Responsive Design - Interactive UI Components I need these features to be efficiently implemented using for server-side rendering and the Styling to be designed using CSS Tailwind. The overall interface should work interactively and reflect the educational theme of the project. Ideal Candidate Requirements: - A proven track record of developing frontend using react.js, , and Tailwind. - Previous experience that showcases your skills in building user authentication, intuitive design ...

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    I'm in need of a web application that leverages generative AI to assist with creating professional resumes. I already built a functional skeletons which consists of: , Stripe, Mailgun, Tailwind, NextAuth, MongoDB. Here are some key points to guide you on this project: - **Purpose**: The main intention of this app is to generate compelling resumes. - **Technologies**: It should be developed using NodeJS and NextJS, Mongodb/dynamodb, openAi/Anthropic api. - **Features**: - **Template Selection**: Users should be able to choose from a variety of resume templates. - **Content Generation**: The application should automatically generate appropriate and well-structured bullet points based on the user's input. - ** PDF download - **Design Preferences**: The resume template...

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    I am seeking a frontend engineer with proven proficiency in Nuxt, Tailwind, Typescript, RUST, and GoLang, to work on a Progressive Web Application (PWA). Key Responsibilities: - Converting design mockups into interactive web apps using and Tailwind CSS - Ensuring the site is responsive, optimized, and compatible across various platforms and browsers - Implementing SEO best practices and ensuring the project is well-documented Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong experience with and Tailwind CSS is essential - Proficiency in GoLang and RUST is preferred - Prior experience working on PWAs - Familiarity with SEO practices for web development - Ability to translate design into clean, maintainable, and reusable code - Being able to work in a fast-paced setup If you&#...

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    I'm in need of a React application that will serve as a simple login system. The app will be using MongoDB to store user login information. Process will be: User logs in. Their login information persists in their state and they can create a user profile and access their user profile Log out and log back in

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    ... To get to know you better and where your specialties are, please rate yourself from 1-10 (10=best) on the following and include a brief explanation as why you gave yourself that rating: 1. Wordpress 2. Divi 3. Wordpress plugins (can you or have you ever built one?) 2. SEO experience 3. Javascript 4. Node.js 5. Angular 16 6. API development 7. HTML / CSS 8. PHP 9. Python 10. ERP systems 11. Tailwind 12. TaigaUI 13. Chrome Extensions (please rate yourself and provide any examples you might have) 14. Google Add-on 15. Keyword research tool 16. Web scripts 17. AI / ChatGPT experience 18. Web scraping 19. Logo design Next, please answer these "get to know you" questions: Why are you interested in this job/project? What's your favorite stack? How many & what ...

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    ...components and design patterns to ensure consistency and maintainability across the website. - Implement responsive design techniques to create seamless user experiences on various screen sizes and devices. - Update the framework and implement the latest features using NextJS 14. Skills: - Proven experience in UI/UX design for web applications. - Excellent English - Proficiency in NextJS 14, Tailwind CSS, TypeScript, and Node.js. - Familiarity with Restful API design principles and implementation as well as experience working with MySQL or similar relational databases. - Strong skills in translating Figma files into high-quality, interactive front-end designs. - Ability to work independently or as part of a sprint, demonstrating effective communication and collaboration. - Abili...

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    Hi, We are modernizing our website. We are pretty happy, but some gradients or warmth is missing. Please add only very little (!) highlights or bg-gradients to the project. (It is a Vue project. So as a deliverable you either edit the Vue files or give clear instructions how to implement in tailwind-css) If you want you can get the Vue-project in order to implement your changes. Please let me know and I'll send it.

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    Hello All, Looking for an Individual who can start immediately and give a good UI and also build frontend in react and tailwind, must be responsive

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    ...about the progress of the process and the result of connecting with the customer, including information about successful and unsuccessful sales. Technical requirements: Use Laravel for backend. Use Laravel migrations to create the tables. Implement Eloquent to interact with the database. Integrate Laravel Mail to send emails. For frontend, use Blade along with Bootstrap (or Tailwind CSS). Maybe something ready, open-source. Frontend is not a priority. Optional: - Write Pest (or PHPUnit) tests to verify and ensure the operation of core functionalities, including user operations. Documentation: A file should contain instructions for installing and running the task. Task 2: The application should store information about our new customers. • The d...

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    I'm looking for a skilled React developer to assist with building a website using Tailwind CSS. Key Responsibilities: - Develop web pages using React - Implement Tailwind CSS for consistent, responsive design - Ensure the website is performant and bug-free - Collaborate with team members to understand and deliver on project requirements Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in React and Node.js - Strong knowledge of Tailwind CSS - Previous experience with website development - Good understanding of front-end development - Excellent communication and teamwork skills If you are a proactive developer with a strong eye for design, and a passion for creating clean, responsive web applications, I would love to hear from you.

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    Seeking an experienced UX Designer skilled in JavaScript and Tailwind. - Creating modern prototypes - Designing high conversion user interfaces - Designing user workflows that activate users - Occasional PDF layout tasks Please provide your portfolio link and DM me to confirm this is your true hourly rate As a condition of bidding you agree you will assign all IP created

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    129 teklifler display data and avoid re-fetching. Manage weather data state centrally and pass down necessary data as props. Type Safety: Utilize TypeScript for type safety throughout the application. Define interfaces or types for weather objects and API responses. Optional Features: Utilize the preferred stack, such as for the frontend framework, MST (MobX State Tree) for state management, and Tailwind CSS for styling. Implement geolocation to automatically detect and display the weather for the user's current location. Maintain history of viewed locations' weather. Provide options to switch between different units of measurement (e.g., Celsius/Fahrenheit, metric/imperial). Add a feature to save favorite locations for quick access. Deployment: Deploy your project with any hos...

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    I'm looking to purchase two top-quality fronte...frontend projects to help me showcase my skills. I specifically need them to be related to the E-commerce industry, and they should be highly engaging and interactive. Key Project Requirements: - Two frontend projects with a focus on anything - Quality design and responsiveness - Preferably built using and Tailwind CSS - High interactivity with dynamic content and API integrations to display my frontend skills Your expertise in frontend development, particularly with , Tailwind CSS, and integrating dynamic content and APIs, will be critical in delivering these projects. I'm open to reviewing your proposals and negotiating a fair price for the work. Looking forward to seeing your portfolio and discussing potential c...

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    Looking for someone who is a master at creating amazing user interfaces. My app is not yet MVP and is using Tailwind CSS with Flowbite in a .NET C# Blazor environment. Seeking someone FAST and self DRIVEN to come in and assess our current designs and come up with a better presentation, layout, implementation for our currently unpolished pages. The most ideal candidate will have direct prior experience with Blazor, C#, Tailwind CSS and Flowbite. If this is you, please send me samples of your work! --- Software architect and engineer seeks a skilled developer who can create a progressive web application using C# with Blazor, and styled with Tailwind CSS and Flowbite. The main purpose of this application is to help users preserve their memories in a digital format. ...

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    Senior Full Stack Developer (Node.js/Vue.js) - SAAS EMR System We are seeking a skilled full-stack developer with 3+ year experienced for a SAAS-based Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system. Responsibilities: -Architect and develop scalable and efficient services using Node.js, -Implement intuitive UI/UX using Vue.js and Tailwind Css. -Implement RESTful APIs and integrate third-party services -Optimize application performance and ensure code quality and debugging issues reported by users or tester -Plan, develop, and implement microservices Requirements: -Minimum 3 years experience in Node.js and Vue.js. -Proficiency in building and consuming RESTful APIs, and experience with API design principles. - Previous experience in SAAS based EMRs, Seeder, Data migration and Functional mo...

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    Que tal, busco experto en Svelte y tailwind para realizar de momento un calendario donde se muestren a manera de agenda todos los registros de la BD que cumplan con esa fecha. Algo como tipo calendario de Google o como el calendario de Outlook. Se deben utilizar componentes de tailwind ui. Se requiere lo más pronto posible y semanalmente abra más tareas hasta terminar el proyecto que actualmente se encuentra en un 70%.

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    ...developer who can help convert my JPG/PNG image and PSD into a Grav CMS template using html/twig and Tailwind CSS. The emphasis is on the template conversion and no additional features like blog or newsletter subscriptions are needed. Here are the specifications: • Template Files: I will provide the necessary PSD and image files for the existing website design. • Device Specific Designs: I only have a design for desktop and there aren't really any specific requirements for the responsive versions (mobile & tablet), but i want to have a say in the design of mobile header and menu. Ideal Skills: • Experience in front-end development • Proficiency in HTML/Twig and CSS • Experience with Tailwind CSS • Familiarity with Grav CMS template ...

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    I'm looking for someone who can take my Figma designs and work their magic to turn them into fully responsive HTML for my job portal website. It's crucial that you're able to stick to our brand's specific guidelines, including using the right colors and fonts. I'll hand over the Figma designs, and all you'll need to do is bring them to life with Tailwind + React, ensuring everything looks and works perfectly on all screen sizes. Here's what I'm looking for in the ideal candidate: 1) Proficient in Figma and HTML 2) Experience in rapid website development 3) Ability to adhere to brand guidelines with precision 4) Expertise in responsive design, ensuring the site looks great on all screen sizes 5) Adherence to industry standards and best pract...

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    83 teklifler [Centrifuge's pool page](). They also have the option to request withdrawals from pools and initiate swaps between pools. Technology Stack: - We prefer to use Astro as the web framework ([Astro]()). - Frontend and Backend will utilize the open-source UI admin dashboard template built with components from Flowbite and based on the Tailwind CSS framework ([Flowbite Admin Dashboard]()). - We will provide a Figma FigJam prototype design, which needs to be reconstructed using Flowbite UI. - The project offers significant freedom in UX/UI design. - Web3 infrastructure will be built using Thirdweb, an open-source web3 development platform ([Thirdweb]()).

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    ... To get to know you better and where your specialties are, please rate yourself from 1-10 (10=best) on the following and include a brief explanation as why you gave yourself that rating: 1. Wordpress 2. Divi 3. Wordpress plugins (can you or have you ever built one?) 2. SEO experience 3. Javascript 4. Node.js 5. Angular 16 6. API development 7. HTML / CSS 8. PHP 9. Python 10. ERP systems 11. Tailwind 12. TaigaUI 13. Chrome Extensions (please rate yourself and provide any examples you might have) 14. Google Add-on 15. Keyword research tool 16. Web scripts 17. AI / ChatGPT experience 18. Web scraping 19. Logo design Next, please answer these "get to know you" questions: Why are you interested in this job/project? What's your favorite stack? How many & what ...

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    Chess Web app Bitti left

    Looking for someone to build a chess Web app Online play AI Play [ Stockfish] Tournament Black and light theme User registration and login User ranking/ leaderboard Technology React Express MySQL Tailwind GitHub Max Budget= 250 CAD , Don't Send proposal otherwise, Add #250 in Proposal / Bid Dev needs to share daily progress through GitHub, i should be invited in GitHub codebase to see daily progress Properly documented codebase

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    I'm in need of a professional with experience in Tailwind CSS and minimalistic design to enhance my web application. The primary tasks are as follows: - Employ Tailwind CSS for styling the application - Adhere to a clean, minimalistic design approach - Expertise in HTML, CSS, and React is preferred The worker must be able to convert simple HTML and CSS into React and Tailwind CSS, as this is a critical part of the process. Preferably, you'll have a solid understanding of creating engaging and user-friendly applications. Familiarity with authentication components, data visualization components, and form/input components would be beneficial as part of this project. Prior experience with similar projects is highly valued. Looking forward to receiving your p...

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    Looking for a seasoned expert in Tailwind CSS. I’m building front end using Laravel blade and Livewire and I need help with layout.

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    Convert all the screens in this figma file to HTML, tailwind in existing Angular repo It should responsive and follow seo best practices You can use AI or figma plugins ;node-id=0%3A1&mode=design&t=Ny7hEuBsmfZHR425-1

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    We have hosted Documenso () on our VM and need someone to integrate it with our current codebase(built with ). Goal: - Allow our users to sign documents without signing up to Documenso. Flow: - Have the same UI ported directly into our codebase as a submodule(or any other way) - Keep it hosted on our VM and need someone to integrate it with our current codebase(built with ). Goal: - Allow our users to sign documents without signing up to Documenso. Flow: - Have the same UI ported directly into our codebase as a submodule(or any other way) - Keep it hosted separately on the subdomain and let it interact with the main website over API. Our stack: - - Tailwind CSS - Shadcn UI - Supabase Auth

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    ...and a Laravel back-end, and uses GraphQL and REST APIs. It also utilizes microservices, an SQLite database, indexedDB, cache API, and Service Workers. We built it with TypeScript and styled it with Tailwind CSS, and Google Sheets APIOur web application has two main components: a front-end and a Laravel back-end. It uses both GraphQL and REST APIs and relies on microservices architecture. We store data in an SQLite database, use indexedDB and cache API for faster performance, and implement Service Workers for offline support. We wrote the code in TypeScript and styled the app with Tailwind CSS and the Google Sheets API. HTTP requests, message queues, databases, enterprise service bus (ESB), webhooks, integration layer, and JSON are all essential elements of a modern soft...

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    I'm looking for a senior frontend developer with Svelte experience. You should be capable of rapidly implementing a minimum prototype from scratch. You only need to deal with one person (me), I'm a developer myself but 'm now managing a number of projec...speed very quickly. I basically have an unlimited supply of work for the right person, whether or not that person is on Freelancer is something I'm very unsure of, but if they are, I'll hire them! To quickly filter out people who haven't read this, please include "6ry" in your response. Thank you! Please include links to the repository of projects you have created with Svelte/Typescript/Tailwind. I need to see the code and I'm not willing to spend time discussing anything with a...

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    Are you passionate about crafting innovative web solutions with Python at the forefront? We're seeking a talented Python Full Stack Developer to join our dynamic team. We wa...closely with team members to understand project requirements and adhere to project timelines. Must-Have Skills: - Proficiency in Python, HTML, and JavaScript is essential. - Demonstrated experience in producing high-quality Python code for production environments. - At least 3 years working with Python or 1 year in Technical leader position leading Python project. - Familiarity with Quasar and Tailwind CSS is highly preferred. - Effective verbal communication skills in English are required for seamless collaboration within the team. Join us in shaping the digital landscape with your expertise! [Re...

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    Actualmente se está desarrollando un proyecto CMMS (Software de Gestión de Mantenimiento) en Sveltekit (tanto front como back bajo una arquitectura de API Rest). El proyecto ya ha iniciado y se cuenta con un equipo de desarrollo pero se requiere avanzar en desarrollo y sus módulos a mayor velocidad. It's SvelteKit + Typescript + Mysql (TypeORM). Frontend is Svelte with Tailwind CSS El software cuenta con los siguientes módulos: - Dashboard - Solicitudes - Cotizaciones - Órdenes de Trabajo - Editor Catálogos - Reportes Se adjunta el prototipo del proyecto con flujos así como capturas de la versión que se está desarrollando. Se requiere una persona con disponibilidad de tiempo (Cerca de 20 hrs por semana) por lo ...

    €8 - €14 / hr
    Acil Mühürlü Gizlilik Anlaşması
    €8 - €14 / hr
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    We’re on the hunt for a UI/UX designer with expertise in Tailwind CSS, Bootstrap, HTML, jQuery, and PHP. This is an 8-hour paid trial aimed at assessing your design and coding skills for potential long-term projects. Objective: Your task involves a redesign of a poorly designed UI screenshot and code refactoring. This will test your ability to implement modern design principles in a responsive format. Project Scope: Duration: 8 hours, with prospects for ongoing work. Tasks: Redesign a specific UI based on provided screenshot and refactor given code. Focus on responsive and aesthetically pleasing design. Collaboration: Must be available for feedback and discussions during the trial. Bidding Instructions: Quote: Submit your hourly rate and total cost for the 8-hour trial. ...

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    ...familiar with Tailwind, to create a dynamic CRM dashboard. Key Project Points: - Features: The dashboard should include key features such as user management, lead tracking, and sales analytics. - User Management: You'll weave together an engaging and intuitive user management system. Specific functionalities required are missing, so a firm understanding of standard User Management tools such as roles, permissions, and profile management is a must. - Data Visualization: The ability to integrate data visualizations such as bar, pie, and line charts into the dashboard is crucial. Ideal applicants should have a detailed understanding of web design principles and be able to present portfolio evidence showcasing their previous work on similar projects. Experience with Tai...

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    I require a highly skilled front-end developer, proficient in specific programming languages including React, Vue, Node.js, Tailwind CSS, TypeScript, and single page applications (SPA). Key Tasks & Responsibilities: - Since the answer to the third question was skipped, we'll assume that the developer's tasks will involve common front-end jobs. Extra details will be clarified during the selection process. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in HTML, CSS, JavaScript - Adept with Vue and React - Familiarity with Node.js - Experienced in using Tailwind CSS and TypeScript - Ability to build SPAs. The chosen candidate must have hands-on experience in the above-mentioned technologies and frameworks. If you can demonstrate prior work showcasing your skills in...

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    ...the back end. Collaborate with other team members and stakeholders. Requirements: Strong proficiency in JavaScript, including DOM manipulation and the JavaScript object model. Thorough understanding of Vue.js and its core principles. Experience with Vue.js workflows (Vuex, Vue Router). Familiarity with newer specifications of ECMAScript. Knowledge of front-end CSS frameworks like Bootstrap or Tailwind CSS. Familiarity with code versioning tools, such as Git. How to Apply: Interested candidates should submit a resume and a portfolio showcasing recent Vue.js projects. A cover letter detailing your experience with Vue.js development and why you're excited about this opportunity is also welcome....

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    As the client, I am looking for an experienced React and Tailwind developer with strong UI/UX skills. The ideal candidate should have an excellent capability in: - Wireframing and Prototyping: To create the best user interface, I need a professional who can translate ideas into a visible and interactive design using these two techniques. - Frontend Development: The project requires high coding proficiency in making the visual part of the project as interactive as possible. - Component Creation: Creating reusable components for scalability and clarity. - Integration with Backend APIs: To ensure smooth data flow and operation, the developer should be competent in integrating front-end components into our back-end services. In terms of experience, I require someone with no less...

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    I urgently need a skilled Django developer with extensive experience in CSS, JavaScript, and HTML to help ‘translate’ my existing project from React + Tailwind to Django. I already started the project, but several components are missing. Key Objectives: - Replicating the frontend design and functionality in Django - Ensuring seamless integration of CSS, JavaScript, and HTML within Django Requirements: - Deep understanding of Django, CSS, JavaScript, and HTML - Familiarity with both React and Tailwind is highly desirable - Ability to deliver high-quality work on tight deadlines Your role will be crucial for the success of this project. I need you to make sure that the existing functionalities are accurately replicated in Django. I require this task to be comple...

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    Greetings If you can develop using remote access, this project is for you. You need to know: Django Graphql (Graphene) Apollo Client Tailwind React js Please check project requirements and place your best bid. If you have any questions, those will be answered 100 times, no worries.

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