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A database could be anything from a simple shopping list to a picture gallery or the vast amount of information in a corporate network. To add, access, and process data stored in a computer database, you need a database management system such as a MySQL Server. MySQL is the world's most widely used Open Source database management system. It is developed, distributed, and supported by Oracle Corporation. Your business might be using MySQL databases, so you may need help from MySQL experts and administrators. offers you a lot of professional and expert MySQL freelancers ready to help you having your jobs done.

Do you have the experience and the ability to do MySQL projects? offers you a lot of MySQL projects with clients who want help with establishing a MySQL database or edit one that already exists, converting an Excel database to MySQL, and solving MySQL problems.

If you believe you can do that, then start bidding on MySQL projects and get paid with an average of $200 per project!

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WordPress Plugins for New Mobile App We are developing a mobile app for a WordPress membership website that stores and manages member photos, videos and other data. The site has various member packages to choose from. Members pay for membership with Stripe. Our mobile app will function just like the existing website. We need a great WordPress developer to create one or more WordPress plugins to allow our mobile app to access/perfor... 17 PHP, Web Sitesi Tasarımı, WordPress , CSS, MySQL Jun 19, 2018 Bugün6g 23s €439
adapt and integrate a script for use on wowonder platform (livestreaming) I have a live stream script that i need to work with wowonder, and will require some code modifications. I will be sending the script and server info to get it integrated. 7 PHP, Javascript, Yazılım Mimarisi, MySQL, HTML Jun 19, 2018 Bugün6g 23s €152
Geo-based Traffic project: Continuing Web AND App development Media4u implements innovative IT and multimedia projects for its own marketing. We are currently developing a sophisticated, new, geo-based web service in the area of transport/traffic/telematics/automotive. In this case, additional development support is needed very soon for a long-termed cooperation. A go to market should be done by finishing release 1 as quick as possible. Please note: ->... 5 J2EE, Android, MySQL, RESTful, Xamarin Jun 19, 2018 Bugün6g 23s €13
PHP script - get google top 100 results and store in mysql db 1 - php script 2 - query google top 100 results for specific keyword 3 - store each url in mysql db bids over 100 won't be hired. 20 PHP, Javascript, Yazılım Mimarisi, MySQL, HTML Jun 19, 2018 Bugün6g 23s €62
Mine a website for product data I need product data mined from a website and put into a spreadsheet. I am a distributor for this company, but they are too slow with getting me the data to work with. If you look at the links below, you can see different product types have different tables. I need all of the data put into a spreadsheet, or at least a few spreadsheets if needed do to table types. Also need the table to include imag... 20 PHP, Web Sitesi Tasarımı, MySQL, HTML, ASP.NET Jun 19, 2018 Bugün6g 23s €142
Project for Bill S. Hi Bill S., I noticed you wanted to be involved in a Peatio-based cryptocurrency exchange project. I'm the founder of BON ([login to view URL]) and I'm looking to launch my own exchange (also on AWS) - would you be interested in? Cheers, Maciej 1 PHP, Javascript, AJAX, MySQL, HTML, Jun 19, 2018 Bugün9g 23s €86
E-Learning Title: E-Learning Tools: Maven, MySQL Role: Developer Technology: Java Duration: 15 days Team Size: 8 Description: Coder's Choice is a web application which helps users who want to start to learn from various resources. Coder's Choice provides different resources in the form of URL's, PDF and Videos. It allows users to take the test in multiple languages based on their interest and ... 7 Java, Javascript, Yazılım Mimarisi, MySQL Jun 19, 2018 Bugün6g 23s €480
android - Directions and map/images database lookup We'd like to make an android app for tablet to look-up/search, and display data and images for van/bus pickup spots. The 1st attached pic shows the data points we need. The 2nd pic shows text search, and a dropdown search we use in an access database. The address field should open link to google maps. We're open to either having images stored in a database - or in a local folder wi... 21 PHP, Mobile App Development, Android, MySQL, Google Maps API Jun 19, 2018 Bugün6g 23s €161
fix mediawiki website WHo can fix our mediawiki website we transferd to another server but the site i not working anymore. The script is Mediawiki. 13 PHP, Linux, Nginx, MySQL, HTML Jun 19, 2018 Bugün6g 22s €23
Magento 2 guru who can start right away Here are few quick website tasks to start with: +elasticsearch-for-magento-2-ce extension installation and configuration +checkout page taking too long - Does not proceed further +Site speed is slow - need to optimize it 7 PHP, Javascript, Magento, MySQL, HTML Jun 19, 2018 Bugün6g 22s €48
Building a database I am looking for a relationship database for a project/concept we are testing out. I have a start budget of $250, but a tight turnaround time 42 Yazılım Mimarisi, MySQL Jun 19, 2018 Bugün6g 22s €156
Error in lumen-lavarel installation I need fix this problem : Forbidden You don't have permission to access / on this server. Apache/2.4.33 (Raspbian) Server at [login to view URL] Port 80 12 PHP, Sistem Yöneticisi, Linux, Apache, MySQL Jun 19, 2018 Bugün6g 22s €16
Web ERP for distribution and transport system Develop a web ERP for distribution and transportation business using core 2.0 and Angular 6 with the help of Web API. Forms should be responsive and user-friendly. It should be designed as confirmation based in look coupled mode. Final code needs to be handover. 19 MySQL, ASP.NET, Angular.js Jun 19, 2018 Bugün6g 21s €758
PHP with postgres knowledge is required Complete project is done. But asked me to two small changes. Developer did not turn up. So I need to make these changes right now. Good programmer, it is matter of half an hour job. My budget is 600 INR Maximum. 6 PHP, Javascript, Web Sitesi Tasarımı, MySQL, HTML Jun 19, 2018 Bugün6g 21s €12
I need to build a tool to work with Ebay API The tool can be build in Laravel or core PHP, and need to deploy in to my server ( which I will give later ).Following function the should should handle: Able to save and update my live ebay api keys. Able upload Items CSV file, the tool should validate the CSV before run the list api Able revise items from csv using api revise post Please read the project till the end and when you reply, reply wi... 28 PHP, eBay, MySQL, Laravel Jun 19, 2018 Bugün6g 21s €30
export function in product section i have an E-commerce website with bulk upload functionality but i want a function to export all the product data of the website 8 PHP, Javascript, Web Sitesi Tasarımı, MySQL, HTML Jun 19, 2018 Bugün6g 21s €16
Need Database expert and developer/ Hi, I have database on cloud server. You need to change the links using workbench. and make the site live asap. Folders are already uploaded on the server. Needed it to be done asap. max in 2 hours. 9 PHP, MySQL, Veri Tabanı Yönetimi, Veritabanı Geliştirme Jun 19, 2018 Bugün6g 21s €16
Expert in REST API for insurance policy data handling on existing systems (URGENT) Hi, I have a very urgent requirement for an EXPERT in REST APIs who is a EU working resident that could sit down with me in order to produce and deliver basic but working code by the 25th June. Invoice will be required. The project's goal is to allow via REST API requests: - creation of new; and - update existing insurance policies data, - creation of PDF files and their remote storage on... 27 PHP, MySQL, Laravel Jun 19, 2018 Bugün6g 20s €44
SQL Server evaluation version expired issue I have my website hosted at VPS server and using MS SQL Server. Now got a message that" SQL Server evaluation version expired" and so now I want access of sql server back. 7 SQL, MySQL, Windows Sunucu, Veri Tabanı Yönetimi, Microsoft SQL Server Jun 19, 2018 Bugün6g 20s €27
ERPNext Customization for Attendance module Hi, We need to develop a small ERPNext module, Can you please confirm if you can do and the pricing. The requirement is: We need to create a module which will expose an URL like cams-attendance/new-entry and handle the following parameters . stgid->service tag id, means machine id, userid->alpha-numerical user id (max: 9 digit) att_time->timestamp of attendance date & time att_type-... 2 PHP, Python, Yazılım Mimarisi, ERP, MySQL Jun 19, 2018 Bugün6g 20s €169
convert csv file to sql Hello. Convert a csv file to sql file. Or upload csv file on table on php my admin Provide video how you do it. 43 PHP, SQL, MySQL, phpMyAdmin Jun 19, 2018 Bugün6g 20s €22
Help with websites Just the initial installation of WP for three websites (to be built in house with DIVI themes). The famous 5-Minute Installation. Create FTP account for each and MySQL databases The website builder may require possible additional help with DIVI and other aspects of the websites. 54 PHP, Web Sitesi Tasarımı, WordPress , MySQL, HTML Jun 19, 2018 Bugün6g 20s €9
Want to make a website I want to make a website. Please contact me to discuss details. 84 PHP, Web Sitesi Tasarımı, Grafik Tasarımı, MySQL, HTML Jun 19, 2018 Bugün6g 20s €365
BuddyPress Site Maintenance - Connect We are currently running a Wordpress/Buddypress site - [login to view URL] as a priority project of the Global Great Commission Network ([login to view URL]). We are in need of a consultant/programmer for continued troubleshooting and development of the network site. Programmers, preferably with experience with both Wordpress and Buddypress, are needed to continue the online development. Requi... 30 PHP, WordPress , CSS, MySQL, HTML Jun 19, 2018 Bugün6g 19s €16
build a site with purchasable currency and CRM i need a webiste that you are able to buy with real money a some virtual money. and then with this virutal money you can participate in some stuff (that is right now its classified). so the website should be 1) highly secured 2) has sort of CRM ( admin panel ) that we can support users (add more virutal money, ban user, etc ) 3) need to integrate some API's (will be discussed with chosen fre... 43 PHP, Grafik Tasarımı, CRM, MySQL, HTML Jun 19, 2018 Bugün6g 19s €994
Add functions to e-commerce site for a education project. Hi. We are a small group of teachers and we already have a site to manage a business. It was developed by students using Codeigniter, and now we want to add more characteristic. We need a shopping cart, it needs to be build with Codeigniter too, and include pay methods (credit card, paypall, etc.) Another thing, we need to use 3 kind of patterns (Creational Patterns like Singleton, Structural Pat... 28 PHP, Web Sitesi Tasarımı, Codeigniter, MySQL, HTML Jun 19, 2018 Bugün6g 19s €10
Member's Area For Web-site Hello! I need a member's area for web-site soon! Details: #1 member's can signup #2 member's must check box all the agreements and terms we give you for inside the website #3 Must be able to email or message members inside the site #4 Must be able to send out a text the there phones from inside the site #5 Must be for members to upload files that we ask for #6 members area must... 39 PHP, Web Sitesi Tasarımı, Grafik Tasarımı, MySQL, HTML Jun 19, 2018 Bugün6g 19s €67
Amazon ELB Expert We are looking for someone who can assist us to deploy the docker to ELB on Amazon. We have the basic knowledge so you can assist us as well. We will hire you immediately! 5 PHP, Sistem Yöneticisi, Linux, MySQL, Amazon İnternet Servisleri Jun 19, 2018 Bugün6g 19s €159
Website product scraper custom for my website I need a tool that will allow me to scrape another websites inventory to give me the following: 1. Ability to scrape SKU. 2. Ability to scrape title. 3. Ability to scrape Description. 4. Ability to scrape Images 5. Ability to scrape price 6. Ability to scrape product ID number. Also, need tool to be able to reprice the item by a percentage. So, any URL inputted, and it will scrape the pr... 36 PHP, Python, Web Scraping, Yazılım Mimarisi, MySQL Jun 19, 2018 Bugün6g 19s €12
Petrol Managment System Integrate odoo with .net , In that we provide pos for petrol pump and centralize system for multiple station 12 PHP, Python, Yazılım Mimarisi, ERP, MySQL Jun 19, 2018 Bugün6g 19s €34
Full Stack Developer About Utrum: [login to view URL] is a decentralized curation platform for crypto reviews, analyses, and market predictions. Relying on a unique blend of crowd wisdom, Ai, and community governance, Utrum Platform will address the serious trust problems plaguing crypto-investing. [login to view URL] Utrum has a utility token associated with the platform and minted on a fork of the Komodo blockchai... 27 Javascript, Python, MySQL, node.js, Vue.js Jun 19, 2018 Bugün6g 19s €17
Build Me A Multi Vendor E-Commerce Website Need a multi-vendor e-commerce website to create the following: Front end-user friendly interface Backend user-friendly interface for vendors Admin Functonality Commission collection Shipping/Tracking Responsive Design Examples: Seamless, Grubhub, Amazon, UberEats I have already set up my wordpress account and hostgator. Ongoing project as company grows. 64 PHP, Web Sitesi Tasarımı, Grafik Tasarımı, MySQL, HTML Jun 19, 2018 Bugün6g 19s €507
Custom build proposal PDF template in Perfex CRM We will need the custom build for the perfex CRM proposal template in (View PDF and View Proposal options), this is a work for the experienced developer, so please write CRM in a note as you bid on this proposal. 5 PHP, Web Sitesi Tasarımı, Grafik Tasarımı, MySQL, HTML Jun 19, 2018 Bugün6g 19s €155
Fix site to working properly. Codeigniter Framework. Instagram API mgp25 Hello, I have an issue in my site and didnt working properly. (Probably need to update) Auto Activity working around 1 hour than it stops. When try to update token shown “Sorry, there was a problem with your request.” error message Probably there are update in Instagram API. I need to fix and working right to connect an Instagram Account and working right too the feature with Auto A... 33 PHP, Yazılım Mimarisi, Codeigniter, MySQL, Instagram API Jun 19, 2018 Bugün6g 19s €246
need an expert craft cms developer.. - 19/06/2018 10:49 EDT Need an expert craft cms developer who also knows about php libraries (tcpdf or dompdf) Note: Please those who knows wordpress dont reply because its different from that and those who are developer themselves can reply) 14 PHP, WordPress , CSS, MySQL, HTML Jun 19, 2018 Bugün6g 18s €14
Google map project Please review the attached PDF file and let me know if you have any question. 50 PHP, MySQL, Google Maps API, JSON Jun 19, 2018 Bugün6g 18s €140
Export from Quickbooks as CSV and Upload top FTP We need a script to run daily that would export Invoice information(Fields to Export: PO#, Line Item, Memo), specific to two customers based on Ship Date, from QuickBooks as CSV file and upload to FTP site. Must have experience with Quickbooks SDK. 15 PHP, XML, C# Programlama, Yazılım Mimarisi, MySQL Jun 19, 2018 Bugün6g 18s €147
vTiger calendar(Localization) I need a PHP developer who's worked on vTiger CRM before. I need to localize the vTiger's calendar to a custom date time. 10 PHP, Yazılım Mimarisi, vTiger, MySQL, HTML Jun 19, 2018 Bugün6g 18s €142
MAKE DYNAMIC WEBSITE FROM A STATIC WEBSITE, CONNECTED BY PHP & MYSQLi DATABASE WITH ADMIN already made a website with html, css & bootstrap, just need to connect it with php & mysqli to make it up and running of the service including a admin panel, pages to be connect are landing page, the category page, ad detail page, feature post page & a profile page just the php mysql work i can pay upto 2.5k INR 14 PHP, Web Sitesi Tasarımı, CSS, MySQL, HTML Jun 19, 2018 Bugün6g 18s €20
Fix first Data API on my website and some other small stuff (Phalcon and Laravel) No Companies Please Only bid if I will communicate directly with the developer. No companies please. No ftp access, just ssh. Do not bid if you do not read the entire project. Or else you will be reported to freelancer. 1. Move website to another server while still communicate with original db and some custom scripts on original machine. 2. First Data api has a bug , where it sometimes send an old date to api, I su... 12 PHP, Linux, MySQL, HTML, Laravel Jun 19, 2018 Bugün6g 18s €120
Event Management Dashboard & QR Code Ticket Scanner A responsive admin dashboard website for TED events that shows registrants expected, registrants already checked-in with an in-website QR code ticket scanner that can be opened on iPhones and deployed as PWA (Progressive Web Application). The application should be able to be easily linked to a database. We have an Ubuntu VPS ready, no worries about that. Something like [login to view URL] but... 6 Javascript, Web Sitesi Tasarımı, MySQL, HTML, node.js Jun 19, 2018 Bugün6g 18s €64
WebDb2Responsive Make an existing application responsive. The application is a web application to query a database and to make simply charts. It s a business application .speed and reliability is a must. php, mysql, 6000 records, 50/60 users. A test environment is available to evaluate the application. 28 PHP, Web Sitesi Tasarımı, Yazılım Mimarisi, MySQL, HTML Jun 19, 2018 Bugün6g 18s €534
Wordpress security specialist Need someone who can help me restore my wordpress login. I have no access to the wordpress site anymore. Just my admin Username. 51 Web Güvenliği, WordPress , MySQL Jun 19, 2018 Bugün6g 18s €16
Website Cart update We require updates to two websites which have the same SQL database look-ups for customers to purchase from us. We have YOU MUST BE IN THE UK, EUROPEAN UNION, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, CANADA OR AUSTRALIA TO BE AWARDED THIS WORK AND WILL MAKE ADDITIONAL CHECKS BEFORE WORK IS AWARDED. Main Site: [login to view URL] Second site: [login to view URL] You will need to update the Cart so that... 0 HTML, MySQL, PHP, SQL, Web Sitesi Tasarımı Jun 19, 2018 Bugün6g 18s €500
make news app for sport on android I wanna make news app for sport with great fonctions The app should be with admin panel from where I can manage the app and see how many views such page got, edit features, and push notification when user will have to choose his favourite player so he receives notifications only about players they like and more note : put logical prices no higher prices 46 PHP, Mobile App Development, iPhone, Android, MySQL Jun 19, 2018 Bugün6g 18s €254
Blockchain Expert Required I am looking for a blockchain developer to create a smart contract and wallet. More details will be shared on chat with selected freelancers only. 16 PHP, Yazılım Mimarisi, MySQL, Bitcoin, Blockchain Jun 19, 2018 Bugün6g 17s €1268
Develop an Availability Checker Tool for Wordpress Site We require that a developer creates a solution that allows website visitors to check if our services are available in their postcode. The logic behind the solution would be: 1. User enters their postcode into search bar, then presses "search". 2. User is taken to a new page based on whether their postcode is in our database a. If postcode not in our database: direct to page a. ... 62 PHP, Javascript, WordPress , MySQL, HTML Jun 19, 2018 Bugün6g 17s €571
payment integration [login to view URL] i use codeigniter application 25 PHP, Web Sitesi Tasarımı, Codeigniter, MySQL, HTML Jun 19, 2018 Bugün6g 17s €67
Website for User Tasks checked with existing API wrapper Concept Product (POC) - This is a POC project and should be built for single test purpose only. - Quick delivery Product - A web platform to "play challenges in games" using the game developer's API. Programming language - Can be programmed in any web supporting language (PHP, JS, etc) - Designs and hosting will be provided. - API Wrapper available for most common programming l... 16 PHP, Javascript, MySQL, Web Development Jun 19, 2018 Bugün6g 17s €231
Complete Existing Angular Chat Web-Based Application We have a web based chat application that we we're building and the developer left the project. It is 80% complete in my estimation. The admin panel needs to be done again and some bugs and functions need to be fixed or implemented. It is Angular 4 based, with MYSQL database. Node.js and [login to view URL] backend. WebRTC is used for the webcams functions of the chat. If you have good... 43 Javascript, MySQL, node.js, Soket IO, Angular.js Jun 19, 2018 Bugün6g 17s €342
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