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An API, or Application Programming Interface, is a set of tools and protocols used for building application software. It is a set of clearly defined communication methods between various components of a software program. An API makes it simpler to develop computer software, and provides all the building blocks for the programmer to put together.

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Discord OAuth2 Entry Needed I am looking for an experienced Discord Pro. Case: Someone is forwarding information from my personal discord server to another. I want to find the leak. Your Job: You have to develop a server entry with Discord OAuth2 for a new discord server. I need access to the E-Mail and the servers of the users and explain how. 2 Javascript, .NET, HTML5, node.js, API May 21, 2018 Bugün6g 22s €34
Custom Existing wordpress admin panel and Make api for mobile application in wordpress I am mobile developer. i don't know wordpress. i am looking for wordpress expert. I have a existing wordpress platform. I want to add some function in admin panel to management mobile application. i will share details of document. you have to make mainly two part . 1. add some features on wordpress admin panel to manage app. 2. develop backend api for mobile application . please ... 15 PHP, WordPress , RESTful, API, Backend Development May 21, 2018 Bugün6g 22s €184
Build Admin Panel and Build api for mobile application Hello I need to build admin panel to manage my app. and also make api for my app. There is already wordpress online platform. You have to integrate with this platform in api part. please bid who has ever built mobile application backend api. if not , don't bid. thanks 23 PHP, WordPress , HTML, API, Backend Development May 21, 2018 Bugün6g 21s €204
SQL, Yazılım Mimarisi, MySQL, Veri Tabanı Yönetimi, Yazılım Geliştirme, Veritabanı Programlama, API May 21, 2018 Bugün9g 18s
API integration for Shopify using our REST API Please read before posting a bid. Do not waste our time or yours by posting a low priced bid only to come back and ask "what is your budget". Whatever bid you give must be for the total cost of the project. We need an API developer to write code that uses our REST API to integrate with Shopify. The documentation for our API can be found here: [login to view URL] If the task is com... 7 PHP, Shopify, RESTful, API May 21, 2018 Bugün6g 18s €163
Wordpress Project - Good knowledge We're looking for a developer for a new project :) The design templates will be sent after the non-disclosure agreement sign. The project: Wordpress website to manage a customer services, manage customer invoices and electronic payments... YOUR PROFILE : DEVELOPER WordPress : As a developer , you will have the mission to use your skills and your knowledge in WordPress stacks. WHAT WE A... 54 WordPress , API May 21, 2018 Bugün6g 16s €498
File Uploader and analyser Our company wants customers to be able to upload 3d files (stl, obj, fbx, 3ds) to our website. Once uploaded we want to be able to extract the objects volume measurement and have the value sent to our ERP system (dynamics 365). This is all to be completed via a clean and simple front end design. 19 Javascript, HTML, 3D Modelleme, API May 21, 2018 Bugün6g 8s €357
Activation + Registration page using external API Hello I would like to make a activation + registration page using a external API. I need to make a multi-page as this ([login to view URL]) - First page is to activate our product using an API - Second page s to registration the client and give him access using an API - Third using a API we need to assign him a special number from our database - Fourth need to get some info from the client for ... 16 PHP, WordPress , MySQL, HTML, API May 20, 2018 Bugün6g 6s €81
Looking for Expert Developer who is available 9am to 12pm IST Looking for a developer to help me with PHP. I need few things needed to be corrected. 32 PHP, Python, Web Sitesi Tasarımı, MySQL, API May 20, 2018 Bugün6g 6s €6
website and API I need a website to be created, which is conected to an API so I can send and retrieve data from this. 41 Python, Web Sitesi Tasarımı, CSS, HTML, API May 20, 2018 Bugün6g 4s €189
Numerous Third Party API's to Google Sheets integration I have numerous API extractions that need to be implemented within Google sheets, I'd like to work object oriented by setting up small targets and working in sprints. I need the work to be organised neatly and explained in detail. I am looking for a fair rate and flexibility to add new tasks and milestones along the way. My intention is to issue the first 20 hours of work (broken down in a f... 30 Veri Girişi, Yazılım Mimarisi, Data Extraction, API May 20, 2018 Bugün6g 3s €4526
build an api connection. Hello, I'm searching for someone that can made an connection between my live Lightning info that I save on [login to view URL] and an other website where it's possible to made an new layer [login to view URL] Read Less 16 PHP, API May 20, 2018 May 20, 20185g 15s €101
Make FacturaScripts create Electronic Delivery Notes and Electronic Make FacturaScripts 2018 create Electronic Delivery Notes and Electronic Legal Invoices I am looking for someone that can make Facturascripts (version 2018) create Electronic Legal Delivery Notes and Electronic Legal Invoices using the API of a e-invoice provider (I will provide the documentation in spanish) The workflow of my company is more or less like the attached PDF files Note: FacturaScr... 12 PHP, HTML, Laravel, API May 20, 2018 May 20, 20185g 15s €455
Setup ICO Dashboard on server I need someone to setup an ICO dashboard + ropsten testnet from an open-source code To simulate a token sale. All the code is ready. Need to setup on an EC2. Backend: [login to view URL] Frontend: [login to view URL] API docs: [login to view URL] The goal is to simulate the token sale and test the software. 10 Amazon İnternet Servisleri, node.js, Express JS, Docker, API May 20, 2018 May 20, 20185g 14s €147
Making a back end database and api for react native template We are in need of a back end database and API to access the database based on our existing react native template. General Need : 1. Any Back End database would suffice (MySQL prefered, as simple as possible) 2. Any API engine would suffice (strapi prefered, but suggest any api you usualy used with MySQL is enough) 3. Three basic feature needs : - Registration (Signup/Login) - Posting & Reply... 23 Android, MySQL, node.js, API May 20, 2018 May 20, 20185g 12s €313
Build a PHP MySql Website I need a PHP /Mysql developer to build a web based tool to track a global stock and fund portfolio currently tracked on google sheets (will be shared). It should be focused on tracking purchases, sales, splits dividend income. The tool should be based on similar PHP project on [login to view URL] called “Stock Centre”. The structure of the project should be based on the following s... 46 PHP, Web Sitesi Tasarımı, MySQL, HTML, API May 20, 2018 May 20, 20185g 11s €16
Bigcommerce setup -- 2 Setting/fixing up my bigcommerce store, sell used auto parts. 16 PHP, Web Sitesi Tasarımı, BigCommerce, Big Data Sales, API May 19, 2018 May 19, 20185g 5s €176
Kucoin Python Trading bot i want just a bot that can connect to Kucoin , and return trading endpoint and market endpoint from [login to view URL] i will program strategy, thanks 10 C Programlama, Python, Yazılım Mimarisi, C++ Programlama, API May 19, 2018 May 19, 20184g 23s €126
website devlopment this is the full details : So to confirm the idea again Lets assume you are a new user on the website You register and you choose which pricing plan works for you, pricing plans are based on the number of connections you want to add ( for examples: you can add up to 3 websites for free and plan 2 up to 10 connections for lets say 19/month and more than 10 29$ As a user you start adding connections... 9 PHP, Javascript, Yazılım Test Etme, MySQL, API May 19, 2018 May 19, 20184g 16s €111
Java Developer Needed Need an experienced Java developer to work on a two-hour project. More details will be given to the selected freelancer. Maximum budget: 25$ 49 Java, Yazılım Mimarisi, Yazılım Geliştirme, API May 19, 2018 May 19, 20184g 15s €20
customize wordpress commercial theme I use this WP commercial theme , fully documented : [login to view URL] I need to customize it in child theme and add more logic : Task 1: I use Caldera forms ([login to view URL]) and need you to write code that take form instances answers, parse thier values and call a URL in my site with these parsed parameters Task 2: Add functionality for bidding for a property (1 screen to be basically d... 67 PHP, WordPress , API May 18, 2018 May 18, 20184g 6s €441
Application - API Image & File Uploader I need a stand alone application to run on Windows 7 or higher that utilizes the [login to view URL] API to upload batch images with gallery option. Similar to [login to view URL] but only need to work with Pixhost. That program does but does not have the ability to upload and create a gallery on the fly and the developer isn't looking to add it in. If you look at the interface for Pixhost yo... 10 API May 18, 2018 May 18, 20184g 4s €143
Messenger Application like Messenger or WhatsApp or Telegram I am looking for an independent and full-experienced developer for our companies Messenger application. And not necessary UI right now, and it should be developed with Node.js. I prefer a someone who ever developed a similar project like this. So I will check your works and links or other stuff is preferable for this job. I am thinking about these two open sources. [login to view URL] [login to v... 23 Javascript, Bulut Bilişim, node.js, API, CoffeeScript May 18, 2018 May 18, 20183g 18s €1086
SaaadAhmed Build a trade execution and withdrawal bot for Binance using API functionality. Website required initially. Experience with crypto exchange APIs is essential. 7 Kod yazma, API May 18, 2018 May 18, 20183g 15s €187
Integrate authentication and authorization between API's and identity providers We have developed a dashboard with no user authentication. Phase 1: We would like to provide our employees the opportunity to login with their user account in ServiceNow or Azure AD/Office 365. When logged in to the "dashboard application", we would like to request information based on the permissions of the respective logged in user. For instance: User logs in to the dashboard. The use... 44 Javascript, node.js, RESTful, Angular.js, API May 18, 2018 May 18, 20183g 14s €30
Build Website with ticket evolution API I need website build with ticket evolution API Examples of some sites: [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to view URL] I have also included the API docs for your tech team to review: [login to view URL] 46 PHP, Javascript, Web Sitesi Tasarımı, HTML, API May 18, 2018 May 18, 20183g 13s €152
Google Adwords API C# Class Library Need a c# class library that insert, update and get list of existing text ads by given user, campaning and ad group. The project must contains three main functionalities: 1) Get list of all existing text ad in specified add group and return them in list of specific ad object; 2) Update ad parameters like status, name, description, destination url ... etc. by given ad id; 3) Insert new text ad i... 19 Google Adwords, C# Programlama, API May 18, 2018 May 18, 20183g 9s €157
Telegram Bot API development Looking for an experienced telegram bot developer to carry out following tasks: It need to start from airdrop sign up page: The purpose of the bot will be to drive traffic to the Organicco commnity (telegram group and channel) Features 1. Bot will collect details of registrants (Email, username, name and wallet address) 2. Bot will create earning wallet for successfully registered users. Users... 14 Yazılım Geliştirme, API May 18, 2018 May 18, 20183g 8s €407
worpress rest api the idea is to run 2 wp sites from 1 dashbord the ability to manage all posts pages including its feautred images and plugins for both websites from one admin panel. however website 1 is up and running website 2 does not exist yet so first install new wp and have all my old site posts and some of the plugin on new site then to have the option to add update posts for both sites from 1 admin panel ... 8 PHP, WordPress , HTML, JSON, API May 17, 2018 May 17, 20183g 1s €45
Chinese-English Tech Writer for Hardware manual, API documentation, for cryptocurrency hardware/software I am the communications manager for a leading global cryptocurrency company. We are seeking three pieces of work to be completed, namely a hardware manual for a new device running on blockchain technology; an API document to facilitate customer integration with the device; and marketing material for clients about technical specifications of the device. Fluency in Mandarin is a must. You will... 13 Çeviri, Teknik Yazı, Modern Çince (Çin), İngilizce (Amerikan), API May 17, 2018 May 17, 20182g 23s €19
Electronic Medical Record Installation , configuration and deployment of open source EMR , API development to connect system to open source ERP system and set up billing 30 Java, Yazılım Mimarisi, MySQL, API May 17, 2018 May 17, 20182g 17s €1165
Develop an API We want to develop an R package to allow automated order submission to the CQG trading platform. CQG already provides APIs for other languages: [login to view URL] for a documentation of the CQG client API: [login to view URL] The outcome of the project should look like the IBroker package: ftp://[login to view URL] An NDA will have to be signed 18 C# Programlama, Yazılım Mimarisi, C++ Programlama, R Programlama Dili, API May 17, 2018 May 17, 20182g 14s €2770
Im looking for a finished project that I can use in my github Looking for a finished project, a website app, or some project that shows skills of React js. The more sophisticated and original the website app is the more money. 30 HTML, node.js, React.js, MonetDB, API May 17, 2018 May 17, 20182g 14s €393
Build an API application I want an application to automate simple trading strategy, which uses Zerodha or Upstox or Sharekhan brokers APIs , using Python . 8 Python, Algoritma, API May 17, 2018 May 17, 20182g 8s €157
PHP, Javascript, Intuit QuickBooks , API May 16, 2018 May 16, 20182g 5s
Develop Custom Wordpress Plugin Need to develop custom plugin from api. It's not easy job. So only bid very skilled developer. I will provide you detail info in interview. Max budget $200 47 PHP, WordPress , MySQL, HTML, API May 16, 2018 May 16, 20182g 4s €159
quickbook integration using php Hi, I want to hire some one who can integrate quickbooks with my website for invoices and otherthings through api please apply only if you have proof of previous experience 24 PHP, Muhasebe, Yazılım Mimarisi, API May 16, 2018 May 16, 20182g 1s €422
A framework for trading at financial markets (python/c#) The goal is to develop python/c# framework for development and optimization of trading systems (bots) for financial markets. Several open frameworks such as lean, zipline, backtrader, pyalgotrade etc are available but they are complicated for quantitative analysts. We need simple library for users with basic programming skills. It should include the following modules: venues integration&market... 15 Python, Finansal Araştırma, Yazılım Mimarisi, Yazılım Geliştirme, API May 16, 2018 May 16, 20181g 23s €1893
DEAR inventory systems API for WIX store Hello. I created an online store on WIX site and would like to integrate it with DEAR Inventory Systems. Talked with DEAR support and told me I should find a web developer to configure their API. They offer integration with shopify and and other major site but not with WIX. DEAR Inventory Systems [login to view URL] WIX Site [login to view URL] Help wanted! 24 e-Ticaret, HTML, Web Development, API May 16, 2018 May 16, 20181g 23s €444
SMM PANEL API UPDATE FOR LEVOPANEL Need someone who can help me update API in my SMM panel to API [login to view URL] 2 PHP, Javascript, Web Sitesi Tasarımı, Yazılım Mimarisi, API May 16, 2018 May 16, 20181g 19s €100
Woocommerce 3rd Party Age Verification We are looking for a person that can perform a Woocommerce Veratad age verification API integration using secure XML. Seamless integration with minimal customer impact at checkout. Thanks, Garden of Eden Vapors 8 Yazılım Mimarisi, API May 16, 2018 May 16, 20181g 18s €145
Coach Me On On Using Zapier To Pull API Data I have an account with [login to view URL] I use this to accept online payments in cryptocurrency, it works great. The problem is that it is not integrated into my other systems. I have a Zapier account, it works great. Please mention the name of the wizard in the king Arthur story to confirm you have read and understand the requirements. I want you to connect with me [Removed by Freela... 6 Yazılım Mimarisi, Data Extraction, API May 16, 2018 May 16, 20181g 17s €26
Needed Developer to build code for instagram location checkpoint script I need Instagram API / Script for Location checkpoint. More detail as below. Location Checkpoint (First Time Login): If user using the first time then your account will get a location checkpoint, you'll be redirected to a checkpoint page and then from that page you should have to get the verification code on your e-mail/sms and then complete the checkpoint to get logged in. 4 PHP, Instagram, API May 16, 2018 May 16, 20181g 16s €135
Android Monitoring App I need an Android (Android 6+) Application that will run an background (without icon) and export calls and Sms logs, Whatsapp & telegram Chats to external server. This need to happen in real-time if there is connectivity or in batch once connection returns. 8 Java, Mobile App Development, Android, API May 16, 2018 May 16, 20181g 16s €64
iOs expert needed Job Description We are looking for an iOS developer responsible for the development and maintenance of applications Your primary focus will be development of iOS applications and their integration with back-end services. You will be working alongside other engineers and developers working on different layers of the infrastructure. Therefore, a commitment to collaborative problem solving, sophi... 132 Kullanıcı Deneyimi Tasarımı, Swift, Kullanıcı Arayüzü Tasarımı, iOS Development, API May 16, 2018 May 16, 20181g 12s €24
Looking for full time Node Js Developer Looking for dedicated resource for full stack developer or Node.js developers to work on building and enhancing web and mobile app..pay ment will be per month basis 23 PHP, Web Sitesi Tasarımı, node.js, API May 16, 2018 May 16, 20181g 8s €163
Zoho Development and Integrations Red Telecom is 100% Australian owned & operated and is one of Australia's fastest growing telecommunications companies. Red Telecom provides a range of telecommunications solutions to the SME market. We are looking for someone who can further develop our existing Zoho CRM and its integration with third parties. The main project will involve mapping fields from CRM to PDFs (and vice ver... 9 Zoho , Kod yazma, Scripting, API May 16, 2018 May 16, 20181g 8s €744
TRAVELPORT / SABRE API - PHP Wordpress plugin BRIEF We are looking for a freelance for the development of a wordpress plugin that can integrate the restAPIs of a GDS like: Travelport or Sabre. RestAPI will be used to: search hotels and rooms search flights search car rental booking hotels and rooms booking flights booking car rental edit booking hotels and rooms edit booking flights e... 60 PHP, WordPress , Yazılım Mimarisi, Yazılım Geliştirme, API May 15, 2018 May 15, 201822s 23a €3579
Integration and Synchronization via an API from an MSSQL database to ShipStation. I need to build, setup and configure an integration from an already developed API. It will be from an account in [login to view URL] to my shipping software which works on a MSSQL database (.NET application) hosted on-site in a Windows 2008 Standard Edition server. The instruction for the API are located in: [login to view URL] The way it should works is as follows: I need to obtain from S... 27 PHP, XML, SQL, Uygulama Geliştiricisi, API May 15, 2018 May 15, 2018Bitti €507
API simulator mode ok actually we have a site is similar with betfair partform ! we just done the API .. i need someone very experience with befair API we are new ! so now we looking for who good in API , and run test with our API -professional advise: what we have to improve -create test application that will use API and display data that it receives from API,display data that it rec... 11 Java, Deneme / QA, Yazılım Mimarisi, Yazılım Test Etme, API May 15, 2018 May 15, 201816s 4a €899
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