An API, or Application Programming Interface, is a set of tools and protocols used for building application software. It is a set of clearly defined communication methods between various components of a software program. An API makes it simpler to develop computer software, and provides all the building blocks for the programmer to put together.

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    Whatsapp business module 6 gün left

    Hello,We are looking to build whatsapp business module for one our upcoming who have worked on the same and having previous experience can ping me .This will be a two way seller will post information along with photos,same will go to many vendors one at a discuss features pls quote with experience on this.

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    Looking for someone to code me a bot. The bot must have these functions: Scan every coin on for certain metrics. The metrics are as follows: 1. Big increase in volume 2. Big percentage move 3. When a coin breaks a new all time high or low 4. Newly listed coins 5. Top gainers of the last 15 minutes, 1 hour, 4 hour, 1 day, 1 week. 6. Top losers of the hours 15 minutes, 1 hour, 4 hour, 1 day, 1 week. 7. Big liquidations When one of these happen, take a picture of the chart and post it to twitter with the cashtags of the coin.

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    Looking for someone to code me a bot. The bot must have these functions: Scan every coin on for certain metrics. The metrics are as follows: 1. Big increase in volume 2. Big percentage move 3. When a coin breaks a new all time high or low 4. Newly listed coins 5. Top gainers of the last 15 minutes, 1 hour, 4 hour, 1 day, 1 week. 6. Top losers of the hours 15 minutes, 1 hour, 4 hour, 1 day, 1 week. 7. Big liquidations When one of these happen, take a picture of the chart and post it to twitter with the cashtags of the coin.

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    Greetings, i am looking for someone who has verified their google app (/project) in The app/project must have following scopes: if you know what you are reading then it think that's enough to explain what i am looking for.. 1. Priority will be given whom project has more scope verified 2. Priority will be given to whom don't need the google account any longer and can transfer ownership to me. thanks in advance && happy bidding best regards

    €10 - €103
    €10 - €103
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    Whatsapp: API, Green tick 5 gün left

    Develop and integrate with third party app for Whatsapp API for my business for the purpose of chatting. Also to send messages through API Also achieve green tick

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    Estamos buscando sumar a nuestro equipo de colaboradores un desarrollador PHP con conocimientos avanzados de JS que conozca la API de Wordpress para mantener un plugin desarrollado internamente que agrega funcionalidad a nuestra web. El Stack de Plugins es ACF, BuddyBoss, LearnDash, Gamipress y el Theme es BuddyBoss Theme. Ofertar rate horario y enviar CV/Experiencia anterior y en base a ello haremos una preselección de candidatos a los que les enviaremos el plugin a seguir manteniendo y los archivos del tema, junto a un video explicativo de las tareas por hacer en el próximo mes. La posición es permanente, requerimos unas 8 a 16 horas de desarrollo semanales para agregar funcionalidad a nuestra web.

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    CAM Post processing Java 5 gün left

    -Edit Omniturn post processor(attached) to allow C-axis Plane switching using the ZC plane (page 113 of the manual) - CAM softwareused: Fusion 360

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    i have an delivery system the admin panel built with laravel and apps built with flutter and i wanna do some customization on it, - i want to add pos system to the vendor app, the vendor app and Pos system can work online/offline with sync feature, - i get the delivery system from codecanyon.

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    I have found a script to sync google calendar and a database () so you can view and edit calendar events within notion. I need someone to assist in the implementation of this script.

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    Message Bot -- 3 4 gün left

    Bot need to send messages via API Required files: 1. Accounts - login, pass, proxy 2. Text - the text which is supposed to send bot. Additionally I need to make it so that I could send a few texts in turn to one recipient with a delay from 40 to 60 seconds. Example: USER1 > text1 > 40-60 sec > text2, Next USER etc. 3. - bot will send messages to users who are specified in this file. 4. Sent - the bot must record in this file information about the user who has already been sent message(s) to exclude the chance of re-sending at the next run. What the program will do: 1) The program reads data from (Targets) with information about users of the site I'm collecting this file myself. 2) Logs into accounts. 3) Starts sending text or several messages (Text) b...

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    We have integrated razorpay subscription payment, looking for a help in implementing webhooks for this. PLease apply only if you done it in the past. Experience is MUST

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    Netsuite Integration API 4 gün left

    Need to implement NetSuite OAuth 2.0 (M2M) API integration

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    Actually, WhatsApp Marketing Panel allows users to Send Text, Images, Videos, PDF, etc. so i want to part of that whats app API partner or whats app aggregator so that I can allow some other party,reseller or vendor to get a subscription from me, using my service as in twillio we have one of the facility to create API for the whatsapp calls, message, sms, etc and on that service usage basis i need to pay twillio accordingly. so for this i want description 1: What is whats app Aggregator. 2: how does this work ? 3: what is the steps i need to take to become whats app aggregator as example twillio. 4: what are the options available in market for the whats app aggregator membership

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    Fix Pabbly API Integration 4 gün left

    I am having trouble with my Rapid API integration. I need someone to check my work in Pabbly.

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    Need slack app developer 3 gün left

    Need a developer experienced in developing slack bot / app. I have project management software, and I want based on some checks with already existing inside pm software, slack channel , messages, comments etc are made.

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    Hey Im looking for someone that can implement a pretty small API into my project, im using the canvas theme. I need someone to start right now and that can get it done fast. Ping me and I will send you the details.

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    Required Odoo Developer 3 gün left

    End to end development on odoo platform

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    I need to be able to allow listed providers to use my API to transfer data between each other in a sort of sharing manner for details to check if a profile is active or cancelled and to check for duplicates. There are basic details to be shared of certain users between these listed providers but I'm look to have it for only certain individuals. The api must be well documented so that the providers are able to allow their developers to understand and integrate it easily on their systems. I was thinking of an easy way to view this information like a dashboard for them to view and request these details but this needs to be done on the most cost effective way on aws and must be safe as it's personal information. This is a small project for for an AWS developer but I need assistanc...

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    We have an online store and we are using We need a payment method pluggin i.e hosted on our webpage and customer should enter his card details on site, just like stripe. Everthing needs to be happen on our website, he shouln't leave the page. This is Web SDK Integration Guide Secondly we need apple pay and Samsung pay options as well. Apple pay button needs to be on product page, cart and checkout page like stripe. Integration details for apple pay are here: Samsung Pay: Only apply is you can fulfill all of our requirements.. UseWordIHAVEREADALLinProposalSoWeKnowYouHaveReadOurRequirementsProprly.

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    I'm looking for an expert in Open Cart Customizing developer to make major changes on it, such as making Vendors register & creating their shop & product details by themselves not by Admin. This project is will be developed based on: 1- Open Cart API as backend. 2- Customizing Flutter app for web + mobile as Front End

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    We are searching for vigorous Full Stack Software Developer to join and support our growing team. We need someone who is hard-working, analytical, takes on challenges and is excited by the idea of owning the development of a new platform. You will support end to end design, development, implementation, and integration of a web-based platform we are creating to help us best serve our customers. The ideal candidate must have experience and skills with Node, React, AWS Responsibilities: Write modular code that can be effectively used in future development work Maintenance, bug fixes and enhancements for existing apps Consult with internal teams to define technical requirements, capabilities and guide architectural decisions Create project plans and documentation for new software Clear...

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    API Program build 3 gün left

    Hello, we are needing a basic API connection built to connect to an external third party database. We work with patient data in a health care setting. Our goal is to be able to have a program that will be able to allow us to import an excel spreadsheet with patient data such as name, date of birth, and medical ID number and then connect to the third party system and get back "out of pocket cost" per patient. I believe the "out of pocket cost is a single column on the third party system. We desire the program to be written in C# if possible. We are working with this third party team and if you choose to help us, you will be expected to be on at least 1-2 phone calls with the third party company we are working with to gather whatever information you need to make the API p...

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    Python Team Lead 2 gün left

    Manage phython Team on Day basis Responsible for Wallet API support Wallet Creation & Fintech Product Card Management System Responsible for API & Other Project related support ,bug fixing , security management etc

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    Hello I am looking for a php developer who can help me configure a domain registrar in WHMCS. Knowledge of WHMCS is also required. I will attach the appropriate documents below.

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    My WIX website is receiving orders on daily basis. I want a control panel in which I can fetch all orders through API and I need to process invoices of all those orders according to my country’s invoicing requirements. The panel will be used to generate invoices only and not for order processing or anything else.

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    we need to develop a program for following up with clients for Engineering consultancy company projects with payment options if the project is complete. there is a control panel website that should be connected with API to the applications >> all UI UX ready >> all the analysis of the application is ready >> the website is ready >>API for connections is ready

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    Disponemos de un sistema desarrollado en PHP que genera una cadena de texto en formato XML y esta cadena debe firmarse con el software Autofirma. El desarrollador dispondrá de una variable con el contenido del XML sin firmar. Deberá invocar a Autofirma y guardar posteriormente el XML firmado dentro de otra variable. Recursos adicionales: Software de Autofirma: Manual de integración Autofirma: Adjuntamos 2 archivos: Un ejemplo del XML sin firmar y un ejemplo de cómo debe quedar después de firmarse con Autofirma.

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    1) Get a incoming ticket in Service Now with status "NEW" for assignment group "DATABASE" ,"HARDWARE", "RUN L3 SUPPORT". 2) Retrieve the ticket number, Ticket Priority,Short Descriptioon, Long description from the ticket. 3) If it is a P1 or P2 Ticket Send a mail regarding the ticket (Ticket number and short description in subject line and Long 4.)Insert the ticket details in a DB table (Number, Priority, Assignment Group,Short Description, Description,Ticket Report: 1) Selct the ticket details from DB. 2) send weekly status email for all the provider groups ("Database","Hardware", "Run_L3_Support") 3) Format of the email: Subject line Weekly incident report,Body: Three different table for 3 assignment groups and ...

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    Using the API documents here - You will build a DNN module that will pull the relevant data for a Cricket club into our database on a scheduled task and then display on a public facing page. This will be used to populate 6 different screens of content; Season Grade Teams Rounds Fixtures and ladders Individual Player stats Examples of layout and design will be provided.

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    Misc backend programming 1 gün left

    Include your expectations about the task or deliverable, what you’re looking for in a work relationship, and anything unique about your project, team, or company. Here are several examples that illustrate best practices for effective job posts.

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    We are platform for the aggregation for the ecommerce sellers.

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    Zipcheck Build 1 gün left

    Need a quick programming help to deliver an external integration as soon as possible.

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    We have a shipping labels company, and we want to make an app which can fulfil orders by providing shipping labels to them. Some more detail on what we need: 1. Shopify App Panel : This is for merchants, they will see this after they install the app and open it. They need to enter their API key and prices for the available label types 2. On Customer Checkout : Customers of our merchants will be able to see the option on checkout page to choose which label they want and pricing according to it (example of this screen is the landing page image of ) 3. Now the orders will be taken from Shopify and sent to our website via API to get back the shipping details and then the shipping details will be given to the customers.

    €626 (Avg Bid)
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    i need at-least 40 api in shortest time apply inly if you can

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    Shopify website We are looking for a Shopify expert to integrate a cybersource payment API with our Shopify store using cybersource “secure acceptance API. It's very specific so kindly send me your proposal understanding exactly what we are looking for. Thanks

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    - Building a dashboard using Live Option data - Using Python - Very well versed in TD Amertrade API for Live data - Basic Option Knowledge - Get data from TD Ameritrade's TOS platform - Build a dashboard for various metrics for various ticker symbols using that data - Build a screnner that goes through these metrics for various parameters and lists the tickers and metrics. So i will need to get this data, manipulate it according to my formulaes and present it on a dashbaord. then build a screener that can go through all the metrics and present the ones that fit the requirements. i will give further math formuale to which they can just substitue in the Live data the freelancer should be familiar with Basic Option terminology, Intrinsic Value, Option premium, delta and so fo...

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    Build Azure Web App and "Power BI Embedded" with Row Level Security. Preferred Python framework for Azure Web App. Web App will be a place where individuals can see their private information through and Azure Web App with Power BI Embedded Dashboards .

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    API Developer required 5 saat left

    Looking for a REST API Developer to integrate Woocommerce Shopping Cart with external system. Previous experience working on Telecommunication project highly desirable. I can provide more details over chat

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