3D Rendering is a process of turning a 3D model or scene into a 2D image or animation, bringing your visions to life in a realistic and visually stunning manner. Hiring 3D Rendering Experts on Freelancer.com allows you to create realistic visuals for your projects, whether it be architectural, interior design, product design, or animation work. With the right expert, you can turn an idea into reality and ensure that your project stands out from the competition.

Here's some projects that our expert 3D Rendering Experts made real:

  • Architectural and interior design visualization for residential and commercial projects
  • Product and packaging design for brands and businesses
  • Creating virtual art galleries and museum experiences with VR technology
  • Designing furniture layouts and room setups for home remodels
  • Producing realistic animations of environments and products for marketing purposes

Freelancer.com offers a vast pool of skilled professionals who can help bring your vision to life. No matter the project size or scope, there is a talented freelancer available to provide you with a high-quality rendering that will captivate your audience. By posting your project on Freelancer.com, you can easily connect with experts in different fields of 3D rendering who will work closely with you to ensure your final result meets your expectations.

If you're ready to start transforming your ideas into realistic visuals, don't hesitate any longer - post your own project on Freelancer.com today, and let our talented community of 3D Rendering Experts help you unlock the full potential of your project!

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    Trophy icon Loading Spinner Design 4 gün left

    Loading Spinner Design - Open to Creative Suggestions We are looking for a talented designer to create a unique loading spinner design that will captivate our users while they wait for content to load. Style Preference: - We are open to custom designs that will make our loading spinner stand out from the crowd. We have attached our Logo to use part or all as your spinner design but we are open to all ideas. Color Scheme: - We have a specific color scheme in mind for our loading spinner design. Please see our attached "Desktop" to understand our colour themes and designs. Elements and Graphics: - While we are not sure about specific elements or graphics to include, we are open to creative suggestions that will enhance the overall design and user experience. We expect to s...

    €91 (Avg Bid)
    119 girdi
    Trophy icon Bamboo Bathtub Tray 29 gün left

    Join Our Innovative Bathtub Tray Design Competition! We are a company that have 10 years experience in wood production. We're on the lookout for creative minds who can revolutionize the traditional bathtub tray! This is your chance to show off your design skills and innovative ideas in working with wood and silicone products. The winning design will not only earn accolades but also the opportunity to collaborate with us on various future projects. Don't hesitate to think outside the box! Consider incorporating features like a built-in mirror for added convenience, a container for essential oils to enhance the bathing experience, or smooth edges for a sleek look and safety. How about integrating a marble plate design for an elegant touch? Or how about integrating a glass conten...

    €186 (Avg Bid)
    35 girdi

    We are starting a new residential construction company in the Bay Area (San Francisco Metro) of California. The company will be named Bay Area Developers. We want to include the name prominently in the top or bottom of the logo. We would also like highly attractive colors with simple and clean lines & design. We want the Golden Gate Bridge to be angled in the background, so it looks like you're below and off to one side of the bridge. We would also like to incorporate Redwood trees into the logo in the background on the opposite side of the bridge. We have attached a few examples of logos that we would like you to reference and incorporate ideas from all 3 images when creating this original logo. We want to take elements from these examples and blend them together to make the log...

    €139 (Avg Bid)
    295 girdi

    I am looking for an architect who can create a traditional style architectural design for my small-sized home in Damascus. I am open to the architect's creativity and would like them to incorporate specific features and elements that they believe will enhance the overall design. The ideal candidate for this project should have experience in traditional architectural designs and be able to work with limited space to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing home. The home should have separated 4 suites to accommodate 4 small families inside the same building and common space, other parts of the building will be shared, building should have ground and first floor, he should use old Damascus homes style.

    €10 (Avg Bid)
    6 girdi
    Trophy icon Design 3D Vector Silhouette Studio 7 gün left

    Design 3D Vector Studio We are looking for a skilled 3D designer to create abstract product models editable in Silhouette Studio. The ideal candidate should have experience in product modeling and be able to create abstract designs. Attach an example that I need. Skills and Experience Required: - Proficient in 3D modeling software - Strong understanding of abstract design principles - Experience in product modeling - Attention to detail and ability to create high-quality 3D models - Ability to work independently and meet project deadlines Please provide a portfolio showcasing your previous work in abstract product modeling.

    €186 (Avg Bid)
    12 girdi

    Project Description: I am looking for a skilled 3D modeler to create four earring shapes in the form of hoops. Specific Requirements: - The earrings should be made of silver material. - I will provide the dimensions for the earrings. - The 3D model should accurately represent the design and shape of the hoops. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in 3D modeling software such as Autodesk Maya or Blender. - Experience creating jewelry or accessory designs. - Attention to detail and ability to accurately replicate the provided dimensions. - Strong understanding of materials and how they can be represented in a 3D model. Please provide samples of your previous 3D modeling work, specifically any jewelry designs if available. Looking forward to working with a talented freelancer who c...

    €116 (Avg Bid)
    65 girdi
    Trophy icon architecture 2 gün left

    Hello, I have a vacant property exactly the same size and setbacks as my neighbor's property. I have attached the plan for my neighbor's house. I would like to build a similar house with a more up to date layout. PLease change the following - No formal Dinging room ( one big open dining area) -No formal living room - Updated exterior to be a bermuda style type look - The garages are perfect as they are located -JUst looking for a new floor plan design. I don't need a full set of blueprints Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience with residential architecture projects - Strong design skills to help with the specific details - Ability to work within a tight timeframe

    €511 (Avg Bid)
    Özellikli Garantili
    38 girdi
    Trophy icon Design interior 3D plan hair salon 26 gün left

    hello I would like to create the 3D plan for my hair salon so I need your idea for a good 3D plan I will post attached the photos and colors that suit me thank you and I am counting ,base color is creamy beige on your professional thank you.

    €30 (Avg Bid)
    7 girdi
    Trophy icon 3D Model of a Banyan Tree 2 gün left

    I am looking for a skilled 3D artist to create a highly realistic and intricately detailed 3D model of a metallic looking Banyan Tree. This model will be used for a VR experience, so it needs to be immersive and visually stunning. - The level of detail required for the tree should be highly realistic, with intricate details. - The 3D model should be rigged for animation, as there will be some movement and interaction within the VR experience. Skills and experience needed: - Proficiency in 3D modeling and texturing. - Experience creating highly detailed and realistic models. - Expertise in rigging and animation. - Familiarity with VR development and optimization. If you are passionate about creating immersive VR experiences and have the skills and experience needed for this project, I...

    €166 (Avg Bid)
    34 girdi

    I am looking for a skilled designer to create 3D printer designs for colour Harry Potter chess characters. The preferred file format for the designs is STL. Design Style: - The characters should have a cartoon-like design style, need to be recognizable and contain a maximum of 4 colours each, one of which is the base colour (black or white). There will need to be 12 designs in total. Harry Potter will be king of the "good guys", so will need a white base plus max of 3 other colours. Budget: - The budget for this project is not specified. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in 3D design software and 3D printing techniques. - Experience in creating cartoon-like character designs. - Familiarity with the Harry Potter series and the chess characters. - Attention to detail to...

    €60 (Avg Bid)
    31 girdi
    Trophy icon EXTERIOR ELEVATION 1 gün left

    I am looking for a skilled designer to create an exterior elevation design for a COMMERCIAL building. Preferred Style: - The design should have a modern aesthetic, incorporating sleek lines and minimalist features. Building Materials: - While the client did not specify any specific building materials, the designer should have knowledge and experience working with various materials commonly used in commercial construction, such as concrete and brick. Skills and Experience: - The ideal candidate should have a strong portfolio showcasing their expertise in creating modern exterior elevation designs for commercial buildings. - Experience working with a variety of building materials commonly used in commercial construction is preferred. - Attention to detail and the ability to create visual...

    €5 (Avg Bid)
    22 girdi

    I would need a 3D Model of the Product like in the attachment. 5mm thick should be the product. 1 times in wood (like in product picture) 50cm diamenter and 5mm thick. 1 times in black (with wood structure) 50cm diameter 1 times in wood (like in product picture) 30cm diameter 1 times in black (with wood structure) 30cm diameter should be as realistic as possible like in the product pictures. SVG Could be used. Each version in usdz and gbl format

    €9 (Avg Bid)
    38 girdi

    Project Description: Greetings, visionary architects! We invite you to participate in our contest to design a luxury residential building on a corner lot. The winning design should embody creativity, functionality, and sustainability, adhering to specific guidelines. We require floor plans, elevation, front to back section and side to side section from you Here's a detailed overview: Files are located here: Lot and Building Specifications: 1. Corner Lot Advantage: - Utilize the unique opportunities provided by the corner lot. 2. Penthouse Excellence: - The penthouse must occupy the entire top floor. - Main entrance via elevator with emergency stairs available. - Penthouse is to have a terrace facing CLL 48 3. Staircase Requirements: - Minimum communal staircase w...

    €311 (Avg Bid)
    Garantili Mühürlü
    11 girdi
    Trophy icon New House Architect 15 gün left

    New House Architect I am looking for a rustic contemporary architectural style for my new house. House Layout: - I have some requirements for the house layout. - The architect should be able to work with my specific requirements and incorporate them into the design. Timeline: - The project completion will likely take 2 or 3 months. The initial contest deadline is three weeks and three days. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong expertise in rustic contemporary architectural design. - Experience in working with clients who have detailed requirements. - Ability to create innovative and functional house layouts. - Proficiency in CAD software for creating detailed architectural plans. - Strong communication skills to collaborate effectively with the client and other stakeholders.

    €464 (Avg Bid)
    Özellikli Garantili
    15 girdi
    Trophy icon Landscaping Designer 12 gün left

    We have purchased a rural property that has massive potential at the back. It has incredible views , as you can see. Your back ground doesn't matter but Your IDEAS do! We are looking for someone whom can offer great ideas. Initially we would require evidence of your work, a rough idea what you could do for us and then we will make our decision . An initial payment to secure your services and then an hourly rate to continue with our development. Please indicate what your payment costs would be

    €6 (Avg Bid)
    21 girdi

    Looking for WOW !!!! Theme is Flowers and Plants Is our web site

    €6 (Avg Bid)
    43 girdi

    Industrial Warehouse Artist Impressions We are looking for an artist who can create realistic artist impressions for industrial warehouse projects. Style: - The desired style for the artist impressions is realistic. Specific Features: - We have specific features in mind that we would like to be included in the design. Quantity: - We need 1-3 artist impressions for this project. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Delivery of 3 perspectives within 5 days - Modern aesthetics - Ability to update component colours to match products/specifications - Effective and realistic shadowing - Include multiple buildings in one perspective if required - Ability to do bulk and location, office layouts, and elevations - Ability to design to building requirements (a list of requirements and specification...

    €227 (Avg Bid)
    46 girdi
    Trophy icon House floor plan 8 saat left

    I have attached a floor plan of a new house I will be constructing. I would like to make a few changes. The existing plan is 136.35m2. I want to reduce the size to 120m2 maximum. Ideally, I would like to keep the existing layout as close as possible and not make the bedrooms any smaller. To reduce the size I think the pantry and WIR are too big. The lounge could also be cut down if required. I would also like the laundry to be in a room instead of a cupboard and the toilet in the bathroom can be taken out.

    €84 (Avg Bid)
    38 girdi

    I am looking for a freelancer who can create a customized and personalized license plate frame design that can be 3D printed. The design should be a universal design, compatible with any vehicle model. I do not have a specific material preference for the 3D print. Skills and experience needed for this project include: - Proficiency in 3D modeling and design software - Knowledge of 3D printing processes and materials - Ability to create intricate and detailed designs - Attention to detail to ensure accurate measurements and fit for the license plate frame. In addition "Create three distinct license plate frame styles using only these colors from images. 1. Design a plate with my referral number '1945,' a barcode, and the word 'wridz' on it. Provide STL files, a...

    €49 (Avg Bid)
    30 girdi

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