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    ...reputation and reviews for a range of credit repair companies. This data should be based on both customer feedback and industry standards. - **Services Offered**: A detailed breakdown of the services provided by each company would be crucial. This includes the scope of services, their unique selling points, and the quality of their offerings. - **Pricing and Fees**: An in-depth understanding of the pricing and fee structures of these companies is essential. This should cover both their standard packages and any additional costs that may be incurred. - **Corporate Compliance and Legal Expertise**: I would also require insights from corporate compliance and legal experts. They should provide guidance on the governance, licensing, and compliance standards adhered to ...

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    24 teklifler cybersecurity, preferably with recognized companies. Proficiency with various cybersecurity tools and programming languages. Expertise in identifying and mitigating risks, threats, and vulnerabilities. Technical Skills: Hands-on experience with Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tools. Proficiency in Python, Linux, and SQL. Knowledge of CIA Triad, governance, risk analysis, compliance, and business continuity planning. Familiarity with Linux and Windows server configuration, Active Directory, network architecture, operations, and security. Experience in areas such as Wireshark, email security, wireless security, cryptography, port scanning, cloud security, and virtualization. Proficiency with tools like Splunk, Burp Su...

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    ...rights approach. - Develop a comprehensive training program for enumerators on community engagement techniques, data collection methodologies, early conflict mitigation, and conflict mitigation triage to higher levels, and the use of the Social Tenure Domain Model (STDM) for informal land mapping. - Establish governance structures for data collection, including the formation of a steering committee comprising representatives from government agencies, community leaders, and relevant stakeholders to oversee the process and ensure accountability. - Define roles and responsibilities for data custodianship, including the establishment of secure data storage systems and protocols for data access, sharing, and protection. - Conduct sensitization ...

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    ...want to export the users from into a database file that can be used by Gathid (), exacting governance and instant, actionable insights that transcend traditional IAM limitations. I need a script that run and does it so I can implement that on AWS Lambda or similar Serverless implementation. I think Python would be good but also open to Java. I am not sure if you can or suggest to have multiple script that runs as a different process or you can build a Mono-Repo that can handle all of those providers under one process and can be easily scale to add more applications. Below is the list of Providers: Airflow AWS On-Prem AD Azure AD Control Money Data Lake Data Warehouse GitHub Jenkins Kyriba Loyalty Admin Loyalty API Mode MongoDB NetSuite Octopus Deploy OKT...

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    I have a pre-sale project. Staking, pooling, and governance must be completed. It is not yet complete and has not been deployed to servers. If you have good experience, please check the project and let me know the budget and time to complete the project. Share the repository. And I would like to hear your advice to complete the project successfully. I want to finish it within 3 months. Requirements Technologies: Frontend, Blockchain, Web3, Backend, Database, Solidity, API Integration. thank you

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    I am seeking a consultant to assist with a regulatory compliance project. - **Purpose:** The primary goal of this project is to ensure our reporting meets crucial regulatory requirements within the field of sustainability. - **Audience:** The report is primarily aimed at businesses, emphasizing the importance of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) aspects. Ideal candidates for this project should have: - **Expertise:** A deep understanding of ESG regulations and sustainable reporting. - **Experience:** Prior experience in helping companies to adhere to regulatory standards. - **Communication:** Strong communication skills are crucial, as the report should be clear, concise, and easily understood by our stakeholders. Please provide a proposal outlining your approach and...

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    I'm seeking a talented designer to create two PNG files for our corporate governance. The design must be modern and clean. I have specific color schemes in mind, so attention to detail is crucial. Key requirements: - Design: Modern and clean - File type: PNG - Purpose: Corporate governance Ideal skills: - Graphic design - Corporate branding - Color theory The perfect candidate would be able to translate the essence of our company into these images. Please be ready to share a portfolio of similar projects.

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    ...control mechanisms to grant different levels of permissions (e.g., admin, minter roles). Upgradeability: The smart contract should be upgradeable using the UUPS (Universal Upgradeable Proxy Standard) pattern. This is crucial for the potential adjustment and enhancement of the token’s functionalities over time without losing the current state. Votes & Governance: Incorporate a voting mechanism based on block numbers for decision-making and governance. Project Requirements: Proven experience in TRON (TRX) blockchain development and smart contracts. Strong knowledge of Solidity programming language. Experience with smart contract upgrade patterns, specifically UUPS. Ability to implement the specified features and access control mechanisms. Previous work on tokens...

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    ...control mechanisms to grant different levels of permissions (e.g., admin, minter roles). Upgradeability: The smart contract should be upgradeable using the UUPS (Universal Upgradeable Proxy Standard) pattern. This is crucial for the potential adjustment and enhancement of the token’s functionalities over time without losing the current state. Votes & Governance: Incorporate a voting mechanism based on block numbers for decision-making and governance. Project Requirements: Proven experience in TRON (TRX) blockchain development and smart contracts. Strong knowledge of Solidity programming language. Experience with smart contract upgrade patterns, specifically UUPS. Ability to implement the specified features and access control mechanisms. Previous work on tokens...

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    We're in need of a developer with firm expertise in Binance Smart Chain for a gaming project. The chosen professional must excel in creating decentralized gameplay and governance. The focus of the project is as follows: - Developing a game with advanced mechanics involving complex strategies and dynamics. Ideal skills and qualifications would include: - Proven experience on the Binance Smart Chain. - Strong background in building decentralized gameplay and governance in gaming. - Proficiency in advanced game mechanics development.

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    I'm looking to gather insights into ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) issues from industry professionals specifically in the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) sector. Key aspects of the project: - Organizing a detailed questionnaire of 14 questions related to various ESG topics. - Conduct the survey with 20 selected industry professionals. - Goal is to assess the understanding and awareness of ESG concepts and identify the factors influencing ESG decision-making within the PPE industry. Ideal candidate: The perfect fit for this task will have experience with strategic survey deployment, knowledge of the PPE industry, and a working understanding of ESG concepts. A background in Market Research or Sociology will be beneficial. Strong analytical capabilities will b...

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    I'm in need of an expert who resides in the Salt Lake City UTAH USA area, too manage the bureaucratic process for gaining a Utah Oil Gas and mineral exploration permit, with a focus on just the paperwork to get a mineral exploration permit. Experience required. A preferred relationship with Utah DOGM local governance and a proficient understanding of the geological framework of UTAH would be an advantage. Desirable skills and qualifications: * Experience in minerals and mining permit processing * UTAH SPECIFIC DOGM - you must be a Utah resident, USA. * Familiarity with Utah's mineral exploration permit application procedures.

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    WHO WE ARE We are a cyber security startup, "", aiming to provide training, consultancy, project implementation services in areas such as Security Monitoring, Security Operations, Cloud Security and Monitoring, Identity Access Management, as well as Governance Risk and Compliance. WHAT WE SEEK Modern, minimalist, and sleek logo and social media kit for WHAT TO DELIVER: - Logo design (white & transparent background JPEG, PNG) - Source and vector files (.ai, .eps) - Social media kits, covers and iconography - Name card design - Color palette, typography, etc. Feel free to improvise and please expect 2-3 revisions after the selection

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    ...assistance in locating relevant cases in terms of corporate governance laws. Your role will include the following: - Conducting an efficient search in areas relating to corporate governance - Providing short summaries of applicable, consistent case laws - Highlighting and explaining key decisions in each case -Knowledge of CanLii. Ideal skills required: - Excellent proficiency in legal research, particularly corporate law - Previous experience with using CanLii for case law retrieval - Sound knowledge of corporate governance in the field of law - Ability to succinctly and coherently summarize cases - Track record of thorough and detailed work. Your task is to help me understand the cases and their relevance to corporate governance within the realm of corpor...

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    I am looking for a skilled data engineer to assist with a project encompassing data ingestion and storage, transformation and processing, as well as ensuring adherence to data governance and compliance standards. Key Responsibilities: - Implementing real-time data streaming and batch data processing for the ingestion and storage of data. - Leveraging cloud-based data storage solutions, particularly within the Azure framework, to ensure scalability and reliability. Data governance and data protection Desired Outcomes: - Data transformation and processing should focus on efficient and effective data cleaning and normalization. - Further, data aggregation and summarization should help in derivi...

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    I am in need of a talented Data Engineering specialist with expertise in Azure Databricks. The main tasks will involve data integration, transformation, cleansing and data governance. Key Requirements: - Proficiency in Python as the preferred programming language. - Previous experience with Azure Databricks. - Ability to handle data from multiple sources including cloud storage and databases. GDPR data governance and data protection policy

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    Enterprise Data Architect Level III Clearance: TS (preferred) Software: Databrink and Palantir Timeframe: 40hrs / week - 3 month contract with possible extension Purpose of the Job: The Enterprise Data Architect is responsible for setting the strategy for the EPMs’s data architecture and providing technical architecture direction for delivery of the target state. This person is an integral member of the Enterprise Architecture Team and will be responsible for the design and implementation of the enterprise-wide data strategy, ensuring the strategy supports the current and future business needs. They will apply their knowledge of good architecture practice, architecture documentation and data technologies to comprehensively capture the bank&rsq...

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    Enterprise Data Architect Level III Clearance: TS (preferred) Purpose of the Job: The Enterprise Data Architect is responsible for setting the strategy for the EPMs’s data architecture and providing technical architecture direction for delivery of the target state. This person is an integral member of the Enterprise Architecture Team and will be responsible for the design and implementation of the enterprise-wide data strategy, ensuring the strategy supports the current and future business needs. They will apply their knowledge of good architecture practice, architecture documentation and data technologies to comprehensively capture the bank’s current state holistic data architecture and oversee target state design and implementation...

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    ...portal focused on e-governance services. Key Responsibilities: - Build, test, and launch a dynamic, user-friendly government portal that serves as a hub for e-governance services. - Incorporate intuitive features to ensure seamless interaction for end-users. Desired Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in government portal development - Evidence of prior work is essential - Extensive knowledge in an array of programming languages. You should make a recommendation on what you believe is best for the project, based on your expertise. - Excellent problem-solving skills and creative thinking. - Strong communication skills with the ability to explain complex technical information easily. Our collaboration goal is to create a reliable and effective platform for e-...

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    ...SQL Database and Azure Data Lake Storage. I have a data solution project that involves less than 1TB of data, hence would classify this as a small scale project. Key tasks include, but are not limited to: Data Solutions: Set up and manage an Azure SQL Database and Azure Data Lake Storage for my data solution. Main task : The legacy Azure SQL DWH has multiple resources including Business Central, Dynamics 365, HubSpot API, NetSuite API, ServiceNow API and Kimble one. (Alteryx and Workato sources can be ignored). Couple of other company sources need to be migrated as well. The new Azure solution need to bring all these data into one lake using any effective azure services into a bronze layer. Further these data need to be t...

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    I am seeking a data governance professional to help implement a comprehensive data governance framework, set of principles and policies for my Canberra-based non-profit organization. Aimed at improving the organisational data management capabilities, the project is particularly focused on the data governance component, and relevant organisational considerations, principles, and policies. Key tasks include: - Reviewing our current, informal data management practices. - Establishing a solid data governance framework, principles and policies, based on international standards and best practices. - Ensuring that the framework incorporates policies for handling sensitive data, reflecting our goal to improve d...

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    ...importance of data governance and compliance in today's digital landscape Core Features of Microsoft Purview Unified Data Governance: Explanation of how Purview integrates various data governance services across Microsoft platforms. Compliance Management: Overview of compliance tools and capabilities within Purview, such as compliance scoring and policy management. Data Protection: Discuss Purview’s data protection features, including data loss prevention (DLP), sensitive data discovery, and classification. Insider Risk Management: Explanation of tools to detect and mitigate risks from within the organization. Adaptive Protection: Introduce the concept of adaptive protection and how it uses AI and machine...

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    I am in need of a professional who is proficient in designing and establishing a college sorority. Key responsibilities include the following: - S...proficient in designing and establishing a college sorority. Key responsibilities include the following: - Structuring the organizational design. - Establishing a detailed constitution and bylaws. Aspects to address would include: - Multicultural sorority - Non Greek / Service - Membership eligibility and procedures. - Officer roles and responsibilities. - Procedures for decision-making and governance. Ideal candidates have prior experience in similar projects and a strong understanding of the dynamics and functionalities of a sorority. I would appreciate a comprehensive and well-planned design that ensures smooth operations in t...

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    As the ...maintaining the case calendar and case management. - Conducting comprehensive legal research on various topics including corporate law, regulatory requirements, and industry standards to assist the General Counsel in providing accurate advice and guidance. Skills and Experience: - Experience in the technology sector - understanding technology terms, contracts, and disputes. - Proficiency in corporate governance and due diligence. This project requires a self-motivated individual with a proactive communication style. Your ability to navigate challenges, present findings, and support litigation will be critical. We work in a Microsoft 365 environment. To be successful, the paralegal must have a good working knowledge of the standard Microsoft apps, along with Teams and S...

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    I'm looking for a seasoned resume writer, highly experienced in writing resumes and cover letters for senior roles in the finance industry. A strong understanding of the Canadian job market is beneficial. This involves: • Showcasing specific skills - Leadership & Management, Financial Analysis & Strategy, Risk Management & Compliance, Fincrime risk management, Corporate Governance, Legal, Development Finance, ESG, Business Integrity, Ethics, and Leadership. • Using a combination format for the resume and cover letter. This combination should highlight both the professional timeline and functional skills. The freelancer should demonstrate expertise in crafting documents that optimally present these skills to potential employers in a highly competitiv...

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    I am seeking an industry expert to conduct extensive research into a specified public company. Your task will include unearthing valuable insights centered around: - Background Information: Scope out relevant financial data, market competition and share, and areas of corporate governance. - Company History: Particularly, I am interested in its founding and early years. I want to fully comprehend the circumstances of its origination and growth phases. - Business Philosophy & Values: A special emphasis should be laid on understanding the corporate mission and values which are integral parts of the company’s philosophy. Ideal candidate would be someone possessing: - Solid comprehension of the financial market. - Outstanding research skills. - Proven experience in Si...

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    Join Us in Shaping Global Perspectives at the Singapore Institute of International Affairs! Are you passionate about international relations, political dynamics, social governance, and military development? The Singapore Institute of International Affairs (SIIA) is on the lookout for dynamic and talented individuals from diverse backgrounds to join us in our mission to explore and contribute to the development of India's international relations. Why Join SIIA? Diverse Research Topics: Engage in cutting-edge research on India's international relations, political environment, social governance, and military development. Incentivized Contributions: Your efforts won't go unnoticed! We value your contributions and offer a minimum payment of $100 for each materia...

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    ...Finalize project budget, timeline, and resources Sign contracts and agreements with selected firm Milestone 2: Design and Architecture Collaborate with the chosen firm to finalize the design and architecture of the BOSS meme coin platform Develop specifications for tokenomics, including token supply, distribution, and utility Design smart contracts for token creation, staking mechanisms, and governance features Review and approve the technical design and architecture Milestone 3: Development and Testing Commence development of the BOSS meme coin platform, including smart contract development, backend infrastructure, and frontend interfaces Conduct regular code reviews, testing, and debugging to ensure the platform functions as intended Implement security best practices and cond...

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    ...Financial Risk: Though specific financial risks were not provided, a comprehensive examination of potential financial threats should be undertaken. - Governance Risk: Identify and discuss the company’s governance risks. 2. Addressed Issues: - Present an evaluation of how these issues were, or weren't, addressed by the company. 3. Enhance Corporate Governance: - Provide recommendations for improvement to bolster the company's governance structure concerning its Environmental risk, financial risk and corporate governance risk. Ideal applicants should have experience in environmental science, financial risk management, and corporate governance. Familiarity with the mining industry is a plus. Knowledge of risk analysis...

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    Seeking a cloud specialist to optimize our Amazon S3 service for data storage up to 1TB. Your role involves setting up, managing, and potentially troubleshooting our AWS service to ensure seamless data backup. NECESSARY SKILLS: - Robust experience with Amazon S3 - Capacity to manage and back up up to 1 TB of data - Ability to optimize AWS for efficiency and cost-management - Reliable troubleshooting abilities Previous experience with similar projects and a strong understanding of AWS best practices is highly valued. GOALS: - Efficient data backup using Amazon S3 - Reliable data storage management up to 1TB. Please include your related experiences and successes with Amazon S3 in your bid. Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) is a scalable object st...

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    I am looking for an experienced SAP professional to provide mock interview training . Knowledge in SAP Master Data Governance would be an asset as the primary objective of this session is to improve processes, optimize data quality, and enhance data visibility. Required skills and expertise: - expertise in SAP Master Data Governance - Proficient in mock interview coaching The goal of this project is to enhance an interviewee's abilities in handling clients' concerns about SAP Master Data effectively during job interviews. The resulting increased confidence should ultimately lead to better job prospects. If you're an expert in SAP Master Data Governance and the art of problem-solving, and you have a knack for...

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    Wir haben ein Projekt bei einem Großkunden. Dabei brauchen wir ein Architekten, der jetzt vornehmlich in eine Task Force mitarbeitet, um mit uns gemeinsam folgende Fragestellung zu bearbeiten - Governance - DEV-OPS - Sizing Fragestellungen - Operational Manual überarbeiten bzw. neu aufsetzen Projektsprache: Deutsch/ Englisch 50% remote und 50% Stuttgart onsite Wichtige Componenten sind Java / Wildfly / PostgresSQL/Jenkins. Wir stellen das Entwicklungsteam. Der Kunde sollte die genannten Aufgaben bearbeiten. Braucht dort aber Unterstützung. Rückmeldungen bitte unter E-Mail MFG Frank Mercier ewocon Advisory GmbH

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    Using Microsoft Word, I need a process template crafted for Project Governance. It should cover the following elements: - Roles and responsibilities: Defining individual roles through descriptions and responsibilities. The template should also denote the reporting structure for each role. Emphasis should be placed on detailing basic roles and responsibilities as well as specific tasks and activities for each role. - Project goals and objectives: These aspects help shape the direction of the project and should be clearly listed in the template. - Project deliverables: The expected outputs cultivated through the project should be clearly indicated alongside the timeframe. - Steering Committee: The template should include a section for oversight and decision-making bodies with...

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    if you dont have experience please dont bid. I urgently require a skilled developer to help me create a token on the Hedera Davinci platform and put on saucer swap. This project is time-sensitive and needs to be completed ASAP. While I have not specified a particular functionality for the token, I'm open to discussing options around governance, staking, or exclusive access. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Previous experience in token creation, specifically on the Hedera Davinci platform - Swift and efficient development practices - Suggestions and advice on token utility Your completion of this project will involve listing the token on Saucer Swap. Please only bid if you can meet these requirements and the tight timeline.

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    I am seeking a knowledgeable professional to lead a critical task of creating a comprehensive security master plan for our software organiz...demonstrate clear comprehension of our requirements and offer innovative and effective solutions. To note that applications without such a detailed project proposal will be less likely to be shortlisted. Your approach to our project, your assessment, recommendations and envisaged steps should be the main focus. Skills and Proficiency: - Competence in drafting security master plan - Knowledge in governance and security policy - Proven success in comparable projects especially in the software industry. Kick-start your application process now and let's secure a safer future for our organization. All the details will be given if can co...

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    ...can conduct a keen literature review on Aramco's sustainability practices in the 2022 report. Particularly, you should use a critical lens involving IFRS standards s1 and s2. The report should be written in a manner that illustrates a linkage between academic and professional research articles. Areas of concern you'll need to critique include: - Environmental impact - Social Responsibility - Governance and Ethics - Accounting point of view The ultimate objective of this review is to analyze the impact IFRS standards on sustainability reporting of Aramco. This project is ideally suited for individuals who possess: - Profound knowledge of IFRS standards - Previous experience or strong understanding of sustainability practices - The ability to critically review and syn...

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    I'm searching for a knowledgeable facilitator and consultant for our board of directors. This person's role will encompass: - Implementing strategic planning - Ensuring governance and compliance needs are met - Assisting in leadership development Our board is very small consisting of 3-4 members. A key objective of hiring this consultant is to improve the efficiency of our board meetings. I'd like you to streamline our processes and see meetings become more effective. Candidates with previous experience in facilitating board meetings and comprehensive knowledge of strategic planning, governance, compliance, and leadership skills will be preferred. Your input will be pivotal to enhance our board's functioning, so your proven ability to drive board meetin...

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    ...skills and backgrounds. - Photo and Video Gallery: A sleek, user-friendly gallery to showcase photos and videos from previous performances and classes. - Chatbot: A real-time, interactive chatbot for immediate communication and engagement with potential and current students. - Payment Gateway Integration: A secure and convenient online payment option for students to pay fees. - User Login and Governance: A system where students can create their own personal accounts and manage their profiles. - Should be built on WordPress with a user-friendly module to manage content on the go. - Need to java script for the tools like google analytics, GTM and Ad serving platforms The primary aim of this website is to attract new students. Hence, the look, feel, and overall user experien...

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    ...Intelligence • Educational Programs: Similar to cybersecurity, detail our AI bootcamps, including any focus areas (e.g., machine learning, natural language processing) and certifications learners can earn. • AI Solution Development: Describe how we can develop custom AI solutions for government applications, from automation to data analysis. • Ethics and Governance: Highlight our commitment to ethical AI development and how we can assist in developing AI governance frameworks. Robotics • Robotics Workshops and Training: We can provide workshops, including hands-on training in robotics design, programming, and application. • Custom Robotics Solutions: Explain our capability in designing and deploying robotics solutions tailored to gov...

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    As an entrepreneur seeking to conform to local and international corporate governance laws, I'm looking for a lawyer based in Medan, Indonesia, to assist. Key tasks include: - Advising on corporate governance issues - Ensuring compliance with regulations - Providing appropriate legal solutions Ideal candidates should be versed in Indonesian business law, specifically in corporate governance. Direct experience working with businesses in the formation stage is a plus. Your ability to provide clear, professional and timely advice on legal matters will be crucial to our collaboration.

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    I need someone to look at GSK sustainability report for 2023. Pages 17-25 will show how they have improved in terms of environmental social governance. I need someone to break down the figures in terms of what they have done. I then need someone to show how they can improve to align on their goals based on a software I have and can share details of what the software can do and website once accepted So I need a few presentation slides summarising GSK ESG stats for 2023 What worked well What the software might of helped with The goals for future How the software can help

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    I urgently require a professional with a strong understanding of IT governance rules and regulations to address the following: - Security management: Ensuring systems, networks, and technology policies are safe and secure. - Risk management: Identifying potential IT risks and creating strategies to prevent them. - Compliance and regulatory requirements: Confirming adherence to relevant regulations and standards. The deliverables for this project must include a robust security policy framework and a thorough risk assessment report. Focus on decentralisation and blockchain as recommendations. The project needs to be completed as soon as possible, hence, being prompt and reliable is vital. Knowledge of cybersecurity, information systems management, and compliance auditing will be...

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    I require a professional writer with experience in creating annual reports for financial services firms. Your task involves the rewriting of our 2023 ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) report draft. The report is written, but we need a professional copywriter’s help to take it to the next level. Ideal Skills: • Experienced financial copywriter • Knowledge of ESG/Sustainability reporting • Ability to interpret and present financial data in a comprehensive yet engaging manner • Awareness of market trends in the financial sector

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    ...Multi-language support, and Context-aware responses. - Provide both text-based and voice-based chat interface for user interaction. - Train the chatbot to be well-versed on corporate governance topics, specifically: ethical business practices, regulatory compliance, sustainability and corporate responsibility, and other significant issues relating to corporate governance. Ideal Skills: - Experience programming AI chatbots. - Familiarity with chatGPT by OpenAi. - Strength in natural language understanding. - Proficiency in multi-language support. - Past experience in creating context-aware responses. - Knowledge in corporate governance or ability to effectively research and incorporate it into the project. - Great attention to detail and problem-solving skills. I ...

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    ...Experience: - Proven experience in creating professional corporate style Powerpoint presentations. - Excellent research and content writing abilities. - Strong understanding of financial management and strategic planning. - Ability to accurately interpret and convey complex financial information in an accessible way. Here is a CHAT GPT source: Budgeting is an indispensable component of corporate governance, embodying a forward-looking map that guides companies through the fiscal year. It is a strategic tool that aligns a corporation's operations with its long-term goals, financial stability, and market competitiveness. This justification elaborates on the multifaceted roles and benefits of budgeting within a corporate setting, emphasizing its criticality in ensuring a com...

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    I am seeking an experienced Computer Science professional with special expertise in advanced theories to assist in a video shoot. Module I am looking for- Python, IT system Design, AI in Business, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Cybersecurity and IT governance, Analytics and Business Analytics. The main purpose of this project is to elucidate complex Computer Science theories in a very technical way, specifically tailored towards specialists in the field. We aim to go in-depth, providing comprehensive insights rather than a broad overview. Your role includes, but is not limited to: - Distilling complex concepts into digestible, engaging video content. - Responding to potential questions from the audience regarding the theories explained. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Deep kno...

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    As someone who values the principles of governance, I'm currently in need of a professional online trainer who specializes in 'Governance, Risk & Compliance' (GRC) to guide me in my GRCP&GRCA courses. I already have case studies, training modules and practice exams prepared. Your responsibilities will include: - Understanding materials provided and structuring the online sessions accordingly - Expertly delivering topics on Governance - Assisting me in the effective preparation for GRCP&GRCA exams - Constructively aligning case studies and exam modules provided with the tutoring sessions. The ideal candidate should have: - Proven experience in teaching GRC professionally online - Exceptional understanding of Governance, Risk, and ...

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    ...Agile, JIRA • Design Data warehouse table and applicable documentation. • Develop table creation scripts and execute the scripts for the Database Administrator (DBA). • Analyze data sources and determine data relationships to pair with the business requirements documentation (BRD). • Familiarity with data quality issues and Exact, Transform, Load (ETL) processes • Design and develop Extract Load Transform (ELT) process and load data from source tables into staging tables and then into target fact and dimension tables utilizing Oracle Data Integrator (ODI). • Validate data loaded into various tables utilizing Structured Query Language (SQL) and other analysis. • Knowledge and understanding of the applicab...

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