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I have undertaken the hire of professional services to complete Lime Mortar repointing of a 2-bed end terrace, which is nearing the end of the work.

However as I have concerns about the work undertaken for peace of mind, before the job is complete and signed off for payment, I just want to ensure I am paying for a fully professional

lime mortar installation of repointing.

For example, I just want to make sure that what would be reasonably expected for the undertaking of lime mortar repointing and been fully adhered to and the job is at a satisfactory level.

I want to ensure the process undertaken for lime

Repointing has been adhered to and I do not need to worry about any defects in the lime repointing such as cracks, holes, gaps,

crumbling etc will occur to a reasonable and satisfactory level after the job has been completed.

If the application and curing of the lime mortar and correct mix has been adhered to and the finish of applying the lime mortar is to a satisfactory and reasonable standard then I’m happy to compete payment in full.

I do not want the hassle of chasing people to remedy and defects after I have paid in full.



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