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    Project #1 -Interior design and layout of a 5-6000 square foot open, demo'd space into an open concept office. Existing floorplan is available. We would like 2-3 floorplan options ready for review in 4-6 weeks. Total workforce that will use the space is 35 employees. 9-10 private offices will be needed for senior staff. One conference room seating 12-15 and an open, communal work area with 12-15 seats for traveling technicians and other "hot" desk work. Kitchen, eating/break area, and restrooms will be needed. Project #2 - Re-design an existing office space in the same building as Project #1. This space is narrow (approx 30 ft) and long (80-100 ft). It is currently divided into multiple private offices. We would like to utilize space better with an open...

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    I need a food court designe inside a mall(in a report format) using facility planning techniques , such as SLP, m-craft and craft etc... (it should be in a systematic engineering method step by step) The food court contains 30 vendors, dinning area, restrooms and any other services that is usually given in a food court. (Area and size can be assumed as appropriate) Then, we should do Arena Simulation for the food court. (Number of customers and every necessary data can be assumed) After it's done I need a video explaining how the work has been done step by step. Due date : one month. (if all the work is taken) Due date : 15 days. (if only facility planning section is taken) (half the price) System description: The system models a compl...

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    Small commercial fitness center project requiring simple civil plans addressing code for drainage, parking, egress, ADA requirements for restrooms, electrical and fire safety.

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    I need to have floorplans with seating for SLA permit. All diagrams must be submitted on 8 1⁄2” x 11” sheets of paper. Please do not use graph paper as this cannot be clearly scanned. □ Label each floor (basement, ground floor, second floor, etc.). Each floor should have its own diagram on a separate page. □ If the premises occupies a portion of a floor, depict the entire floor of the building and show the proposed licensed premise's location on the floor. Show all points of access to and from the premises and label any shared/common areas. □ Label all rooms, including but not limited to: storage rooms, office space where books and records remain, dining areas, kitchen/food preparation areas, restrooms, employee-only access, any floor used f...

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    Re draw floor plans with layers as vector files. six floor plans: five buildings and one complex plan of all buildings. Finished vectors to be used for a zoomable, clickable web map that provides further details about each unit. Label hallways, stairways, common areas, elevators, restrooms, unit numbers, and unit square footage based on provided plans (more files are available in addition to what is attached here). Please reply with bids.

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    Ciao RamziTRA, a friend advised me to contact you for setting up a web scraper of real estate ads in Italy on the following websites: , and . I need to scrape ads within certain ranges that leads to gather, every 3 days, about 12k ads per website, with the following data: address, price, rooms, size, restrooms, floor, ad title, ad, agency, link. Finally, I need to store them in a DB. How much do you think it should cost?

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    Ciao RamziTRA, a friend advised me to contact you for setting up a web scraper of real estate ads in Italy on the following websites: , and . I need to scrape ads within certain ranges that leads to gather, every 3 days, about 12k ads per website, with the following data: address, price, rooms, size, restrooms, floor, ad title, ad, agency, link. Finally, I need to store them in a DB. How much do you think it should cost?

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    I would like plans, that include all electrical, plumbing & pad sites. To include an office, laundry, showers & restrooms.

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    I have floor plan and most things done, and ready for constructions but, the city reviewed it and they request more detailed info for: 1- sprinkler alterations (existing sprinkler system in place, need to add 3-5 more) And their exact words below ➢ Please provide a code summary on the title page identifying the building construction type, occupancy type and load. ➢ Please provide a detailed scope of work describing new construction. ➢ Please describe rear exits if at grade level with a smooth rolling surface or otherwise ➢ Please identify if proposed use will contain a fire alarm or fire sprinkler systems ➢ Plans and specifications are required for installation or alteration to the fire sprinkler or fire alarm system within the building in accordance with Indiana ...

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    ...do everything from A-Z till its live in their particular platform for a healthcare industry. It would be an informative,Navigation, wayfinding ,indoor maping as the main features of that app. Kindly read the summary below to get a clear idea and would like to get in touch too. I like to work with a smart worker rather than only a hard worker. Introduction: Most people find visiting a hospital quite a daunting experience and 9 times out of 10 we end up having to ask a member of staff for directions to where we need to be. Feeling lost stresses patients and visitors and having to show people around takes away valuable time from hospital staff. Digital Indoor Navigation for patients and staff: You can offer patients, visitors, and staff an in-app indoor wayfinding soluti...

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    I am working on preliminary drawings for a 6,000 S.F. athletic building. There will be three HVAC units which are sized and located on the second floor plan. I need drawings that show the rectangular duct layout and sizes. I also need help specifying an ERV (energy recovery ventilator) that will tie into the exhaust for the restrooms. If you can also provide a gas supply riser diagram, that would need to include size of pipe and length of supply pipes. Thank you

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    I need to hire a mechanical engineer (PE) to review and seal our design drawings. We will handle the design on our end. The renovated space is approximately 2200 SF. The architect has relocated a couple of restrooms and added a kitchen space. This will be complete gut from a mechanical and plumbing standpoint.

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    Hello, we are needing help to design our pilates studio to make sure all things will fit correctly. Please apply if you have experience thank you each of the reformer machines is 126” L x 36” W (320cm x 91cm) Please see the rough rendering attached to get the idea of what we are looking for the restrooms 1 for woman and 1 for men, should each have 2 showers, 1 sink and 1 toilet. the coffee lounge front desk area as well as in rendering

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    ...distributed as follows: • (1st) Mezzanine: o Parking spots o Store o small restrooms for both the store and the terrace restaurant o minimum hotel reception o elevator for 6 pax o emergency stairs (door locked, not open to the public) • (2nd, 3rd & 4th) 3 full floors: o Hotel rooms o Restaurant kitchen on the upper floor • (5th) Terrace: o Restaurant bar and tables Maximize the number of parking spots (legal minimum = 2.5 x 5 sqm) Maximize the number of suites in the building (target = 30 units) • 2 Twin Beds + 1 nightstands + 1 closet per room • Each suite restroom must have a shower, WC and sink • A reference image is attached with the ideal distribution of rooms & their restrooms. As you’ll notice, one every 2 ...

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    Our congregation would like to build a sanctuary. We have a member who has a Chief Architect program that is drawing up our floor plans. The building will include restrooms and several classrooms also. We are nearing the point where we will be needing structural drawings.

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    hotel needs lobby, 2 offices 60 room banquet hall, restrooms and laundry service on first floor guest seating area, food store/pantry, morning breakfast/coffee area. Needs to be upscale.

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    Interior design services for an open floor plan residential project. ground floor. Requirements: - Living area - Dining area. - Two restrooms (no shower) - Small Office (with secret entrance) - Full functional Bar with entertainment loungy area. - Full Kitchen Island in the middle Space for 2 large fridges Stove size 4 to 6 units pantry. Small Seating area we prefer to leave the kitchen and bathroom places where they are. But we can relocate them if necessary. The only fixed place here is the stairs and elevator area we cant change it. Other than that we can change and relocate pretty much anything we want, including the entrance, and windows according to the new plans. - Acs will be central. ducting needs to be designed the best way we can to integrate it with the layouts ...

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    SERIOUS RELIABLE CLEANERS Cleaning Duties •2 Restrooms •Breakroom •Vacuum Lobby •Dust mop •Clean Glass (As needed) •Run floor machine •Use Buffer . You will clean your store 7 days a week. Your start time is 4am-7am MASS HIRING!!! WE NEED RELIABLE CLEANERS! •••••••••• We have several groceries stores available. These stores will be serviced 7x a week. We also have other positions to keep you consistently working and allow you free time. Most of our jobs are no longer than 4 hours. Which consists of 2-4 days a week.

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    remodeling, kitchen, restrooms, room , carpentry, painting, pressure washers, plumbing , roofs etc

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    I will need a blue print to build a nail salon. The space is 25' x 65'. We planning to fit 7 to 8 pedicure chairs and 7 manicure tables. We will need a small office, 2 restrooms (one for the clients and one for our employees), a back room (for supplies and a lunch area), a wax room that has a sink, and a baby room in the back.

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    Hi, i need an interior design project for an office. I´m attaching current layout. We want to redo it from zero. We can remove all the blue walls. Windows are in the arrow side. Restrooms cannot be relocated. wall height is 270 cms, with the AC pipes visible. We want to have: open working space for 15-20 persons. Meeting room for 10-12 persons, close to a window to be able to use it as lunch room too: room with natural and A/C ventilation. A living/resting lounge area. A Coffee and mini kitchen area. lots of cabinets to organize folders and books. some visibles, other hidden behind doors. Maybe consider a phone cabin to be able to talk without disturbing others. No reception desk. Warm, cozy, funny, modern, industrial style. we want to create where...

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    Hi I have a PDF with a floor-plan of a small 2 story building. the ground floor will be sort of storage and working floor, I need someone to add some things to that plan. I made a quick sketch of the idea. (it will be used for demo purposes not for constructin, so perfect dimension are not vital :) ) and need some ideas and input how to setup the office (first floor) inside this plan : I would need two offices of around 16m², 1 meeting room around 30m² a small server room, an open kitchen and an pausing area, and space for 4-6 people in an "open area office", 2 restrooms (M/F)

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    Need Corrections to drawings for commercial suite. 5000 sq ft space with 3 suites. Must be familiar with building code. Suite 100 Please provide the following: 1. Interior elevations of the Bar area, shelves area and counter. Must meet 2015 IBC Chapter 11 and 2012 TAS. 2. Male and Women's restrooms does not meet 2012 TAS requirements, sink encroaches into the water closet 60 inches clearance. 3. All toilet fixtures and accessories must meet 2012 TAS requirements. 4. Wall types and UL ratings. Suite 110 3. Corridor width must be a minimum of 44 inches. Refer to 2015 IBC Table 1020.2. 4. No dead ends in corridors more than 20 feet in length. Refer to 2015 IBC Section 1020.4 5. The direction of the egress door is swinging in the wrong direction. Refer to 2015 I...

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    ...manage the patients during their stay Pharmacy: area require to manage the delivery and storage of medication for both patient and outpatient services Support environments: the complex should include food service, therapy mall, Conference center, exterior programmed exterior spaces, and any other space that you feel required to add. Building Support spaces: the facility needs to include restrooms, building storage, mechanical, electrical and I.T. rooms of sufficient size to allow the building to function....

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    We require renderings of a church being repurposed into a home. This is a very simple conversion if the existing space ad dimensions. We require multiple sketches, digital or otherwise, of options. Outside would be primarily colors, landscaping, what replaces a steeple? Inside is how to use the sanctuary as a big open living space. Offices to bedrooms. Restrooms converted to residential. Kitchen could be bowling alley lanes for counters / islands with base cabinets and uppers on the divider wall. Pics: Please send proof of similar work.

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    ...Overall interior square footage: 3,500 square feet USA Time 1. Entry area: Point of sale, counter for ordering food, and display of food 2. Dining Areas (combination of different furniture and size of spaces) with 6’-0” apart due to COVID-19 restrictions • Communal tables 24” x 96” with chairs • Squared tables 24”, 36”, and 48” with chairs • Booths with seating 3. Commercial Kitchen 1,050 square feet (block section no need to design kitchen) 4. Men’s Restroom (near commercial kitchen) • ADA compliant toilet stall • 1 toilet stall • 2 urinals • 2 lavatories 5. Women’s Restrooms (near commercial kitchen) • ADA compliant toilet stall • 2 toilet stall...

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    I have a building to be 80ft by 160ft . I am looking for Gymnasium and multi purpose room next to a school. We are looking for basket ball court, restrooms (females and males), Showers, lockers, Storage room, Small Kitchen, Office, reuse the place for maybe future graduations, or parties ...etc... We need it multi purpose WITH FRONT CANOPY. (google "multi purpose building floor plan") they have a lot of good samples online we can use some. I have satellite view where it will be and how the lot look like

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    House-Afijah Bitti left

    The size of the project 340 meters 2 gusts rooms and 6 bedrooms 5 restrooms

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    Restaurant that was taken over from previous owner, need to resubmit facility plans to health department to secure a health permit. It will be opened as a restaurant again so I need to show the basic doors, windows, seating areas, and restrooms. With a more detailed view of the kitchen where cooking will be done, including all sanitation sinks, dishwashing areas and food prep areas.

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    I am looking for the best design for a 2 story office building. The building can not exceed 2 stories and must be lower than 36' total. There will be rooftop equipment so a parapet wall will be required above the 2nd floor. Typical height between finished floors should be 14'. We are trying to maintain approximately 25,000 sqft per floor for a total of 50,000 sqft. Only the common areas of the building will need to be shown. Future tenant areas/offices will not need to be detailed. There will need to be 2 elevators and 3 sets of stairs. There will also need to be 2 restrooms per floor for men and women. Decorative stairs are required in the main entrance and 2 fire rated (non decorative) stair as...

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    ...from a brand new Hampton Inn. While it will be mostly open and empty inside to allow space for the play equipment, we do want to include an overlooking balcony over the front 3rd of the building (over the restrooms, front door, and party rooms). We would like fancy/stylish stairs leading up on either side. We want to include a large window facing north towards the Hampton Inn to showcase the fun equipment inside and entice hotel occupants to come in. We would like recommendations on window placement, situation of the building on the lot, and parking. I feel like we mostly know what we want but I want formal designs for my builder to use and recommendations to make it as aesthetically pleasing as possible (within a reasonable budget). The lot size is 0.42 acres, but ...

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    Harbor Services Gr...dock construction services. Our latest expansion is to be a new 10,000 sf. 2 story steel building housing Harbor Ship's Store , Boutique and Harbor Yacht and Boat service. New Building will consist of 5,000 sf retail for Ship's Store and Boutique, 3 large service bays for marine services, a large wash-bay for off water boat and rv cleaning. (Second floor 5,000 st mezzanine for future expansion) and 1,200-1,500 sf office, parts sales and break room. A total of 3 restrooms, 2 in store 1, in bay area, breakroom kitchen and 3-4 washer drier connections in rear , bay, Need to spec out plumbing and electric for entire facility. Interior store industrial/retail Offices and breakroom standard commercial level finish-out Need as...

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    We are building an office compound in East Africa. Construction is 50% complete. We have ample parking, a 20,000 ft2 warehouse, office, container workshop area, cafe and meeting rooms. But...we have not started on the training and conference center. We need a a building with: effective modern fresh in line with the rest of the property windows think church auditorium some modest storage of tables, chairs and equipmentZ 2 to 4 restrooms windows with ability to control sunlight 52 ft maximum long 32 feet starting point for width

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    ...any further south. 2) We may meet customers in the conference room to show them packaging options, however we do not have a "receptionist". 3) The proposed exterior door location can not be moved. 4) We are looking to build out approximately 1500-1800 sq ft. 5) Proposed future bathrooms as listed on Option C drawing is no longer a concern and do not need to be considered for this contest. 6) US Standard Building Codes, including ADA bathrooms must be adhered too. Concerns with attached Plans: 1) The reception space seems like a lot of wasted spaced for a hallway. 2) Is accessing the restrooms through the breakroom awkward? 3) It would be nice to have a storage closet for cleaning/office supplies ect. Please contact with any questions. Updat...

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    Hello, my name is Donna, I am a certified architectural drafter who is drafting up construction documents for small renovation projects. With 40 years of combining my drafting & design talents has led me to this work (did I mention for small projects). Because I worked in an architectural office specializing in new multi-use buildings & educational buildings, my drafting was always in the designing of restrooms, kitchens, theaters, community rooms while the mechanical work was completed by other drafters in the office. Could you please let me know how much compensation it would be for your business to help me complete the plumbing, electrical, building materials for a 1000sq.ft. commercial building conversion. The young, new owner of this building,...

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    My competitor has a bunch of custom icons on the following webpage: I want to create a similar page and will need attractive, clear, and fun icons of my own. These icons must follow a consistent style and color scheme. These are the icons needed: - Door L-shaped handles - Door D-shaped bars - Stairs handrails - Escalator handrails - Door flat push bars - Shopping cart handles - Vending machines - Restrooms - Countertops - Industrial equipment - Medical equipment - Exercise equipment - Touchscreens

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    We are looking to develop a 15 acre property (550' by 1200' in dimension) and we are inviting proposals for 3D modeling design with below services/facilities. Please let us know if you would be interested in the project. 1. Gaming arcade 2. Restaurants/w Drive through 3. Coffee shop 4. Convenience store 5. Restrooms 6. Parking spots 7. Outdoor/Indoor play area 8. Vending machines 9. Tourist/Visitor center 10. Lounge/Social collaboration areas 11. Janitorial room 12. HVAC/Utility room

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    I am looking for someone to convert detailed floor plan of restrooms into a 3D rendition to be used for colour selection and visualisation. Once design is completed and colours finalised I will need workshop drawings of ALL partitions and cabinets with component lists for production. Areas include 1 x male & 1 x female restrooms, 1 x parents room, 2 x disabled toilet rooms, 1 x storage room. detailed floorplan will be made available to successful bidder!

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    We need an infographic pointing to all high touch areas in an office setting. I attached an example of what we need. We would need a restroom added to this example (please see the second picture for the restrooms high touch areas). I will provide the company colors once project is awarded.

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    ...Sales Compliance Audits / Fraud Detection Audits Customer Satisfaction Audits (CSAT) Competitive Benchmarking Mapping the complete journey of a customer from entry to exit. Outlet Ambience & Visual Merchandising Interaction with Staff & Cross-selling & Up-selling skills Checking Responsiveness of staff (as per pre-set customer expectation) Surveying Infrastructure (Interior, Exterior, Restrooms, Upholstery, etc.) Staff Integrity Audits Product Purchase/Return Scenarios Customized Scenario-based Announced/Mystery audit. Following is our approach for an Retail's risk assurance & compliance check 1. Crowdsourced Intelligence Auditor(s) matching the profile of your brand's real customer going to your POS and performing a scenario based mystery au...

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    Office building Architectural plans for 3 stories building Conforming to Howell, New Jersey USA Codes. need most efficient office planning with stairs and elevators for attached plans. entrance mailboxes for suites and foyer area each level men and Woman bathrooms with a conference room/small kitchen in each level. this is an office building with many suites to be leased out with the shared restrooms and conference room

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    We are a startup company from south India. We have developed a new product for Germicidal irradiating sanitizer using UV light. This is a product to use in public toilets, rest rooms, inside taxi, living ro...toilets, rest rooms, inside taxi, living room, etc to kill germs and viruses using ultraviolet light radiation in small amount. It is applicable where chemical process of sanitizing is not practical or cost effective. We have developed it for public toilets manufactured by us only now want to market as a standalone product for various segments like railway, living room, public or other toilets, restrooms, taxi, etc It requires marketing material like content for online trading, brochure, web page, email marketing flyer, social marketing material, printed a4 size 4 page brochu...

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    I need two illustrations/comics to run on socials. The first is to show the problem - this problem is a mum and A little kid (toilet training age) in a busy shopping centre, where the kid needs to use the restroom urgently but they dont know where the restrooms are. It needs to show the urgency and the stress of not knowing where something is The second is to show the solution - same issue, mum and kid needing the restroom NOW. This time mum has the smartphone app BindiMaps installed on her phone - she looks up restrooms, gets a list of them from closest to furthest away, selects the one she wants and gets a arrow and blue line guidance to where the restroom is - no stress, problem solved

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    Ascend Medical is opening ...shape with different rooms/needs) are attached. The space is a former Good Year Tire that we are looking to lease. The space needs: One (1) Reception Area (~20' x 20') One (1) Waiting Area (~20' x 20') Two (2) ADA restrooms 8'x8' middle of space One (1) Lab/Prep Area (15'x 7') middle of space One (1) Provider station area (15'x7') adjacent to prep area nine (9) to eleven (11) consult rooms behind reception and surrounding the central restrooms, prep and nurse station) One (1) storage room (15'x7') toward middle of space (med supply) One (1) Break room (12'x15') back of space Two (2) small conference rooms (9' x 10') can be toward the back of the...

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    Trophy icon Toomai Lander Bitti left

    ...(reception, restaurant, restrooms, service rooms, …), of the common areas and our guideline to receive their guests under our dedicated service mindset. Because our hotels will unique, we need the guests to be received like in no other places. TOOMAI is the name of our offer. The baseline is “the nomadic attitude”. We aim to become a recognized hospitality name both for professionals and for final customers. LANDER is the name of our product. We offer a range of sizes in order to match the requirements of our B2B clients. What do we need? We need a logo for TOOMAI. We need the logo to express our values : A. Nomadic : experience, discovery, reconnection, nature, essential B. Elegance : comfort, quality, sophisticated, detail-orien...

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    Trophy icon Interior Restroom Elevations Bitti left

    I have simple restrooms that need interior elevations. Should be easy. My main goal is to find someone that is quick and capable. If I can find someone who does not require a lot of instruction, then I have plenty of projects that all need immediate attention.

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    ...others Mister J Razor Work closely with local statewide Nationwide officials and Government. Great plan Need Action Park like settings in compliance of downplaying the spread of covid 19 Be In Use Of An Ear In This Great Catastrophic Time We've Endured Mister J Razor Formulated Design Parks having a designated area for pets to dispose of waste in a Responsible Fashion Reducing The Waste We need your assistance in this time Mister J Razor Seeking to build relationships in communities a team of team players to assist Building Developing Parks Nationwide To Adhere to Design Structure the Signature Design Reduce Spreads Viruses Sickness

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    ...to keep their restrooms sanitized and safe. We serve over 100 customers in the Greater Philadelphia area. We are looking for help in data entry and administrative work. We are looking for someone with QuickBooks experience and basic accounting knowledge. You may need enter data into RouteStar (our customer database and route database) which syncs with QuickBooks. We have user manuals and tutorials to teach our processes and show you how to enter data into our systems. You may also be updating files which we will send out to clients. These files follow a template and you will be in charge of entering the data. Starting out, there will be 5-10 hours of work per week and that can grow over time. Some of the work is fairly time sensitive and when we give you a task it may ...

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    Building a container food court area with ten different vend...Lauderdale as well as sparksman wharf have been our inspiration Artificial grass, life size games (table tennis, Jenga, beanbag toss, connect 4 etc.) Wood deck area on marina front for dining. Need to show existing buildings (SITE PLAN food ) Required: Restrooms in at least a 20’ container A pizza container Airstream trailer Food truck Rum bar Beer container 2 floors shown 8x20’ stage for music Dessert container 8x20’ Seafood stand American BBQ In addition to the food court area we would like to add the Existing hotel to the plan. It will be renovated shortly. 2 floor pool side building has white steel roof with trellis dividers and cabanas on the bottom...

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