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    ...developer to facilitate a seamless integration between our processing system and Netsuite OneWorld. Our objective is to enhance operational efficiency through this integration, optimizing our accounting processes. The processing software to be connected is yet to be definitively decided, thus flexibility and adaptability in your expertise will be highly valued. **Key Requirements:** - Profound knowledge of Netsuite OneWorld - Experience in integrating various processing software with Netsuite - Ability to suggest the best processing software for integration based on our needs - Strong problem-solving skills to address any integration challenges **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Demonstrated success in Netsuite integrations - Expertise in at least one of th...

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    I'm seeking a programmer with solid knowledge in Netsuite Rest API, particularly with data integration. The main task is to query my Netsuite system through Rest API via SuiteQL What needs to be done: Generate in Postman the payload in order to obtain: a) The sum of all the invoices, credit notes and debit notes made to a customer between 2 dates. b) The composition ( invoices, credit notes and debit notes) of the overdueBalance of a client.

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    ...seamless, real-time integration between Netsuite and Mintsoft, focusing specifically on enhancing our order management, shipping, and fulfillment processes. This project aims to streamline our operations, ensuring efficient, error-free transactions and management across both platforms. **Requirements:** - Develop a secure, real-time synchronization between Netsuite and Mintsoft. - Ensure accurate data transfer for order management, including order creation, update, and tracking. - Implement efficient shipping and fulfillment integration, enabling real-time updates and notifications. - Provide a solution that minimizes manual intervention and automates processes as much as possible. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proven experience in integrating Netsuite with e...

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    I've already purchased a Netsuite subscription with SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA) included and now I need a professional with prior experience in SCA implementations to fully develop an ecommerce site. The project has a strict deadline and must be completed by April 1st, 2024. The ideal candidate would have: - Extensive experience with Netsuite SCA implementations - Proven track record of fast and efficient project execution - Excellent understanding of ecommerce site flows Since the answer to the question on specific functionality was unfortunately skipped by me, I recommend interested freelancers to inquire about this in their proposals, so we can align on expectations. Looking forward to your bids!

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    In seeking to enhance our company's operational efficiencies, we are focusing on developing a customized Netsuite app tailored to optimize our Purchase Order (PO) management process. This project entails creating a robust app module that seamlessly integrates with our current Netsuite setup, focusing primarily on automating and streamlining our inventory management, accounting, and sales forecasting through efficient PO handling. **Core Functionality Requirements:** - **Automated Purchase Order Creation:** The app should facilitate swift and accurate creation of purchase orders, minimizing manual data entry and errors. - **Dynamic Vendor Management:** A feature to manage vendor information efficiently, enabling easy access and modification. - **Order Tracking:** Real-t...

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    I'm in need of a skilled freelancer who is well-versed in Netsuite data entry and reconciliation. Here are the key aspects of this project: - Both manual data entry and automated solutions are required. This includes the input of transaction details, along with their reconciliation. - I'm currently unsure about the specific automation tool or method for reconciliation, and would welcome guidance in this area. The ideal candidate will have a robust understanding of Netsuite and its data management procedures, preferably with a background in finance or accounting. Your past experience with implementing automated solutions for financial data reconciliation will significantly contribute to this project's success. Your recommendations and guidance on t...

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    Significant experience with day-to-day technical management of the NetSuite platform. Knowledge and working understanding of CRM and Marketing Automation platforms. Strong NetSuite ERP and CRM Development experience. 5+ years with JavaScript. 3+ experience with SuiteScript 1.0 and 2.0, SuiteFlow, and SuiteTalk . Experience with integration of 3rd party applications. Strong understanding of semantic HTML / HTML5, CSS / CSS3. Ability to learn and use existing JS libraries. Existing experience with Node.js, Angular.js and Bootstrap.js. Ability to quickly adapt to new requirements and changing situations. Ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously. Quick learning, independent thinki...

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    Just to clarify, this program must operate on a handheld device within a warehouse setting. It should be noted that this is not NetSuite SuiteScript running in a web browser.

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    ...implement NetSuite within my organization, focusing specifically on enhancing our accounting and financials. - **Key Objectives:** - Efficiently manage financial tasks - Streamline accounting operations - Utilize NetSuite for fiscal oversight - **Project Requirements:** - Setup and customize NetSuite for financial processes - No local Brazilian tax or financial services integration needed - **Skills Needed:** - In-depth knowledge of NetSuite's financial modules - Experience with business process implementation - Strong understanding of accounting principles - **Desired Outcomes:** - Increased financial data accuracy - Improved financial reporting capabilities I'm looking for a freelancer in Brazil who can fl...

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    I need a talented developer to create a saved search function for my website. Here’s what I'm looking for: -build a search to pull sales of a specific or list of component inventory items that were sold as part o...developer to create a saved search function for my website. Here’s what I'm looking for: -build a search to pull sales of a specific or list of component inventory items that were sold as part of an assembly item in a defined date window. for example, I need XYZ inventory item that is a component of any assembly item that was put on a sales order during January 5-25 Ideal Candidate Skills: -NETSUITE Saved Search The work should begin immediately. If you have a portfolio demonstrating similar tasks, please include it in your proposal. Let'...

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    I'm looking for a skilled professional to integrate sales order data from NetSuite into Informatica via RESTLET. This requires not only technical expertise in Informatica Application Integration but also a clear understanding of NetSuite's functionalities and data structure. **Key tasks include:** - Mapping and syncing sales order data between Informatica and NetSuite - Configuring RESTLET for effective communication between the systems **Skills and experience required:** - Proficient in Informatica Application Integration - Experienced with NetSuite, specifically sales orders handling - Knowledgeable in creating and managing RESTLET services in NetSuite - Strong understanding of data integration patterns and best practices - Detail-oriented with a f...

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    I'm in need of an experienced NetSuite developer who can assist with both customization and integration of my NetSuite platform. At present, I'm uncertain of the specific features that I'll require for customization, and I'll appreciate your input and suggestions regarding this. This would ideally include discussions on aspects such as: • Custom record types • User interface modifications • Workflow automation Despite this level of uncertainty, your experience in the mentioned areas would massively benefit our project. Excellent communication skills are critical, as we'll need to engage in-depth to identify the best customization features relevant for my NetSuite application. So, if you are a proactive problem-solver with a dee...

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    I'm presently seeking a seasoned NetSuite administrator specializing in ERP for a series of critical tasks. Key responsibilities will be: - Setting up and configuring the system - Integrating and customizing it according to our specific needs. The focal areas requiring setup, customization, and integration expertise include: - Financial Management - Inventory Management Ideal candidates should not only have comprehensive NetSuite ERP knowledge, but also proficiency in financial and inventory management modules. Experience in similar previous projects will be highly valued.

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    YOU MUST HAVE NETSUITE SUITESCRIPT EXPERIENCE. I'm looking for an experienced Netsuite developer to create a script that will copy field values from one field to another, under specific conditions. The copy will always be from 1 field to another field on the same record type, eg item. The list of values for the from and to are likely to use different ids, so we need it to copy the value only. **Key Requirements:** - Develop a script that copies a value from one Netsuite field to another. -Parameters need to be: Table name eg item Copy values from field eg department Copy values to field eg department_mirror Saved search - to limit the records to be selected - The script must only execute when run deliberately or scheduled (eg every 5 minutes) - Must be able t...

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    We have design and current html, we are looking for a professional design of NetSuite Advanced PDF Html template

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    ...functionality. The primary aim of the app is to enable customers to purchase products. Therefore, the developer should have experience with e-commerce apps and ideally, offline capabilities. As the app needs to service both iOS and Android users, cross-platform development experience, and ability to work with our other inhouse developers to integrate the app to our custom built integrator between Netsuite and Wordpress/Woocommerce . Previous experience on similar projects is a plus. Our customers often work inside factories where reception/mobile coverage is not so good. They want the ability to be able to still use the app and place orders, and when they are in better coverage the app comes back online and syncs with our system An IP Agreement will be required with you and a...

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    I'm in need of skilled software developer to draft a comprehensive procurement software for construction projects scope of work to be issued for bid. Key features should include: - Purchase order management - Supplier management - Inventory management - Data collection and analytics This software must be adaptable via API Software to my existing ERP, NetSuite, saga, SAP, and other systems. For the user interface, I’m looking for a customizable and flexible design that can adapt to our business's evolving needs. The ideal candidate for this project will have solid experience in software development, preferably with understanding in procurement processes. API integration and UI design expertise are highly desirable. The software concept is given in the attache...

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    I'm in need of skilled software developers to draft a comprehensive procurement software scope of work to be issued for bid. Key features should include: - Purchase order management - Supplier management - Inventory management - Data collection and analytics This software must be adaptable via API Software to my existing ERP, NetSuite, saga, SAP, and other systems. For the user interface, I’m looking for a customizable and flexible design that can adapt to our business's evolving needs. The ideal candidate for this project will have solid experience in software development, preferably with understanding in procurement processes. API integration and UI design expertise are highly desirable. The software concept is given in the attached document. The scope dev...

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    I'm currently encountering a problem with my NetSuite ERP's advanced pdf/html feature. The issue lies primarily in the formatting when Arabic language is in used. This has been notably happening in my text letters. I'm seeking an experienced freelancer who can proficiently address and correct these formatting issues. You should ideally have: - Broad knowledge and experience with NetSuite ERP. - Experience with issues related to advanced pdf/html in NetSuite. - Expertise in handling language formatting specifics, particularly Arabic. Fixing these issues will significantly improve the effectiveness of our written communication in Arabic. I look forward to seeing your solutions to my problem.

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    I have an image that should be converted into html template suitable for NetSuite

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    ...skilled bookkeeper who is very familiar with the Oracle NetSuite platform. Key Responsibilities: - Provide comprehensive assistance in the sphere of accounting management with a focus on tasks such as: - Preparation of financial statements and reporting - Handling of accounts receivable/payable - Support with cost accounting - Managing cost centres Ideal candidate would have: - Proven experience in using Oracle NetSuite, specifically in managing accounting tasks - Good knowledge in generating financial reports, handling accounts and managing costs in the platform - Ability to use Oracle NetSuite efficiently to maintain accurate financial records. - An understanding of cost centre operations within the accounting module of NetSuite would be a gea...

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    I'm looking for an expert to aid in the synchronization of my Magento and NetSuite platforms. The focus will be on product and order synchronization, set to occur on a daily basis. Additional requirements include the mapping of inventory data fields. Essential skills for this project include familiarity with both the Magento and NetSuite platforms and prowess in data mapping and synchronization. Prior experience in these areas is highly desirable, as is an ability to work meticulously and systematically.

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    We need to generate invoice using Oracle NetSuite advanced pdf html template. You must have NetSuite account

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    We need to generate invoice using Oracle NetSuite advanced pdf html template. You must have NetSuite account

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    We need to generate invoice using Oracle NetSuite advanced pdf html template. You must have NetSuite account

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    ...specialist in Netsuite to customize the layout, design, and fields on my company's invoices. Here's what I need: - Change Layout/Design: Enhance the aesthetic and functionality of the invoice template I currently have. Use it as a base to develop a more effective design that represents my company's brand. - Add Custom Fields: I need to include some extra fields on the invoices, so extensive understanding of Netsuite is necessary to ensure users can fill in these fields effectively. - Custom Numbering System: Develop a unique and bespoke numbering system that suits my company's needs. This would entail creating and implementing an entirely new system. The ideal freelancer for this job will have considerable experience in invoicing, strong design skil...

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    I'm looking to fine-tune my CRM system, specifically in regards to lead tracking and management. This project involves integrating Swipe pages or email content into my Netsuite CRM Leads platform page. The primary goal here is to streamline my CRM workflow. In line with this, I require a way to automatically update each lead with specific input collected through forms. Ideal candidates for this project should have: - Significant experience in integrating third-party platforms into Netsuite CRM. - Functional knowledge of CRM lead tracking and management. - Familiarity with custom form data handling. - Proven ability to streamline and optimize CRM workflows. This project requires attention to detail and a high level of proficiency with CRM systems, form data handling...

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    My company requires help in reconciling 50-100 logistic invoices on a monthly basis. We utilize Netsuite for our logistics system and the majority of our invoices come in Electronic PDF format. Ideally, we are looking for a freelancer with: - Proficiency and experience in Netsuite, particularly in logistics. - Strong skill set using Excel for data tracking and management. - In-depth understanding of electronic invoicing and able to creatively problem-solve any discrepancies. - Capable of processing large volumes of data accurately. This project involves matching invoices with payments and resolving any conflicts that may arise during this process. The aim is to streamline our invoice reconciliation process and ensure it runs smoothly. Experience in logistics and familiarity w...

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    New implementation looking for in person training

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    I'm seeking out a proficient and experienced NetSuite developer to create an engaging landing page for my business. The requirements of the project include the following key features: - Creation of call-to-action buttons that lead to catalog flipbooks hosted outside of the website. - The establishment of a portfolio page, set in a list view. This page will feature multiple company logos and catalog covers. - Each item on the portfolio page should be linked, upon clicking, directed to an external website for further exploration. Ideal candidates should have experience in NetSuite's page builder, SuiteCommerce Advanced, and understand how to best design a layout for optimal user experience and SEO. Expertise in creating and managing links to external sites is vital. Experi...

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    I am looking for a Oracle Netsuite Advanced Reports Functional expert who can assist customers with creating variety of reports. Must have at least 3 strong years of Netsuite functional and active expertise knowing how to create, updating criteria and filters for both saved search and financial GL reports. Must be very strong with SQL formulas and custom fields. Scripting is a plus to have as some requests to use saved searches may require scripting to handle actions on transaction records. WE HAVE ALOT OF PROJECTS..MUST BE ABLE TO BE AVAILABLE ON SOME WEEKENDS TOO. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge and experience in Netsuite financial reports and Saved Searches - Ability to understand and meet specific requirements for the reports - Familiarity w...

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    As a client currently utilising Netsuite and Workday for our business processes, I need the expertise of a qualified professional to develop a segregation of duties matrix for both systems. This matrix should incorporate the following features: - Role-Based Access Controls: This will ensure no one individual has conflicting roles. Each role should be well-defined for different responsibilities within our business structure. - Approval Workflows: We're looking to automate approval workflows, making sure that each approval process is shared among multiple users to avoid any form of error due to individuals holding too much control. - Audit Trail and Reporting: Creating a comprehensive audit trail and reporting mechanism to keep track of all changes made in the systems. This wi...

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    Netsuite Integration Project Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge and experience in integrating Netsuite ERP - Familiarity with Open APIs for software/application integration - Proficiency in Netsuite programming and scripting Project Details: Im looking for a NetSuite developer to develop a set of APIs for a client. He needs a API set that his customers can integrate with their own warehouse systems. The API set to be created has to be a generic API set that any of his customers can use and integrate with their own Warehouse softwares. Ideal candidates should have a strong background in Netsuite ERP integration and experience with Open APIs. The project needs to be completed within a month, so prompt and efficient work is crucial. If you have t...

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    More details: What specific areas or modules of Netsuite do you need assistance with? Custom Payment File Format for Bank Payments Which bank will you be making the payments through? Emirates NBD (CSV Format) How soon do you need your project completed? ASAP

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    We are asamall GovCon company looking for a NetSuite Acountant.

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    ...freelancer who can help me with the integration between Hubspot and Netsuite. The specific integration I am looking for is the synchronization of contacts, deals, and email campaigns between the two systems. I currently have existing integrations set up between Hubspot and Netsuite, so the freelancer would need to work within the existing setup and with our IT team. If you wish to work with me, please address the post to Hello Red Can and finish the post with this '#attentiontodetail' You will need to work in the New Zealand Timezone of GMT +12 The primary goal of this integration is to streamline operations and improve efficiency. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proficiency in Hubspot and Netsuite - Experience with customizing ...

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    Logo Design for Smithkeep Smithkeep is a records keeping system for business. The system provides tasks, ticketing, client management, invoicing, billing, accounting, resource management and...and Experience: - The ideal freelancer for this project should have a strong understanding of branding and logo design. - Experience in creating logos that represent trustworthiness and convey a sense of reliability is highly desired. - Creativity and the ability to design a visually appealing logo that aligns with the brand identity are important. Competitors - Softrax - WHMCS - Ubersmith - Netsuite - Salesforce If you are a talented logo designer who can effectively capture the essence of trustworthiness in a visually appealing and memorable logo for Smithkeep, I invite you to submit your...

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    Project Description: Automation of data pull from NetSuite and push data via sFTP Specific Data to Pull from NetSuite: - Inventory - Item master - Item location Preferred Language/Tool for Automation: - Python Frequency of Data Transfer: - Daily Skills and Experience Required: - Strong proficiency in Python programming - Experience with NetSuite data extraction and manipulation - Knowledge of sFTP and data transfer protocols - Understanding of inventory management and item location tracking in NetSuite The project entails automating the process of pulling specific data from NetSuite, including inventory, item master, and item location, and pushing it to a designated server via sFTP. The preferred language for this automation is Python, and the freque...

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    Job Title: Digital Technology Developer Location: HYD/Remote Duration: Full Time Required Skills: Key Responsibilities: • Strong Experience with Digital Properties (WordPress, NetSuite Suite Commerce Advanced) • Experience working with stakeholders to update digital properties with a focus on development of functionality and stability • Experience in Developing APIs in digital properties to support integrations with other products and Integrations between products utilizing Boomi or other available integration services • Experience in creating and maintain data structures in Snowflake Data warehouse • Experience working with Data Analysts to ensure data is prepared and available through development of ...

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    ...multiple Web technologies and database management systems, especially Snowflake. All these systems have been developed greenfield and are in the process of being launched now, so the right candidate will be part of stabilizing the products post launch and then taking a key role in developing the future roadmap necessary for growing the business. Key Responsibilities: • Digital Properties (Wordpress, Netsuite Suite Commerce Advanced) o Work with stakeholders to update digital properties with a focus on development of functionality and stability o Develop APIs in digital properties to support integrations with other products • Integrations o Develop Integrations between products utilizing Boomi or other available integration services o Understand integration points in ot...

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    On-going customer projects (30h+ per week) with need for Netsuite developer. **Must have prior and active*** Netsuite expertise and be strong in understanding in core areas of netsuite such as workflows, scripting, custom field creations, saved searches and formulas, building custom records and suitelets, portlets, KPI dashboard customizations, creating and customizing reports for NS administration. Netsuite Certs great but not necessary unless you have them...looking for solid expertise with at least 3 years working active Netsuite projects. Must have good ratings in FL that show past Netsuite work. Great opp to learn new things with your netsuite skills blending with existing team members. Thanks for applying

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    I am looking for a Netsuite to Hubspot expert who can help with customization tasks. The ideal candidate should have experience in data migration, integration setup, and customization. The project requires ongoing maintenance, so the freelancer should be available for long-term collaboration. If you want to work with me, please address your post to Hello Green Cat. For effective communication, I prefer using instant messaging to discuss project details and progress.

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    I am looking for a Netsuite Admin with experience in API integration. The ideal candidate should have knowledge and expertise in: - Introduce features that are not fully utilized by the company, walkthrough features to ensure better utilization of Netsuite system in the company. - Customize fields, design report format, and integrate unlinked data source for reporting and demonstration. - Tune-in accessible information for each designated role. - Troubleshooting any issues that may arise during the customization and integration process (script writing may require) - Integrating Netsuite with Microsoft Graph The project does not have a specific timeframe for completion, so the candidate should be flexible in terms of availability.

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    I am looking for a Netsuite consultant who is also proficient in Microsoft Graph connectors to assist with connect the ERP to Microsoft copilot AI operating environment. 1. In NetSuite there are functions that we not fully utilized, training manuals need to established. 2. Certain department manager access rights to certain information needs to be adjusted. The ideal candidate should have experience in role and rights setting, as well as connecting to Microsoft Graph for integrated Copilot AI. Integration with other software or services may be required, although this is not confirmed at this time. The project is project contract based and expected to start right after Xmas and New Year holiday.

    €31 - €62 / hr
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    NetSuite Multibook Certified Consultant required for CRM project - Specific NetSuite module involved: CRM - Client has not specified any specific requirements or goals for the project - Estimated timeline for the project: Less than 1 month Skills and experience: - Must be a NetSuite Multibook Certified Consultant - Strong expertise in NetSuite CRM module - Ability to work within a tight timeline and deliver results efficiently

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    What you’ll do You’ll be a core member of our team and work on our every part of the stack to accelerate our product growth and development Build and strengthen our integration with ERPs like Netsuite and Quickbooks Build great products that add value to our business customers Plan the project, generate estimates & discuss business oriented task prioritization Generate an opinion for the best UX, participate on the product design Test your code (e.g. writing unit-tests and API-integration tests) Adapt your solutions on the startup needs and stage Adopt agile methodologies to continuously release and deploy iterations of our applications Lead and couch other less experienced Software engineers

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    In netsuite I need to create the fulfillment for sales orders using the API

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    I'm looking for someone to help me with entering invoices and customizing vendors in my accounting software, Netsuite. I have specific requirements in mind for the vendor customizations, and I need fewer than 50 invoices entered. This project requires someone with a good understanding of Netsuite and knowledge of vendor customization. If you are familiar with the software and think you are up to the task, please bid on my project. Thanks!

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    I am looking for a freelancer to develop a database for a warehouse. The database should be built on the SQL system and will be used for inventory tracking and warehouse management. It will need to interface with NetSuite. We also need a user interface for interacting with the database. This project requires a freelancer with expertise in database management, specifically with SQL and creating user interfaces. If you think you have the skills to complete this project, please apply to the job!

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    I am looking for an experienced NetSuite Administrator with expertise in Inventory Management. Skills and Experience: - Mid-level to Senior-level experience in NetSuite Administration - Strong knowledge and understanding of Inventory Management module in NetSuite - Ability to analyze and optimize inventory processes - Familiarity with other NetSuite modules such as Accounting/Finance and CRM would be a plus Duration: - The project requires the services of a NetSuite Administrator for less than a month. Please include your relevant experience and expertise in NetSuite Administration, specifically in Inventory Management, when submitting your proposal.

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