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    Google Ads hesabında reklam çalışmalarının hazırlanması, görsellerin hazırlanması google merchant , arama ağı , görüntülü reklam v.b. reklam ağlarının hazırlanması ve kurumsal yapıya göre dönüştürülmesi. Anahtar kelime ve hedef kitlelerin oluşturulması.

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    ... gibi olacaktır. Tüm işlemler panelden gerçekleştirilecektir. Her ürün ayrı eklenecek stok olsada olmasada satış olacaktır. Tamamen Google Uyumlu bir site olacak Merchant center eklentisi Search Console Google Ads Ayarları Güçlü Seo Alt Yapısı Sistem alt yapısı olarak yi referans alabilirsiniz. Gelişmiş ürün detay sayfası olacak ve ürün detay sayfalarında ürünlerin kullanıldıgı ülke bölge dil seçenekleri gibi kriterler olacaktır. Şu sayfadaki örnekteki gibi diger ürünlere kolay geçişler saglanmalıdır Örnek Sayfa: Merchant center Ürün Yorum eklentisi eklenecek. Google ve seo araçları etkin ve Google Ads le baglı bir sistem olacaktır. ...

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    Ürün / Kategori / Marka Yönetimi ,Toplu Mail Gönderimi,Havale / Kapıda Ödeme Sistemi Kredi Kartı Modülü,Blog / İçerik Yönetimi,Detaylı Kargo Yönetimi,İstatistik ve Reklam Satış Raporları,Promotion Bar,Exit Offer,Hediye Çeki / Puan Sistemi,XML Entegrasyonları,Facebook Store,Google Rich Snippets,Google Merchant Center Entegrasyonu,Sepet / Sipariş Hatırlatma,Ürün Karşılaştırma Modülü,Akıllı Filtre / Ürün Seçenekleri,Çoklu Dil,Anlık Bildirimler,Ses ile Arama

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    Şirket adımız TTPC İnşaat Emlak Tur.Tic.Ltd.Şti dir. Firmamız için bir logo tasarlanmasını istiyoruz. TTPC açılımı ; The Turkish Property Centre dir.

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    google adwords hesabımıza websitelerimizde bulunan ürünlerin veri feed oluşturup, google merchant uygulayacak.

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    ...iddaa veya bahis oranları çekilecek, canlı sonuçları ücretsiz olarak sunmaktadır ama url benim site adresi görülmeli. Yazılım dili olarak C# kullanılması veya google sonuçları görüntülebilecek başka bir şeyde kullanılabilir. Css ile Html 5 kullanılarak sade bir tasarım oluşturulmalı, Puan Durumu, Canlı sonuçlar, İddaa bahis oranları, Programlar, Maç sonucunun ayrıntısı, Live centre canlı maç yayını, Maç özetleri, Kadrolar, tarih , saat, golsesi, maç videoları, vb. linkteki gibi çekilecek, Hepsi, canlı, bitmiş, bölümleride yapılması, Global aspx sayfasıda hazırlanacak arama motorlarında öne çıkması, Mobile uygulama sayfası da eklenmesi, Maç S...

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    My google merchant center is being suspended for misrepresentation and i need someone help me to unsuspended my google merchant center

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    Graphic Designer -- 3 6 gün left

    Hello freelancers, this is your good chance to take up a fix hourly job. We are a tuition centre which introduced a revolutionary method called where we train a person to make use of the correct neuro-cognition ability to perform the task which would fill the gap in existing education framework. • Graphics Design for our company’s marketing effort • Simple Video Editing Projects (No Experience required, easy to use tools and training provided) • General VA tasks (from time to time) Looking for someone with good graphical and designing sense Working hours: 25 hrs per week Preferable working hours: Between 10am - 9pm Singapore Time Show us samples of your work. If you think you are qualified for the position, do apply. We look forward to work wi...

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    We require 1 inbound call centre agent for our business. English speaking. Thank you.

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    Outline of Task: You must develop a defendable project that will be implemented within a new Lifestyle Centre (LSC). This project is situated in a village of 10,000 inhabitants. The LSC is situated on an area that was acquired from the Lancashire Council of dimensions 120 metres by 80 metres. LSC involves the following physical spaces: · New village library facility/Learning information support · Multi-faith centre · Gymnasium · Crèche/Mums & Toddlers · Multipurpose functional spaces · Car parking facilities

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    ABC is a Trading company that stated to provide e-commerce solutions to a big number of customers. As real-time data analysis and constant availability of the IT services are extremely important, ABC decided to invest in its IT infrastructure by installing an Enterprise Data Center that meets the following requirements:

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    ...Sustainability 1) The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) has published a standard regarding the four tiers of Data Centre, which define their level of reliability. a. Select an appropriate one for the given scenario and justify your choice. Study the implications of your choice on the power distribution system such as the feeding stations, the UPS, transformers etc. b. Using a digital tool, create a design for the power distribution system according to what you have already studied in part a). 2) Maintaining the temperature within the required range is essential for a Data Centre. Different types of cooling systems exist as well as different companies providing Data Centre equipment and hot and cold aisle. a. According to the location selected in the ...

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    Hello We're are currently looking for couple php developers who can be on call for our call centre and help fix our clients IT services from our admin as we are a ISP Telecom company in Australia. We will supply all apps to communcate with headoffice and the directors. we will offer a back-end admin for live updates to our clients databases. If you can work with and TheNewsLink, please bid for this placement.

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    I need flyers, facebook post for promotion of diagnostic centre

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    Looking for someone to guide me through (probably 30min to 1 hour session teamviewer) to set up Google Dynamic Re-marketing for my ecommerce website, I want to make audience who visited my website in the past 14 days to be able to see my ads where-ever they go and the product that display to them via ad are the one they have clicked and browse before. I have activated google tag manager, google merchant centre, google ad account

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    AfterPay is enabled on Shopify now and I'll send you the email they've sent me so you can do the set up work. Thank you

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    ..."WEFUNDER" so i know you read and understand my needs if you have any questions please ask them also do not ask me my budget simple ask your questions and give me your price and time frame investors are assigned levels based on the amount they can/will invest can review businesses ask PUBLIC questions to a business select a business add account information or money to the site to invest in there will be a blog where i can add videos/text kind of like a class investors are added to a special group/chat on the site for all the investors and owners of that business to discuss/provide ideas certain words will trigger a comment/review to not be posted (this goes across all sites) BASED ON THE SITE TELL ME WHAT I WILL NEED PLATFORM - SOFTWARE - SERVER - MERCH...

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    Hi there, I am looking for the follwoing: A Team of Software Developer to develop me an API Software to make easy access for general payment for business and consumer. We will look at also access as a merchant code provider and avoid the business goes thru with this. I am a business owner and i am looking if this is for you. I am also a software developer. But due to my schedule. I am offering this in 3 Pharases: 1. Developing stages: 2. Trials Stages: 3. Run Stages/ Become Public: If this will be successful we will also include a bonus on the success of this project as well. We will also notify if you have got the project and the best team that will put forth the best and safe payment system.

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    Have a php ecommerce website, need to create dynamic xml product feed for google and facebook catalog

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    Trophy icon Build Organization Logo 3 gün left

    ...catchy logo. The following elements must be included in the logo 1. Circle blue background (the color of background should be same as in attached file ( File-A) 2. Short name – EIPRHR in outer circle in continues form separated by golden star. Font of EIPRHR should be equal to star size. ( Sample of outer circle placement of EIPRHR- File-B) 3. Another Short name EIPRHR should be within the logo in centre. (Font color white) ( sample for placement- file-A) 3. Yellow or white stars not more than 5 or 6 can be used in outer circle 5. Logo should not infringe the IP law and should not be related / resemble with any other organization’s logo/design. 6. The maximum budget is Euro 10, but we will choose the designer who gives the lowest bid. 7. We will prefer bidders wh...

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    Google rejects my application for Location Policies. I need to get my Karenderia Merchant app published on Google Play. Karenderia Merchant is made in. cordova and you can see it here.

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    Wir sind mit rund 10 shops in Deutschland im Bereich Herrenaccessoires und Arbeitskleidung für Küche und Service und für den Medizinsektor täätzlich sind wir mit mehreren shops in europa und den usa tätig. Für einige unserer deutschen shops sollte das Google merchant center optimiert und adwords kampagnen erstellt werden sowie smart shopping kampagnen angelegt und optimiert werden. Später kann dann auch das Ausland dazu kommen. Voraussetzung ist eine beherrschung der deutschen sprachen und natürlich erfahrung mit adwords und shopping. unsere Kur vorgabe liegt großzügig je nach sortiment zwischen 300 und 400%, weil auch unsere marge das hergibt. projekt soll unbefristet laufen, also ständige betreuung des accoun...

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    ...fixed on particular technology choices at this stage, but it must be opensource. I need to give my trial user a URL and have them interact with the application served from my existing web server (i.e. i need the self contained code package that i can deploy on my web server). MORE DETAIL: HEXAGON STRUCTURE - User enters text in limited form (33 characters), into a separate text /hexagon space before posting on the board. - The board is a series of ‘empty’ hexagons depicting spaces yet to be filled with content. The board should have 50 empty hexagon spaces to begin with. - Once the text is complete they post it on the board - the starting hexagon can be placed in the same each time, off centre in the board (but not at the edge). Subsequent he...

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    ...consumer to correct their details or select another payment method instead of being redirected back to the merchant. If redirecting to a 3rd party payment method during a session in the Payment Page flow, the contact with the consumers may be lost (e.g. they close their browser). Therefore, an outgoing host-to-host notification when an order status has changed state is available. Depending on the nature of the payment method, the final status of a payment may not be known when the consumer comes back to the merchant’s site. Worldline can poll 3rd party payment method providers for updates and send outgoing notifications to the merchant. Worldline also provides an alternative where a merchant may pull order information using a Web Service Interface. The informa...

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    We wish to connect our Webflow built site to our magazine fulfilment centre so that orders are sent automatically. The fulfilment centre has JSON API. We need help to connect this and automate the process.

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    • RESERVATION MEAL MODULE : Mostly Done (Required Updates For Some sections) • MEAL RATING MODULE : Mostly Done (Required Updates For Some sections) • Meal Booking Module : Mostly Done (Required Updates For Some sections) • Meal Delivery Module : • MEAL Ch...Module : • Feedback Module : • Payment Module : • Emergency Contact Module : • Linked Account Module : • Firebase Phone and Email Verification + Reset Password + Two Factor Auth : Mostly Done(Required Updates For Some sections) • Account Privacy Setting Module : • Delete Account • Push Notification • SMS Notification • Promotional Notification • Merchant Authentication Module • Merchant Dashboard • Merchant Order & Payme...

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    Plugin for Magento 2 gün left

    I am searching for someone to developp a Plugin for Magento 2. It's a pickup plugin, so the customer of the merchant website can decide where he wants his order to be delivered. He has a choice of a selection of stores. It communicates with our API in JSON. We did it for prestashop and woocomerce, and now we need it for Magento, with the same functions. Will provide spec sheet, with API, and a swagger.

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    We have been running Google Ads for around 6 years we didn't have many problems, lately we switched to a different feed provider on Shopify. Shortly after we made this switch we had our Shopping Ads for UK region ALL disappr...lately we switched to a different feed provider on Shopify. Shortly after we made this switch we had our Shopping Ads for UK region ALL disapproved by Google. Google ads it tells us we need to add tag manager tag to all pages. Also many other ads disapproved. We would are looking for someone to come in and fix/repair the issues with the merchant centre feed & get our shopping ads all up and running again (we are happy to look at another merchant centre product feed provider if necessary) Tasks: 1. Clear errors on Google Ads to...

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    Need to setup product feeds from Woocommerce to Google Merchant

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    Requiring a branded logo photoshopped front and centre of cup. Can provide a more high res logo

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    We have 2 google ad accounts running (one google Adwords and one for google shopping/merchant) We operate a Shopify store. We need the google analytics and tags cleaned up we have duplications and errors. After upgrades, theme changes, and changes in staff its got messy. (see attached).

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    Trophy icon Cobham Candles Bitti left

    A simple logo using the Fleur De lis Image supplied and adapting it to look like the hand-drawn one. the centre 'leaf' will be a candle shape. see photos supplied.

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    I need a business plan for a Mammography and Radiology centre that will be based in South Africa. The Business plan will serve as a working model but most importantly i need it to apply for funding from All Major South African Banks. As you can imagine the Financials would not only need to be detailed but also comprehensive.

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    I am trying to set up My google merchant and got suspended for misrepresentation. Anyone who can fix this contact me

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    i want to make a website which has these functions 1) home page 2) slider calcula...calculator to calculate return of investment 3) user registration and login with logout 4) affiliate centre ( they should be available to view their referal for up to 3 levels and there is a commision calculation for them there) 5) when they register their payment page will be a cryptocurrency payment provider ( or any crpto payment gatewy) so you need to make those integrations. 6) Show their investments inside the members area and a counter which increases a certain percentage everyday. Add on a withdrawal button which will ask them for amount and wallet adress. 7) After registration they will get an email from company to verify it. 8) Full admin control capability has to be my on my...

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    Google Adwords 4 gün left

    Dear Nagaraju, In the first 7 days, we will set up new google analytics with tag manager. Setup new google merchant centre. Check transactions are firing or not on the confirmation of order. Google ads conversion tracking setup and transaction check

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    Hello, I need someone to help me upload my logo to my Wordpress Genesis template, centre the logo as it is not showing how it was supposed to be in the theme demo. And add a sliding image gallery to the main page. I need someone to start on this today. I can give you more details when I find a freelancer.

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    Create a simple program Case 1 Insert Merchant ID Insert amount Submit The current user balance must be deducted and credited to merchant balance

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    WHAT: We are wanting to create a more modern logo for this business. When supplying final artwork, please include all vector files in positive and negative logo versi...e .eps, .ai and .png). I have attached OLD version of logo that client has described as boring, but she likes the colours and really wants to stick to the GREEN. THIS IS LOGO ONLY, DO NOT INCLUDE ADDRESS AND CONTACT BLOCK SHOWN IN THE IMAGE. ABOUT THE BUSINESS: It's called: Powe Financial Advice This is a financial services business. Financial Planning and Accounting. The client being at the centre of all that they do. Mission is to provide personalised strategic advice, in a caring and stress free environment, where you feel welcome and comfortable to work together on a financial solution for all stages of l...

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    823 girdi

    ...inclusiveness and togetherness. Sustainability is paramount - super important. I like the concept of a circle as it includes the connotations/meaning of ‘collective’. The logo needs to be modern, a little playful, open to colour (especially orange) - I would like the main colour to be white or a pale muted tone. Ideally is a design that can be stamped on leather, but this is not crucial. I also like off-centre and imperfections - e.g. a circular blob etc is cool! The business is online and so no need to give examples of it on buildings etc. Target audience: UK relatively high price for products SUSTAINABLE luxury pet lovers People who are house proud Link to mood board for inspiration: - please refer to this so as to ensure your submissions are aligned with the ...

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    Hi, I need some help to upgrade my shopify store, as per google merchant centre/shopping requirements. Also, need to fix the feed on google merchant. Need to fix all issues in website. I am uploading few issues facing right now on website, needs to be fixed. I look forward to work with someone who have experience working on both shopify and google merchant center. I need after service like clearing doubts and fixing minor issues, regarding google merchant issues, if occur. Thank You.. Smitha Shrijit

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    TYPE OF CONTACTS - search by position/title: • “Centre Facilities Managers” and “Assistant Facilities Managers” • “Leasing Managers and Agents” • “Asset Managers” • “Asset & Development Managers” • “Tenancy Coordinators” • “Property Managers” • “Development Managers” • “Directors” – these job titles pop up more with smaller real-estate firms. INFORMATION REQUIRED: Name email address phone number company company address/location (limit to metropolitan Brisbane region) position/title

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    Large Data Centre in Frankfurt Tridium N4

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    I am looking to hire a freelancer to help me build and develop a merchant aggregator such as stripe, Braintree etc.. Looking to hire right away.

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    We are currently looking for an expert trainer to train our call center agents through online platform. Please apply only experienced Trainers who has native type of English.

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    For our language learning centre we want to create an interactive website for our students. A kind of coursera or udemy for our customers. A simple and secure learning management system (LMS)

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    ...reliable to build a responsive magento site based on the template from underneath, as example you can check for headertype Our needs are: 2 languages - german-english, on checkout card payment via Visa/mastercard/Paypal/Twint. The products in a category will be from different suppliers, which we need to calculate income per merchant at the end of the month. Furthermore the checkout has to be customized with a merchant checkbox (details provided at later point). Beside the logo in the same line should follow searchbox - account login or creation basket . adminpanel ghas to be customized for 1 suplimental user( client) to be able to modify products etc but have no access to the essential konfig. Furthermore it should be possible to make a 1 button backup/resto...

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    We have a basic skeleton of a Payment gateway for Blesta Billing system. We need to complete the payment gateway. Billing System API: Payment Gateway API:

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    I have a website built on Miva merchant now I want to revamp the whole website using React, Node, and MySQL or Mongo DB. I need all data of my old website to be migrated to the new website.

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    The key performance indicators below must have the ability to report individual and team data. Calls - Number of calls per day, Talk time, Average Talk time, Calls per hour, Time on hold, Time in Wrap Up, Average call handling time. The team data must contain abandoned call rate, individuals are not tracked. Click to Chat - Availability, Total Chats per day, Response time, Missed Chats, Rating "from 1 to 5" Social Media - Total Daily interactions Emails- Number of emails a day, Awaiting additional info, Daily emails sent Certificates - 603, 10.7.5, 7.10, 603 Complaints - Number of Daily complaints. I need all the data to be easily accessed and be well represented with graphs for easy reading and interpretation.

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